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Comprehend the portable processing environment that backings m-trade. ... Registering that associate a cell phone to a system or another figuring gadget, ...

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Section 9 Mobile Commerce and Pervasive Computing

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Learning Objectives Define portable business and comprehend its relationship to e-trade. Comprehend the portable registering environment that backings m-trade. Portray the four noteworthy sorts of remote media communications systems. Examine the esteem included characteristics and major drivers of m-business. Examine m-business applications in back, promoting, and arrangement of substance. Prentice Hall © 2006

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Learning Objectives Describe the utilization of m-trade inside associations. Comprehend B2B and inventory network administration utilizations of m-business. Depict purchaser and individual uses of m-trade. Comprehend the innovations and potential use of area based m-trade. Depict the significant inhibitors and obstructions of m-business. Talk about the key attributes and current employments of unavoidable processing. Prentice Hall © 2006

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Mobile Computing Overview of Mobile Commerce mobile trade (m-business, m-business) Any business movement directed over a remote broadcast communications organize Prentice Hall © 2006

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Exhibit 9.1 The Mobile Commerce Landscape Prentice Hall © 2006

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Mobile Computing Mobile Computing Devices personal computerized right hand (PDA) A handheld PC essentially utilized for individual data administration smartphone Internet-empowered PDAs that can bolster versatile applications blackberry A handheld gadget mainly utilized for email Prentice Hall © 2006

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Mobile Computing Mobile Computing Devices wireless portable registering (portable figuring) Computing that associates a cell phone to a system or another registering gadget, at whatever time, anyplace synchronization The trade of upgraded data with other processing gadgets Prentice Hall © 2006

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Exhibit 9.2 The Wireless Mobile Environment Prentice Hall © 2006

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Mobile Computing Mobile Computing Software microbrowser Wireless Web program intended to work with little screens and constrained transfer speed and memory prerequisites Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) A suite of system conventions intended to empower various types of remote gadgets to get to WAPreadable documents on an Internet-associated Web server Prentice Hall © 2006

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Mobile Computing Wireless Markup Language (WML) A scripting dialect used to make content in the WAP environment; in view of XML, less superfluous substance to build speed Compact Hypertext Markup Language (cHTML) A scripting dialect used to make content in i-mode Prentice Hall © 2006

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Mobile Computing Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (xHTML) A general scripting dialect; good with HTML; set by W3 Consortium Voice XML (VXML) An expansion of XML intended to oblige voice Prentice Hall © 2006

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Exhibit 9.4 WAP Architecture Prentice Hall © 2006

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Mobile Computing Mobile Computing Services Short Message Service (SMS) A benefit that backings the sending and accepting of short instant messages on cell phones Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS) An augmentation of SMS that can send basic activity, minor pictures, sounds, and arranged content Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) The up and coming era of remote informing; MMS will have the capacity to convey rich media Prentice Hall © 2006

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Mobile Computing Mobile Computing Services micropayments Electronic installments for little buy sums (by and large under $10) global situating framework (GPS) A overall satellite-based following framework that empowers clients to decide their position anyplace on the earth Prentice Hall © 2006

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Mobile Computing Mobile Computing Services interactive voice reaction (IVR) A PC voice framework that empowers clients to ask for and get data and to enter and change information through a phone voice entry A Web website with a sound interface that can be gotten to through a phone call Prentice Hall © 2006

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Wireless Telecommunications Networks Personal Area Networks personal region organize (PAN) A remote broadcast communications organize for gadget to-gadget associations inside a little range Bluetooth A set of media communications gauges that empowers remote gadgets to speak with each other over short separations Prentice Hall © 2006

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Wireless Telecommunications Networks Wireless Local Area Networks wireless neighborhood (WLAN) A media communications arrange that empowers clients to make medium-run remote associations with the Internet or another system Wi-Fi (remote devotion) The regular name used to depict the IEEE 802.11 standard utilized on most WLANs Prentice Hall © 2006

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Wireless Telecommunications Networks Wireless Local Area Networks 802.11b The most well known Wi-Fi standard; it is cheap and offers adequate speed for most gadgets; be that as it may, impedance can be an issue 802.11a This Wi-Fi standard is quicker than 802.11b however has a littler range 802.11g This quick yet costly Wi-Fi standard is for the most part utilized as a part of organizations Prentice Hall © 2006

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Wireless Telecommunications Networks Wireless Local Area Networks wireless get to point An reception apparatus that interfaces a cell phone to a wired LAN hotspot An zone or point where a remote tablet or PDA can make an association with a remote neighborhood Prentice Hall © 2006

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Exhibit 9.5 How Wi-Fi Works Prentice Hall © 2006

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Wireless Telecommunications Networks Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks WiMax A remote standard (IEEE 802.16) for making broadband system associations over a vast region wireless metropolitan zone organize (WMAN) A media communications organize that empowers clients to make long-extend remote associations with the Internet or another system Prentice Hall © 2006

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Wireless Telecommunications Networks Wireless Wide Area Networks wireless wide zone organize (WWAN) A broadcast communications arrange that offers remote scope over a substantial topographical region, ordinarily over a PDA arrange Prentice Hall © 2006

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Wireless Telecommunications Networks Wireless Wide Area Networks Physical Topology of a WWAN subscriber distinguishing proof module (SIM) card An extractable capacity card utilized for ID, client area data, exchange preparing, secure interchanges, and so forth Prentice Hall © 2006

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Exhibit 9.6 Cellular Telephone Network Prentice Hall © 2006

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Wireless Telecommunications Networks WWAN Communication Bandwidths 1G. The original of remote innovation, which was simple based 2G. The second era of advanced remote innovation; suits voice and content 2.5G. A between time remote innovation that can oblige voice, content, and, restricted design 3G. The third era of advanced remote innovation; bolsters rich media, for example, video 4G. The normal up and coming era of remote innovation that will give speedier show of mixed media Prentice Hall © 2006

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Wireless Telecommunications Networks Wireless Wide Area Networks WWAN Communication Protocols Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA) Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) WWAN Network Systems Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) An open, nonproprietary standard for versatile voice and information interchanges Prentice Hall © 2006

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Mobile Commerce Attributes of M-Commerce Ubiquity Convenience Interactivity Personalization Localization Prentice Hall © 2006

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Mobile Financial Applications Mobile Banking Wireless Electronic Payment Systems Wireless Wallets m-wallet (versatile wallet) Technologies that empower cardholders to make buys with a solitary snap from their remote gadget Wireless Bill Payments various organizations now give the choice of paying bills specifically from a PDA Prentice Hall © 2006

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Mobile Shopping, Advertising, and Content Provision Wireless Shopping An expanding number of online merchants permit clients to shop from remote gadgets Enables clients to utilize PDAs or remote PDAs to: Perform brisk inquiries Compare costs Use a shopping basket Order View the status of their request Prentice Hall © 2006

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Mobile Shopping, Advertising, and Content Provision Targeted Advertising Marketers send client particular promoting messages to remote gadgets Location-delicate publicizing advises purchasers about shops, shopping centers, and eateries near where the cell phone proprietor is found mobile entryway A client cooperation station that totals substance and administrations for portable clients Prentice Hall © 2006

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Mobile Intrabusiness Applications Support of Mobile Employees sales drive activation The procedure of furnishing deals compel workers with remote processing gadgets Job Dispatch wearable gadgets Mobile remote registering gadgets for workers who take a shot at structures and other climbable work environments Prentice Hall © 2006

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Mobile Intrabusiness Applications Customer Support Mobile get to extends the compass of CRM to both representatives and business accomplices on an every minute of every day premise, to wherever where beneficiaries are found Prentice Hall © 2006

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Mobile Intrabusiness Applications Non-Internet Intrabusiness Applications Wireless systems administration, used to select from capacity in stockrooms Delivery-notices Collection of information Monthly pay slips sent as SMS messages sent to workers' cell phones Property agents report from the scene of a mishap Sales delegates check requests and inventories amid their visits to clients Prentice Hall © 2006

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B2B M-Commerce and Supply Chain Management Use of remote correspondence to share data along the production network and to team up with accomplices By incorporating the versatile comput