Section Official Organization Scottsdale, AZ November 7, 2008

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Section Executive Institute Scottsdale, AZ November 7, 2008

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FLORIDA SMALL WORKS ADDENDUM TO THE INSIDE AGREEMENT Locals 177, 349, 606, 676, 728, 756, 915 and 1205, IBEW, and the Central Florida, Florida West Coast, North Florida, South Florida and Gulf Coast Chapters of NECA, in light of a legitimate concern for acquiring and holding piece of the overall industry in the Florida electrical development industry, consent to the accompanying terms and conditions which should apply to all IBEW/NECA inside development understandings in the condition of Florida. A temporary worker must be signatory to a letter of consent to a Florida neighborhood union's inside development understanding before the accompanying arrangements apply.

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TYPE OF WORK COVERED BY THIS ADDENDUM Office structures not to surpass two hundred thousand (200,000) square feet, stockrooms, strip malls, corner stores, automobile deals offices and carports, all instructive offices, little assembling plants not to surpass fifty thousand (50,000) square feet, nourishment benefit focuses, healing centers, water and waste treatment offices, nursing homes, facilities, motels, inns, retail and discount offices, and private structures. All prerequisites of Federal, State or Local winning compensation necessities sketched out in the offer determinations might be consented to.

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TYPE OF WORK COVERED BY THIS ADDENDUM If a signatory temporary worker has a chance to secure work that surpasses the restrictions contained in the extent of this addendum that could prompt to more business open doors for representatives secured by this Addendum, a fluctuation might be asked for as laid out in the "Concession Request Procedures" joined to this Addendum. All changes in degree and different terms and conditions must be submitted in composing preceding offering and endorsed before usage by the site neighborhood union business chief (where the occupation is found).

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HOURS/WAGES/WORKING CONDITIONS The business has the privilege to set up adaptable work routines for the execution of electrical work to fulfill proprietor as well as client necessities. No extra minutes should be paid until (40) hours in the week's worth of work or (10) hours in the workday have been worked. The extra time rate might be paid at time and one-half (1 ½) the general straight-time rate. (Twofold the straight time compensation should be paid just for the Holidays recorded in the site (where the occupation is found) Local Union/NECA Chapter Inside Construction Agreement)

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ORGANIZING/REFERRAL The IBEW standard referral framework will be utilized by the business to get specialists with "Within Wiremen" order. Because of the absence of a union Construction Electricians/Wiremen pool of laborers for referral, the business may contract "Development Electricians/Wiremen" to meet important occupation composite rates and to satisfactorily staff little works ventures. The business will expeditiously advise the business chief of the names, suggested orders and standardized savings quantities of such candidates; and send the candidates to the nearby union for handling . The neighborhood union will then allude those representatives back to the selecting manager. The main time this may not occur would be in times of over the top unemployment or the accessibility of a satisfactory labor pool of Construction Electricians/Wiremen. Any inquiries or question in regards to this statement might be alluded to the Florida Small Works Labor Management Committee. On little works extends, the business might have the privilege to call a Foreman by name under the IBEW standard inside referral technique gave:

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Foreman Call-out The representative has not stop his past boss that is signatory to this addendum inside the past two weeks. The business should advise the business administrator in composing of the name of the person who is to be asked for work as a Foreman. Upon such demand, the business administrator might allude said Foreman gave the name shows up on the most elevated need amass. At the point when a worker is called as a Foreman, he should stay as a Foreman for one hundred & sixty (160) hours.

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(Portability) Any business signatory to a Letter of Assent to an Inside Collective Bargaining Agreement or signatory to an endorsed Inside Collective Bargaining with any nearby union in the condition of Florida will be qualified for boundless Portability all through the State of Florida , giving the sort of work being performed is secured by this Addendum. The business should advise the site nearby union by fax or email inside 24 hours of beginning an occupation, the employment address, surmised length and assessed labor at pinnacle. Employments of 10 working days term or less don't require warning. (1) Fringe advantages: Under the conveyability arrangement all incidental advantages might be paid to the nearby union from where the laborer was alluded. (2) On occupations of more than 10 working days the business might pay all work appraisals and apprenticeship commitments to the site nearby Union. (3) All laborer groupings might fall under the Portability rules.

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PORTABILITY (4) Portability should not meddle with a student's preparation or potentially school participation. The JATC where the student is obligated should have last power over the understudy's work assignments. (5) The temporary workers practicing compactness should pay no not exactly the wage rates indicated in the site nearby union's inside understanding for within wiremen and student arrangements. Within wiremen compensation utilized as a part of this Addendum to ascertain the Construction Wiremen levels might be founded on the site nearby union's endorsed Inside CBA best Journeymen wage rate. (6) Any question or debate concerning the Portability arrangements of this Addendum might be determined by the Florida Small Works Labor Management Committee.

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WAGES (A) The base hourly rate of wages should be as per the following: Inside Journeymen Wireman *Rates determined in site neighborhood inside understanding for pertinent extent of work Foreman *Rates indicated in site nearby inside assention for material extent of work Apprentice *Rates indicated in site neighborhood inside assention * Inside Journeymen, Apprentices and Foreman exchanged under the conveyability arrangement of this addendum might get the rates and advantages laid out in the home or site neighborhood union Inside Wiremen understanding for the relevant extent of work (whichever is higher). Compensation at the built up rates determined in this should be paid week by week in the shop or at work at or before stopping time on any day Monday through Friday of every week, and close to five (5) schedule days pay will be withheld. Elective finance methods, i.e., electronic as well as programmed store might be used by the Employer. In any case, representatives laid off through no blame of their own should be forked over the required funds ½ hour preceding stopping time or if the worker is agreed to electronic exchange the cash might be exchanged his or her record inside 24 hours. Workers who where released or intentional quit might be paid their wages on the typical payday. Occasions and Vacations: according to nearby inside assention.

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CONSTRUCTION WIREMAN/ELECTRICIAN Behind tab **Minimum Wages Construction Wireman Step 1 (1,000 hrs) - 40% of site Inside Wiremen rate Construction Wireman Step 1 - - 45% of site Inside Wiremen rate Construction Wireman Step 2 - - half of site Inside Wiremen rate Construction Wireman Step 3 - - 55% of site Inside Wiremen rate Construction Wireman Step 4 - - 60% of site Inside Wiremen rate Construction Electrician Level 1 - 70% of site Inside Wiremen rate Construction Electrician Level 2 - 75% of site Inside Wireman rate Construction Electrician Level 3 - 80% of site Inside Wireman rate Once chose and situated at the fitting level, Construction Wiremen will be required to work a base 1000 hours under probation to figure out whether they have been granted legitimate remaining in the program or on the off chance that they can perform to neighborhood industry benchmarks and desires. **These rates might be balanced by the site neighborhood work administration board of trustees by 5% to reflect nearby work economic situations. Any conformity past 5% must be asked for by the site nearby union or NECA Chapter and endorsed by the Small Works Labor Management Committee. On all occupations secured by this addendum the team blend can be supplemented by the business with development circuit repairmen as permitted in the administration rights statement of this Addendum. At whatever point obligated students are accessible for work assignments the businesses will bend over backward to utilize them when sensible conceivable. A base proportion of one Inside Wireman to each five lesser groupings (students, development wiremen/circuit repairmen, and so forth.) will be utilized in all shops with at least five specialists utilized under the terms of this addendum.

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EMPLOYER CONTRIBUTIONS NEBF: 3% of gross work finance Apprenticeship Contribution: according to site Local Union CBA or at least 30 pennies for every hour if necessary.. Neighborhood Labor Management Cooperation Committee: The Employer might pay $.05 every hour worked for the Local Labor Management Cooperative Committee Fund. National Labor Management Cooperative Committee: The business might pay $.01 every hour worked for the National Labor Management Cooperative Committee. Nearby getting trust or potentially organization commitments and other neighborhood instructive industry headway stores should be made by site nearby union aggregate bartering assention

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TRAINING/SUPERVISION TRAINING : The JATC might be in charge of all preparation of Const