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Meaning of Interorganizational Information System. Underpins data streams between two or more organizationsStrategic effect of IOSsNetworks:Private (VANs)Publicly got to . Attributes of IOSs . Support

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Definition of Interorganizational Information System Supports data streams between at least two associations Strategic effect of IOSs Networks: Private (VANs) Publicly got to

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Characteristics of IOSs Sponsor – member connections Forms of cooperation: Submit ask for – get yield Access to information stockpiling and handling assets Use capacities of IOS

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IOS Response to Business Pressures lessen the expenses of routine business exchanges enhance the nature of the data stream by decreasing or disposing of blunders pack process duration in the satisfaction of business exchanges, paying little heed to geological separation take out paper preparing and its related wasteful aspects and costs make the exchange and preparing of data simple for clients

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Types of Interorganizational Systems Global frameworks Electronic information trade (EDI) Electronic assets exchange (EFT) Extranets Shared databases Integrated informing

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Global Information System Who Uses Global Systems? Multinational Companies International Companies Virtual Global Corporations Core business exercises relies on upon: Goals Basic procedures

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Goals for International Activities International deals International generation and deals International item improvement, creation, and deals

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Basic Strategies Multinational Global International Transnational

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Information Architecture for IOSs

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Virtual Global Corporations Each accomplice brings its center fitness Full usage of assets Opportunism Spanning limits between associations IT bolster

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Benefits of Global Information System Effective correspondence at a sensible financially savvy coordinated effort with groupware programming, Group DSS, extranets, and remotely coordinating gadgets

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Security National Organizational Personal Technical Issues Technical gauges: Software Hardware. Records Data exactness Security and Technical Issues

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Sovereignty National (utilize domestics items) Economic (information to be handled inside a nation) Cultural

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Components of EDI Data arranging benchmarks EDI interpreters Networks VANs Internet

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Start P.O. conveyance Mailroom Sales Accounting Specifier Order affirmation Bill conveyance Mailroom Accounting Purchasing Shipping Receiving Shipping Receiving Seller Buyer EDI transmissions Computer Generates Standardized P.O. Shape Standardized PO Form Automatic request affirmation Approval Prices Availability PO Start Invoice Flash report Instant information to : Sales Manufacturing Engineering Automatic charging Specifier Receiving Shipping Seller Buyer Order-conveyance Cycle With and Without EDI Without EDI With EDI

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Benefits and Limitations of EDI Benefits Speed and volume Accuracy Collaboration with business accomplices Profit Disadvantages: Cost Customization of norms

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Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) exchange of cash to and from money related foundations utilizing media transmission systems might be considered as an IOS, or a worldwide framework quick - lessens delays related with sending printed version archives and it kills returned checks security issues

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Extranet A system that connections business accomplices to each other over the Internet by giving access to specific regions of each other's corporate intranets Components Intranets of business accomplices Internet as correspondences connections

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Extranet Company A Company B Intranet corporate information, email, orders, client information, stock, records Internet Intranet Internet Other clients, providers, temporary workers, merchants, government Corporate representatives voyaging or at home Extranet framework Telecommunication frameworks (VPNs) TCP/IP Protocols Internet Services Intranets foundation

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Communications choices for Extranets Long-remove dial-up get to Internet access to intranet with security Internet access to an outer server that copies some portion of the intranet information Internet access to an outside server to forward database inquiries to inside servers

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Types of Extranet An organization and its merchants, clients, or providers based on one organization An industry's extranet (Trading Network) collaborated and made by the significant players in an industry (e.g. the car business) Joint endeavors and different business associations utilized as a vehicle for interchanges and coordinated effort among a few organizations collaborating in a joint wander

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Benefits of Extranets Reduce the number help-work area and information passage representatives Improved nature of information and data trade Faster procedures and data stream Reduce printed material Improved request section and client benefit Better correspondence

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Implementing Interorganizational Information System Security insurance instruments : firewalls and VPNs Ethical and Societal Issues goes out on a limb for its competitive innovations, the protection of the representatives and the controlling of a few procedures Planning complex IT arranging while including a few associations a few IT arranging groups ought to be made and bolstered by email, extranets,and groupware