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Self-Concept Dr. Aubrey H. Fine

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Starlight Express

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...Only you have the power inside you. Simply put stock in yourself, the ocean will part before you. Stop the rain, turn the tide. In the event that exclusive you utilize the power inside you, You needn't ask the world to pivot and help you. On the off chance that you draw on what you have inside you somewhere inside… I AM THE Starlight Express

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I CAN I can deal with it I can deal with it I can deal with it I can deal with it I can deal with it I can deal with it

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I CAN I can 't handle it I can 't handle it I can 't handle it I can 't handle it I can 't handle it I can 't handle it

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"The best insidiousness that can occur for man is that he ought to come to consider underhanded himself." – Goethe

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The Suitcase of Doom

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"How to survive and not be a casualty of disappointment."

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The Builder I saw them tearing a working down A group of men in the place where I grew up. With a hurl and a ho and a yes holler, They swung a bar and a sidewall fell. What's more, I said to the foreman, "Are these men gifted?" "Like the ones you'd utilize in the event that you needed to assemble?" And he chuckled and said, "Goodness, without a doubt… The most well-known work is all I require… For I can demolish in a day or two What takes a manufacturer then years to do." So I pondered internally as I went on my way… Am I one who is tearing down as I heedlessly advance around? On the other hand am I one who works with care, keeping in mind the end goal to improve the world a Little… since I was there?

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Characteristics of Risk Individuals Weak impression of individual abilities Weak view of individual essentialness Weak view of individual impact

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Inadequate Intra-Personal Skills (Self-Assessment) Inadequate between individual aptitudes (exchange, correspondence) Inadequate systemic abilities (duty, versatility, and so forth.) Inadequate judgmental aptitudes (applying learned information, insight)

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Learned powerlessness comes about when a man expects that vital occasions or results in his/her life are autonomous of his or her own particular reacting. [In different words, when the things that matter to a man are felt to be past that individual's control, then she/he turns into a casualty of scholarly helplessness.] Learned Helplessness Defined

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Three Broad Effects of Helplessness Reduces individuals' inspiration to control results – getting to be uninvolved beneficiaries. Meddles with a man's capacity to discover that he/she can control results. May deliver levels of sorrow.

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A youngster's impression of who is in charge of one's accomplishment of disappointment in a specific accomplishment zone. Locus of Control

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Internal versus Outer Internal – the individuals who feel they control their fortifications. Outside – the individuals who see their results to be free of their reactions.

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Cognitive Attribution Theories Assumes that individuals' impression of the reasons for their prosperity and disappointments impact the nature of their future accomplishment.

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Failure Avoiding Ascribe effective to outer variables (e.g. good fortune) Ascribe inability to powerlessness

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Motivated to Approach Success Attribute accomplishment to capacity Attribute inability to absence of exertion

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Attribution Theory Investigate individual's view of causes Factors Informational causes History of victories or disappointments Reinforcement history Feedback The portion of duty impacts ensuing practices

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Factors Contributing to Negative Motivation School/Home environment The Parent Teacher The kid The classroom environment Evaluation framework

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Major Perceived Causes for Achievement Performance Ability Effort Luck Task Ease/Difficulty

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Understanding Your Explanatory Style to Your Behavior Three measurements to research Permanence Pervasiveness Personalization

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People who are idealistic clarify great occasions as far as perpetual causes.

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How you consider your worries will either calm or irritate it.

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Pessimism delivers a level of inactivity as opposed to movement even with misfortunes. Cynicism simply like hopefulness is self-satisfying. Cynics don't endure notwithstanding challenges, and in this way fall flat more as often as possible.

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Depression and a feeling of vulnerability happens as an aftereffect of a deep rooted arrangement of propensities and cognizant thought.

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Ramifications of Success and Failure Success Failure Frustration - Perceived Incompetence Avoidance - Negative Responses from Others Aggression "Unsettling Syndrome" Success Failure Positive External Response Increased Internal Motivation Enhanced Perceived Competence Risk Taking

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The Three Magic Ingredients of Self-Esteem Belonging Feeling capable Feeling beneficial

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The Three Major Ingredients to Successful Relationships Dignity, Respect, Communication - Democratic living depends on shared regard.

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The Difficulty of Being A Risk Taker The Empty Glass versus the Full Glass

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The best way to develop is to go out on a limb and get included.

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Three Critical Beliefs I am a proficient individual who can change in the event that I pick. My life is critical. (I should acknowledge I'm imperative). I should find that I have the power inside.

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HELPFUL Beliefs That Help Children Lead More Effective and Healthy Lives

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Belief 1: It is Important to Try

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Belief 2: Failure is an occasion, not a man. Oversights are O.K., one can transform them into lessons

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"No one can make you feel second rate without your assent". – E. Roosevelt

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Only when the brain is prepared, the instructor shows up. – Zen Expression

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Belief 3: It is O.K. to Make Mistakes

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Belief 4: I am in charge of my day.

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Belief 5: I can deal with it when things turn out badly.

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Success is an excursion… not a goal.

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Belief 6: Other individuals are O.K. what's more, I am O.K.

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Belief 7: I am able.

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"Where a man's fortune lies, the heart will be." A man's uniqueness is his/her fortune

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Dignity… Respect Self-assertion of Dreams and a promise can change the world What Children Need for Empowerment

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Guidelines in Enhancing Motivation in Children Reduce social correlation Increase contribution in learning Focus on exertion Promote convictions in fitness Increase chances for achievement

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Principles for Enhancing Self Concept in Children Listen to and recognize youngsters' musings and sentiments Help kids encounter achievement Give kids sensible control over their lives Demonstrate to kids that they're adorable and able "Model" a wellbeing and positive self idea

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Increase Chances for Success Provide expertise preparing Use peer coaching Use agreeable group learning Use individualized direction Teach restraint Teach and advance positive self talk

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The Man in the Glass When you get what you need in your battle for self And the world makes you ruler for a day, Just go to the reflect and take a gander at yourself And see what that man needs to say For it isn't your dad or mom or spouse Whose judgment upon you should pass The kindred whose decision include most your life Is the one gazing again from the glass You might resemble Jack Horner and etch a plum And believe you're an awesome person. Be that as it may, the man in the glass says you're just a bum If you can't look at him straight without flinching. You may trick the entire world down the pathway of years And get praises as you pass. Yet, your last reward will be despair and tears If you've tricked the man in the glass. He's the kindred to please – it doesn't mind all the rest, For he's with you clear to the end. Furthermore, you've passed your most risky, troublesome test If the man in the glass is your companion. ~ Author Unknown