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Section 1MULTINATIONAL MANAGEMENT IN A CHANGING WORLD. MULTINATIONAL MANAGEMENT. The plan of techniques and the outline of administration frameworks to exploit global open doors and react to universal dangers. Any organization that takes part in business works past its local outskirts Includes both vast and little organizations.

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MULTINATIONAL MANAGEMENT The plan of procedures and the outline of administration frameworks to exploit universal open doors and react to worldwide dangers

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THE MULTINATIONAL COMPANY Any organization that participates in business works past its residential fringes Includes both extensive and little organizations

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Exhibit 1.1 (in Text) Lists The Top Multinational Corporations Ranked By Sales Revenue.

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WHY IS MULTINATIONAL MANAGEMENT IMPORTANT? Organizations progressively look to different nations to look for worldwide chances to watch out for worldwide rivalry

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GLOBALIZATION The overall pattern of organizations growing past their residential limits

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SEVEN KEY FORCES ARE GLOBALIZING THE WORLD ECONOMY 1. Breaking down fringes 2. Developing cross-fringe exchange and venture 3. The ascent of worldwide items and worldwide clients 4. Privatizations

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5. New rivals on the planet advertise 6. The ascent of worldwide principles of value and generation 7. The Internet and data innovation

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THE GLOBAL 1. Falling Borders ECONOMY

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BORDERS ARE FALLING Free exchange territories and the world exchange association By 2000, the quantity of local exchange assentions achieved 139, more than twofold the number existing in 1992

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TRADE AGREEMENTS Reduce duties and limitations The three biggest gatherings - EU, NAFTA, and APEC World Trade Organization

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THE 2. Developing Trade GLOBAL and Investment ECONOMY

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SELL ANYWHERE, LOCATE ANYWHERE World exchange development: normal of 6.5% every year 1990 to 2000 Nearly 50% of the over $5 trillion in world exchange is among the European union, the U.S., and Japan - the TRIAD

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Exhibits 1.4 and 1.5 (in content) demonstrate the main nations as far as import and fare size and development.

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FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT (FDI) An organization from one nation has a proprietorship position in an association from another nation - See Ex 1.6 for main 30 FDI in the created nations around $899 billion

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EXHIBIT 1.6 TOP FOREIGN ASSET COMPANIES 1. General Electric: USA 2. General Motors: USA 3. Regal Dutch Shell: UK/Netherlands 4. Portage: USA 5. Exxon: USA 6. Toyota: Japan

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THE 3. Worldwide Products/GLOBAL Customers ECONOMY

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THE RISE OF GLOBAL PRODUCTS AND GLOBAL CUSTOMERS The necessities of clients developing more comparative Global clients look the world for their provisions without respect for national limits

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THE GLOBAL 4. Privatizations ECONOMY

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Privatization is the offer of government possessed organizations to private financial specialists

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Privatization, proceeded with The creating nations and move economies utilize privatization to end up distinctly industrialist economies

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BENEFITS FOR MULTINATIONAL COMPANIES Opportunities for scratch and dent section ventures A simple approach to get entrance frequently with nearby government motivating forces, for example, quite a while of tax exempt operations

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THE GLOBAL 5. New Competitors ECONOMY

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EXHIBIT 1.10: TOP EMERGING MARKET COMPANIES 1. China Telecom: Hong Kong 2. Taiwan Semiconductor: Taiwan 3. Samsung Electronics: Korea 4. Telefonos de Mexico (Telmex): Mexico

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THE 6. Ascent of GLOBAL Standards ECONOMY

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GLOBAL OR REGIONAL PRODUCT STANDARDS Companies can make one or just a couple of adaptations of an item for the world market Cheaper than forms for various nations

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CONSISTENCY AND PREDICTABILITY IN QUALITY The worldwide association for institutionalization (ISO) in Geneva, Switzerland - ISO 9000:2000

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THE 7. IT and the GLOBAL Internet ECONOMY

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THE INTERNET AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Allows simple overall correspondence and financial exchanges Small organizations have more PC power Poorer countries can have innovation

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THE NEXT GENERATION OF MULTINATIONAL MANAGERS A worldwide outlook The capacity to work with differing individuals A long range point of view The capacity to director change and move

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The up and coming era of multinational administrators, proceeded with The capacity to make frameworks for a learning and changing associations The ability to rouse all representatives to accomplish fabulousness Accomplished arrangement aptitudes

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The up and coming era of multinational chiefs, proceeded with A readiness to look for and prevail in abroad assignments A comprehension of national societies

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MULTINATIONAL MANAGEMENT: A STRATEGIC APPROACH The key way to deal with multinational administration considers how supervisors detail and actualize techniques to contend effectively in the worldwide economy

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STRATEGY The moves or exercises that administrators use to support and increment hierarchical execution

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MULTINATIONAL STRATEGY FORMULATION The way toward picking or making a procedure test of managing openings and contenders found anyplace on the planet

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MULTINATIONAL STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION Includes every one of the exercises important to accomplish vital destinations requires complex administration frameworks to complete the systems that scope past local limits

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A FUNDAMENTAL ASSUMPTION OF THE BOOK "When you comprehend your rivals and yourself, you will dependably win," Sun Tzu, The craft of war

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CONCLUSIONS Multinational administration and the multinational organization Forces that drive globalization Key qualities of fruitful multinational chiefs The vital way to deal with multinational administration