Securing Domain: Leading Transformation Presented to FACE Conference Exposition Dayton, OH 22 June 2004

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Procurement Domain: Strategic Direction. Represent securing and acquirement arrangements all through DoDTransform the way we do businessDeploy affirmed obtaining and acquisition arrangements .

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Procurement Domain: Leading Transformation Presented to FACE Conference & Exposition Dayton, OH 22 June 2004 J. Lisa Romney Senior Procurement Analyst Defense Procurement & Acquisition Policy, Electronic Business Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics 703-614-3883

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Acquisition Domain: Strategic Direction Govern obtaining and acquirement arrangements all through DoD Transform the way we work together Deploy endorsed securing and acquirement arrangements DoD contributing $230M for 123 acquirement frameworks yearly

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Acquisition Domain: Vision & Mission

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Acquisition Domain: Governance Networks & Information Integration Business Management Modernization Program OMB Integrated Acquisition Environment Integration of monetary administration and business forms into a joint Business Enterprise Building the establishment for a net-driven DoD Providing the structure for Federal Acquisition Solutions Acquisition Governance Board Business Process Working Group Domain Data Forum Services Components Program Joint Requirements Boards Joint Acquisition Electronic Business Oversight Board Domain Portfolio Management Working Group

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Acquisition Domain: Transforming the Way We Do Business Acquisition Domain Strategic Goals & Objectives Govern Acquisition at the venture level Create a collective and proficient Acquisition undertaking Train, enroll, and hold a propelled, light-footed, and educated Acquisition workforce Modernize DoD Acquisition business procedures and frameworks Enable information interoperability all through the Acquisition endeavor Manage the procurement IT portfolio Acquisition Domain Transformation

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The Scope of Acquisition Modernization DoD Acquisition incorporates a few utilitarian zones: IOC A B C FOC Production & Deployment Concept Refinement System Development & Demonstration Technology Development Operations & Support LRIP/IOT&E Pre-Systems Acquisition Systems Acquisition Sustainment Concept Decision FRP Decision Review Design Readiness Review Science and Technology Program Management Program Oversight EXPANDED FOCUS Phase 2 System Engineering Production Development Service Engineering Logistics Planning Sustainment Training Test and Evaluation Procurement CURRENT FOCUS Phase 1 Financial Management

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Acquisition Domain Future Concept of Operations Acquisition Domain is a Critical Cog to Effectively Link with Industry

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Acquisition Domain Transformation Initiatives The Acquisition Domain is changing each layer of the venture: Governance Comprises the strategies and methodology through which the Acquisition Domain Components will express their interests, practice their rights, meet their commitments, and intercede their disparities as they identify with IT administration inside the Acquisition Domain. Design Represents the system that will empower firmly coupled business and IT arranging . The design will bolster new and legacy application coordination, a typical comprehension of the undertaking, interoperability, and the capacity to distinguish crevices between business necessities and IT abilities. Move Planning Analyzes where an association is and where it might want to be, then decides the guide to arrive. Move arranging guarantees that a venture's innovation speculations are adjusted to its methodology - and the procedures and authoritative structures expected to understand that system. Portfolio Management Reviews and guarantees that IT ventures are adjusted to key destinations, the Acquisition engineering and related specialized benchmarks, and the Domain move arrange and speaks to a sound temperate interest in light of the Domain arrangement of speculations. Portfolio Management recognizes chances to lessen excess, make economies of scale, and distinguish & fill capacity holes. Administration Portfolio Management Strategy Business Information Data Strategy Architecture Transition Planning Applications Technology

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Acquisition Domain: Managing for a Future Acquisition Environment Transform acquirement experts to "business merchants" Establish vital sourcing connections Improve reconciliation of obtaining & obtainment data Manage provider connections Align DoD procedures and frameworks with Industry Control stores administration Enable clean review feeling

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Acquisition Domain: Procurement Solutions Federal - Integrated Acquisition Environment (IAE) Federal Technical Data Solution (FedTeDS) Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA) Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS) Federal Procurement Data System – Next Generation (FPDS-NG) Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps) FEDERAL SOLUTIONS Electronic Subcontractor Reporting System (eSRS) Intragovernmental Transaction Exchange (IGTE) Wage Determinations Online (WDOL) Inter-Agency Contracts Directory (ICD) Federal Agency Registration (FedReg) Excluded Parties Listing System (EPLS) Department of Defense (DoD) Acquisition Spend Analysis Pilot (ASAP) Standard Procurement System (SPS) Business Systems Modernization (BSM) Electronic Document Access (EDA) DOD SOLUTIONS Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) DoD EMALL Logistics Systems Financial Systems

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Acquisition Domain Standard Procurement System Joint, robotized contracting framework that institutionalizes acquirement forms crosswise over DoD… utilized by every Military Service and 13 Defense Agencies Current: 23,000 clients 800 areas, 50 states, 15 nations $48B in products/administrations acquired through SPS through 681,037 activities (FY03) 21 clients, $30.5M in buys in Kabul, Afghanistan through 597 contracts (Nov-Apr) Future: Target arrangement V4.2.3 in FY06 Web-based Move from standard structures to indistinct contracting 44,000 clients Focus: Deploy v4.2.2 in FY05

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Acquisition Domain Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) Enables electronic handling of solicitations and getting reports to increment precise record preparing for monetary, coordinations and acquisition groups Current: Q2 FY04: Processed more than 138,000 solicitations and accepting reports representing over $5.5B in installments for all Services Web based Uses PKI innovation for secure recognizable proof Capture Unique Identifiers (UIDs) Future: Single purpose of passage for solicitations and getting reports Focus: Process 51% of exchanges in WAWF in FY05

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Acquisition Domain Federal eGov Integrated Acquisition Environment (IAE) Programs An arrangement of projects that concentrate on regular Federal acquirement forms Federal Procurement Data System – Next Generation (FPDS-NG) Single accumulation point for all Government contract data Goal: Process contract information specifically to FPDS-NG On-line Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA) Provides the capacity to refresh & post Section K arrangements Goal: Access portrayals and accreditations at single web area Intra-legislative Transactions Exchange (IGTE) Processing of all Intra-legislative securing exercises Goal: Pilot transmission of IGT data through SPS Federal Technical Data Solutions (FedTeDS) Enables the conveyance and spread of Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU) securing material Goal: Post touchy acquisition related data to focal web area Focus: Deployment and Use of IAE Programs

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Acquisition Domain Spend Analysis Pilot Spend Analysis Pilot will exhibit the capacity to assemble contract data from contract composing frameworks to bolster key sourcing choice. Current: Spend Analysis group made out of all DoD Components, drove by the Army Incorporating net-driven spend examination capacity adaptable crosswise over DoD Future: Demonstrate information combination crosswise over DoD Increase measure of data used to bolster DoD-Wide Services Sourcing Program Provide acquirement experts understanding to investigate spend data Focus: Demonstration of Pilot Capability 1 Oct 04

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Acquisition Domain Sourcing Analysis of Alternatives (AOA) Acquisition Domain is making arrangements for the future sourcing condition by directing a Sourcing Analysis of Alternatives Current: All Components are taking an interest in the AOA procedure, drove via Air Force Initiated AOA in November 2003 Initial Capabilities Document concluded April 2004 Request for Information distributed May 2005 Future: Provide the usefulness to bolster vital sourcing abilities Focus: Identify sourcing capacities and examination by FY06

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Key Goals and "Take Aways" from the Acquisition Domain Govern the matter of procurement at the endeavor level Enable information interoperability all through the undertaking Modernize and streamline DoD securing business procedures and frameworks Manage the obtaining IT portfolio Create a collective and effective Acquisition venture Train, enlist, and hold an inspired, lithe and proficient workforce.

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