Security Value for Money Discussions Feb third, 2011

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Oxfam GB. Oxfam International

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Security Value for Money Discussions Feb 3 rd , 2011

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Oxfam GB Oxfam International – confederation of 14 autonomous partner associations, working in more than 99 nations One program approach: OGB conveys programs through International Division and Campaigns & Policy Division Humanitarian Response Long-term Development Campaigning & Communication

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VFM in OGB Strong concentrate on outline and sound hypothesis of progress Judgment at authoristion on results/comes about, recipient #s, and costs Strengthening M&E, from the start (counting recipient desires; comes about, as well as commitment to those outcomes) Strengthened acquirement framework Greater straightforwardness (assessments, costs)

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VFM in OGB Organizational Commitment Program Evaluation Policy "… at any rate, all last program assessments ought to incorporate an appraisal of: The program's results or effect Our commitment (or 'included esteem') to the program The program's cost-viability" Global Performance Framework Along with asessing execution under 6 topical Global Outcome Indicators, we have commited to considering the subject of "Significant worth for Money"

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We are quick to realize That we are accomplishing the greatest "blast" for our "bucks" Do the consequences of the program/extend warrant the assets put resources into it? Inside this program/venture, are there routes by which the same or more noteworthy outcomes could have been accomplished for a littler speculation? Could the assets put have accomplished increasingly if utilized as a part of an alternate way i.e. instead of on this program/extend? Where it is conceivable to make examinations, are there components that have added to, or lessened, the expenses of this program/extend contrasted with comparative ones?

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Challenges Defining 'Esteem for Money' Value for cash must be thought about once you realize what has changed thus of a given spend Not alluring to attribute fiscal incentive to most results that we are attempting to impact Beyond appropriate to life, not attractive to force differential weighting to the distinctive results we are attempting to impact Many intercessions included a blend of vital units that can be hard to seclude In a few mediations, it will be a test just to separate the "Speculation"