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´╗┐Segment 9006 Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Program Ground-Source Heat Pumps and Geothermal Direct Use Workshop March 23, 2006 Presented by Richard Carrig

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Overview Grant, Guaranteed credit, and Direct program to-Purchase qualifying renewable vitality frameworks, or Make vitality productivity changes Qualifying Renewable Energy Systems getting vitality from a wind, sun based, biomass, or geothermal source; or hydrogen got from biomass or water utilizing wind, sun oriented, biomass, or geothermal vitality sources" Qualifying Energy Efficiency Improvements to a current office, or process that decreases vitality utilization

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Nationwide Funding Levels for FY 2006 Grant segment: $11,385,000 Guaranteed Loan segment: $176,500,000 any unused ensured subsidizing power will be changed over to store allow demands Application Deadline dates May 12, 2006 : Grant application due date June 1, 2006: Guaranteed advance due date

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Who is qualified Agricultural makers An individual or substance specifically occupied with the creation of agrarian items, including crops; domesticated animals; ranger service items; hydroponics; nursery stock; or aquaculture, whereby 50 percent or more noteworthy of their gross wage is gotten from the operations. Provincial independent company Must meet Small Business Administration (SBA) private venture estimate principles Includes all parent, auxiliaries, holding, and subsidiary interests

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Who is qualified Other candidate qualification criteria Applicant must be the proprietor/administrator of the venture Applicants must exhibit money related need (allows just) Applicants must meet U.S. citizenship necessities Applicants must have adequate incomes and capacity to accommodate operation and upkeep of the framework Applicants can't be reprobate on any Federal obligation Small business candidates must be headquartered in a rustic range

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Eligible Rural Areas Projects must be situated in a country zone Rural territory: Any zone, other than a city or town that has a populace of more prominent than 50,000 occupants and the urbanized region coterminous and adjoining such a city or town as indicated by the most recent decennial statistics of the United States (2000 registration) Almost all of Utah will qualify as provincial!!

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Eligible Rural Areas Ineligible ranges in Utah: Over 50,000 populace (considered urban): Ogden, Layton, Salt Lake City, Sandy, West Valley, West Jordan, Taylorsville, Orem and Provo Contiguous to urban zones (considered urbanizing) North Ogden, South Ogden, Harrisville, Washington Terrace, Riverdale, East Layton, Clearfield, Syracuse, Kaysville, Centerville, Woods Cross, Bountiful, North Salt Lake City, South Salt Lake City, Magna, Kearns, Taylorsville, Holladay, Sugar House, Murray, Midvale, Jordan, West Jordan, South Jordan, Draper, Pleasant Grove, Lindon, Lakeview, Irontown, and Springville

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What activities are qualified Purchase of a qualifying renewable vitality framework, or make vitality productivity enhancements to a current operation Qualifying renewable vitality frameworks incorporate wind, sun powered, biomass, geothermal or hydrogen frameworks Must be industrially or pre-economically accessible Must be replicable Must be in fact and fiscally possible Must be situated in a provincial territory Must be possessed and controlled by candidate

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What tasks are qualified Commercially accessible frameworks must : have a demonstrated working history use set up plan, and establishment methods Service suppliers and work are acquainted with establishment System hardware and extra parts are promptly accessible Service is promptly accessible to legitimately keep up and work the framework. Guarantee for parts, work, and execution

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What tasks are qualified Pre-Commercial innovation is: Technology that has risen through the innovative work handle Has specialized and financial potential for business application, however is not yet industrially accessible Have no less than one business unit in operation for no less than 1 entire year in the U.S.

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Some ventures that are NOT qualified Residential purposes Hydro ventures Projects using paper that is normally reused Projects using un-isolated strong waste (landfills) Most new development ventures Municipal tasks, school areas, and so forth. Ventures not claimed and controlled by the candidate Projects not using business or pre-business tech. Utilized gear, vehicles, cultivating hardware Projects that are not actually or monetarily doable Projects that are not situated in a provincial range

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Thresholds Grant part Grant asks for can't surpass 25% of qualified venture costs Maximum RE concede honor is $500,000 Minimum RE framework give honor is $2,500 Minimum $10,000 extend estimate (qualified expenses) to fit the bill for give help Maximum EE give honor is $250,000 Minimum EE give honor is $1,500 Minimum $6,000 extend measure (qualified expenses) to meet all requirements for give help

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Thresholds Guaranteed credit segment Commercial bank endorses the advance proposition, and applies to USDA for an assurance on the moneylender's advance Maximum 85% certification for advances of $600,000 or less Maximum 80% certification for advances more prominent than $600,000 through $5,000,000 Maximum 70% assurance for advances more prominent than $5,000,000 through $10,000,000

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Thresholds Guaranteed advance segment Guaranteed advances can't surpass half of qualified venture costs Federal gifts can't be utilized as coordinating assets Other ensured advance projects, (for example, SBA) can consider coordinating assets Eligible expenses can incorporate working capital and land securing (not permitted as qualified expenses for give program)

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Thresholds Guaranteed advance segment Maximum ensured advance is $10,000,000 Minimum ensured advance is $5,000 Minimum $10,000 extend estimate (qualified expenses) to fit the bill for ensured advance help Guaranteed advance value prerequisites: Minimum 15% of qualified venture costs for solicitations of $600,000 or less Minimum 25% of qualified venture costs for solicitations more noteworthy than $600,000

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Thresholds Guaranteed advance segment Guaranteed advance charge plan 1% of the ensured advance sum yearly restoration charge of 1/8% (FY2006) of the exceptional main adjust of the advance (as of December 31 st of every year) Interest rates consulted amongst borrower and moneylender subject to USDA simultaneousness can be settled or variable

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Thresholds Guaranteed advance segment Maximum Guaranteed advance terms 30 years for land, or mix land and gear purposes 20 years for apparatus and gear purposes 7 years for working capital purposes

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Thresholds Direct advance segment Not executed right now Combination give/ensured advance segment Combined solicitations can't surpass half of qualified venture costs qualified venture expenses can incorporate working capital and land procurement (generally not took into account allow just demands) Minimum consolidated demand is $5,000 Minimum $10,000 extend estimate (qualified expenses) to fit the bill for joined help Minimum joined give segment of financing solicitation is $1,500

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Eligible undertakings costs Grant program Post application buy and establishment of RE gear Post application EE upgrades Energy reviews or evaluations Feasibility concentrates on, Business arrangements, and Technical reports Permit and permit charges Professional administration charges (aside from application planning) Post application development ONLY when the office is: utilized for an indistinguishable size and reason from the "old" office give more vitality investment funds than "old" office More financially savvy than enhancing the "old" office

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Eligible activities costs Guaranteed program or blend demands Same as give program, yet can likewise include: land securing working capital purposes

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How to apply Application necessities Applications must be submitted to an office of USDA-Rural Development in Utah Application guidelines and structures accessible at:

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How to apply Application prerequisites Other application assets: NREL little venture specialized survey layouts (wind, sun based electric, sunlight based warm, bioenergy, vitality effectiveness) NREL grew little venture little wind RE application INEL grew little venture geothermal RE format Processing guides Resource handbook

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How to apply Application necessities give demands Projects with qualified venture costs more prominent than $200,000 utilize FULL Application Review Checklist (Guide 2) Complete Grant Certifications and Applicant Eligibility for (Guide 5) Projects with qualified venture expenses of $200,000 or less utilize SIMPLIFIED Application Review Checklist (Guide 3) Also entire Grant Certifications and Applicant Eligibility for (Guide 5) Complete Certification Regarding Qualification For Simplified Grant Applications (Guide 6)

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How to apply Grant Application Requirements Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number Effective 10/1/03, most candidates requesting Federal give help must have an enrolled DUNS number to apply To acquire a DUNS number, call the legislature committed DUNS number self-ask for line at: 1-866-705-5711 DUNS number not required for ensured advances!!

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How to apply Grant Application Requirements Form SF 424.2 "Application for Federal Assistance-Construction" DUNS number goes in thing 5 Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Number (thing 10) is 10.755 All applications are liable to audit by the State Executive Order 12373 process (thing 16)

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How to apply Grant Application Requirements Form SF424C "Spending Information-Construction Programs" incorporate aggregate venture costs organize by reason, and by qualified (a