September 27-29, 2004 JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort Palm Desert, California

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September 27-29, 2004

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September 27-29, 2004 • JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort • Palm Desert, California The Importance of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence in Business Today Wayne State University Seminar Series Greg McMillan – Senior Manager HR Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Ford Motor Company Email:

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Agenda Student Overview What is Data Warehousing? What is Business Intelligence? Why are DW and BI Important to Business? What is Enterprise Excellence in BI/DW? How would you get the opportunity to be Excellent?

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What is a Data Warehouse? An information stockroom is a logically arranged, incorporated, time-variation, and nonvolatile accumulation of information that backings basic leadership forms

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What is Business Intelligence? The demonstration of utilizing verifiable information to increase new data. Systems incorporate multidimensional examinations, numerical projection, displaying, specially appointed questions and "canned" announcing.

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Why are BI and DW Important to the Enterprise?

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Gartner gauges that this year "business administration in half of expansive undertakings will recognize BI&DW as a vital activity, producing an arrangement of objectives, destinations, and assets to better bolster the endeavor with knowledge" CIO Magazine – "Questioning the information distribution center turned into a basic piece of practically everybody's occupation routine in the late 1990's. A few spectators see this change as the cusp of another time, in which information distribution centers turn into the dialect, even the skeleton, of the endeavor itself. Gartner additionally assesses that "in 2004, in ventures where speedier response is vital to operational adequacy, dynamic BI&DW will be one of the main four activities driving IT speculation and methodology" A greater part of Information innovation officials overviewed by Unisys Corp said they plan to put less cash in e-business and more in essentials, for example, information warehousing – Food Distributor Magazine "The main constants CIOs can depend on are that information warehousing will turn out to be more troublesome and expend more IT assets." – CIO Magazine The Hurwitz Group has characterized BI&DW as "a basic for e-business". Gartner Inc., an expert that has some expertise in business insight (BI) and information warehousing, predicts that information warehousing is going to take off after three "lost years" amid which e-business, particularly B2B, got a large portion of the consideration "The System is the Enterprise" – John Zachman

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The Bottom Line

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Integrated Data Warehouse Becomes a Reality Wal-Mart - 500-600% Growth with No Decline

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A Present Day History Lesson Wal-Mart Kmart

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The Bottom Line

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Integrated Data Warehouse Becomes a Reality 3M Company - A Great 5 Year Stock Chart – 100% Gain

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The Bottom Line

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94 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 Distribution Data Warehouse Becomes a Reality Fedex – Impressive 400% Gains with No Decline 94 95 96 97 98 99 00 01

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The Holy Grail "The information stockroom is the absolute entirety of this organization, and we wouldn't be ready to go without it."

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What are the segments of Enterprise Excellence in BI/DW?

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Excellence Framework Pillars of Success

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How would you get the chance to be Excellent in DW and BI? Data Technologists Hardware and Software Vendors Consultants Business People

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What you don't Measure you can not Manage

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Level Achievement Value Low Cost Quality & Success Optimizing 5 Quantum Value Add, Continuous Improvement Managed 4 Quantitatively Controlled, Six-Sigma Managed 4 Quantitatively Controlled, Six-Sigma Defined 3 Institutionalized, Standards 2 Repeatable Disciplined, Planned Initial 1 Informally Performed, Heroic Waste Risk & Failure Not Performed 0 Incomplete, Sporadic, Non-Existent What you don't Communicate Well is Forgotten

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Capability Maturity Model Levels CMM Level 0 CMM Level 3 CMM Level 1 CMM Level 4 CMM Level 2 CMM Level 5 Knowledgeable People Technology That Works Quality Data Proven Processes What you don't Plan you can't Achieve 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007

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How else do you get the opportunity to be Excellent in DW and BI? Know Your Definitions Understand what each truly implies: Leverage Knowledgeable People Drive Quality Data Use Technology That Works Buy Proven Processes Study the most elite Carefully Study Architecture Alternatives Think enormous, arrangement huge, then begin little and deliver rapidly

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The Must Read List Jan. 15, 1999 Issue of CIO Magazine Kmart – Code Blue December 2001 By David Carr & Edward Cone 3M: Glued to the Web Business Week November 20, 2000 The 98-year-old organization's online database is producing New Economy efficiencies Data warehousing has turned into the establishment for business-knowledge endeavors. Scott Leibs, CFO Magazine October 01, 2000 Corporate Information Factory, second Edition by William H. Inmon, et al The Data Warehouse Toolkit: The Complete Guide to Dimensional Modeling (Second Edition) by Ralph Kimball (Author), Margy Ross (Author)