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9. Clarify In Further Detail What The Vine, Fig And Olive Tree Symbolize. ... The

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Senior Anthony D. Simmons Bible Study Time Part 1

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1. Characterize In Short Term "Revelation" Ans: Uncovering or conveying to light

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2. One can read about the "church" here on earth in what number of sections in Revelation? Ans: Chapters 1-3

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3. In part 4 of Revelation, the "church" is imagined where? Ans: Heaven

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4. After the congregation is raptured what will happen here on earth? Ans: Tribulation Period

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5. We can read and learn about this with the opening of what in the book of Revelation. Ans: The Scroll and the seven seals

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6. We comprehend that "one day" in a week speak to how long? Ans: 1 year

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7. Take every one of those days and tell how long the tribulation will last. Ans: 7 years.

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8. For the initial three and one half years of the tribulation time frame, there will be what? Ans: Peace

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9. As a result of the seriousness of the last 50% of the tribulation time frame, those days must be what (single word) reply? Ans: Shortened

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10. In Revelation part 5, John sobbed in light of the fact that nobody was discovered qualified to open and read the book, neither to look consequently. At that point he was advised to sob not. Why? Ans: The Lamb was discovered commendable.

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11. What does the "white horse" speak to? Ans: hostile to christ

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12. What does the "red horse" speak to? Ans: War/gore

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13. What does the "black horse" speak to? Ans: Economic emergency/starvation

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14. What does the "pale horse" speak to? Ans: Death

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15. Clarify quickly what did John see when the fifth and six seals were open. Ans: Fifth Seal — various holy people killed for the expression of God, and they were given white robes. 6th Seal — seismic tremor, sun gets to be dark as sackcloth, the moon gets to be as red as blood, stars tumble from paradise, and the sky leave as a parchment.

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Bible Study II

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1. What Are The Names Of The Two Books I Asked You To Purchase? Ans: "Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth" and "Dispensational Truth"

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2. Israel Is Compared To What Three Trees? The Vine The Fig The Olive Tree

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3. What Do The Trees Stand For Or What Does The Trees Symbolize? Ans: The trees remain for the productivity of the land

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4. What The Name Of The Land Israel Inherited? Ans: Canaan

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5. Who Was It That Led Israel In Conquering The Land? The Man's Name. Ans: Joshua

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6. Jacob's Name Was Changed To What? Ans: Israel

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7. Which Of The Tribes Did Jesus Come Through? Ans: Judah

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8. I require you to help me with an adjustment. i said in the email that Jesus would sit upon the position of authority of Israel. that announcement ought to have been this... Jesus would sit upon the position of authority of whom? Indicate. He was a ruler of Israel. Ans: The royal position of David

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9. Clarify In Further Detail What The Vine, Fig And Olive Tree Symbolize. The "Vine" is an image of Israel's Spiritual benefits. The "Fig-Tree" is an image of Israel's National benefits, The "Olive Tree" is an image of Israel's Religious benefits.

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10. The greater part Of The Inhabitants Of The Earth Come Under What Three Classifications? (a) Jew (b) Gentile (c) The Church

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11. What Is the Bible A Revelation Of? Disclosure of God The Fall of Man The Way of Salvation God's Plan and Purpose in the Ages

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12. The Bible Speak Of The Triune God. Clarify Triune. Ans: Triune importance one individual showing himself in three ways or workplaces .

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13. The Lord Hold Three Offices. Name Them. (a) Priest (b) Prophet (c) King

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14. Does He Hold These Offices All At The Same Time? Ans: No—they are held progressively (in a steady progression)

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15. Depict When Each Office The Lord Holds Begin And End. Prophetic Work — reaches out from His Creation to His Ascension Priestly Work — stretches out from His Ascension to the Rapture of the Church Kingly Work — from His Revelation at the end of the Tribulation Period, until He surrenders the Kingdom to the Father

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16. Are There More Than One Person That Does These Things? Ans: No

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17. What Is All Of This Work That Christ Has And Will Do Called? Ans: "Threefold Work" of Christ