Section 1: Exploring Human Sexuality: Past and Present

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Section 1: Exploring Human Sexuality: Past and Present

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Human Sexuality in a Diverse World Define sexuality Goals for the course Sexual pictures in our way of life Media History of sexuality Evolution Ancient civic establishments Religion Early sexual change developments

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What is Sexuality? A particularly human attribute More than simply mating ceremonies Laws, traditions, dreams, workmanship in light of sex Sexologists – have practical experience in concentrating on human sexuality Also: scholars, clinicians, doctors, anthropologists, antiquarians, sociologists, political researchers, general wellbeing

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Contradictory and Confusing Sexually "quelled" society encompassed by sexual pictures Believe everybody is sexually dynamic, yet an uncomfortable discourse subject Explore our sexuality versus moral confinements Diversity in sexual expression

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Course Goals Broad, exact information of sexuality Know society's endeavors at direction of your sexuality Identify patterns, changes, and numerous different impacts influencing your demeanors and practices Understand organic roots and social issues identified with sexuality Become more happy with examining sex Your own objectives

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The Impact of the Media Surrounded by unequivocally or inconspicuously sexual visual media American media are the most sexually suggestive in the western side of the equator Television is brimming with sexual substance Dating reality demonstrates Talk indicates Sex-focused shows, similar to Real Sex Advertisements

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Reality makeover shows, for example, Dr. 90210, The Swan, and Extreme Makeover play upon our physical frailties. TV, motion pictures, and commercials regularly mentally condition us into trusting that we can accomplish the ideal body and look with a little assistance from a plastic specialist. How far would you go to resemble this lady?

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What message do you get from this ad? Can you advise what item they are attempting to offer? Do you think sex offers this item?

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The Impact of the Media Internet is changing correspondence and connections Offers unknown data, guidance Purchase sexual gear Chatrooms dedicated to an assortment of yearnings Media is second wellspring of sexual data for American teenagers (Kunkel et al., 2003) Watch 14,000 sexual references yearly Inaccurate and misdirecting messages

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Early Evolution of Human Sexuality Upright stance changed human sex Visual prompts expanded in significance Male private parts and female bosoms more obvious Human male has biggest penis of all primates (however not the greater gonads) Female pelvis turned forward to permit eye to eye intercourse Enhanced female incitement and climax

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Ancient Mediterranean Growth of urban communities made laws to administer Many sexual issues show in compositions, craftsmanship: Sexually transmitted contaminations Menstruation Circumcision Contraception and premature birth Prostitution Adultery Erotica

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Ancient Mediterranean Modern western culture affected by the association of three antiquated societies: Hebraic Hellenistic (Greek) Roman

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The Hebrews Hebrew Bible had express guidelines Forbade infidelity Forbade male gay person intercourse Forbade depraved relations (all in a similar degree) Discussed sexual unfortunate behavior Stories of conjugal love

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Greece (1000 – 200 B.C.) More sexually lenient than the Hebrews Stories of sexual adventures, interbreeding, assault, savagery Distinguished amongst adoration and sex Aphrodite: goddess of sex Eros: divine force of affection Greek pederasty Idealized men and the male frame, and also the female shape Sex was an image of force

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Rome (5 th to 7 th Century B.C.) Marriage and sex were approaches to enhance financial and social standing Passionate love practically nonexistent Few limitations for early Romans

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Ancient Asia China India

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China Tao – the fundamental solidarity and association of the universe; involved two standards Yin: ladylike, uninvolved, endless Yang: manly, emphatic, constrained Man ought to encourage yang with delayed contact with yin, without discharge Best if various ladies, female climax Sexual direction and manuals basic Utilized medications and sexual gadgets

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India Karma – cycle of birth and resurrection Goal – carry on with an equitable life, wed, multiply Marriage – religious and monetary commitment Kamasutra – 3 rd - 4 th century B.C. Nature of adoration Good family rehearses Moral direction in affection and sex Sexual strategies

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Religion Early Christianity Middle Ages Islam The Renaissance The Reformation

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Early Christianity Jesus – liberal in pondering sexuality, and its discipline for transgressions Later supporters built up the predominant western perspective of judgment Highest love is that for God Celibacy and virtuousness were romanticized Association of sexuality with wrongdoing Sex for multiplication just

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The Middle Ages 1050-1150 sexuality was changed 1215 – church started admission and repentance Women transformed from a flirt (Eve) to a model of ideals (Mary) Late 15 th century – battle against witchcraft, ladies' voracious "licentious desire" Thomas Aquinas (1200s) contended sex organs were for multiplication; denounced homosexuality

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Islam Patriarchal society Modesty, cover private parts of the body Koran compares spouses to fields that men ought to develop as habitually as they need All types of sexuality are reasonable Harems for affluent men Eunuchs watched the ladies from finding sexual delight somewhere else Celebrated young men as the exemplification of excellence

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Female Biological speculation Natural connection of the posterity Male Physical power – assurance Agricultural society – first conceived financial matters Male x Female the war of the genders

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The Renaissance Thought moved from God to people Women turned out to be more instructed and politically included 17 th century witchcraft trials in view of men's feelings of trepidation of ladies' sexuality

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The Reformation Protestantism – mid 16 th century Bible demonstrated commitment to recreate and have conjugal love, rather than esteeming chastity Women were men's accomplices in all things, not simply to have kids Allowed separate Companionship was central in marriage Women were weaker than men Sex passable just in conjugal union

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The Enlightenment 18 th century Prized judicious thoroughly considered customary power Human nature best comprehended through study Sexual propagation was appeared to be an awesome developmental accomplishment "Free love" and ascend in premarital pregnancy and ill-conceived births Homosexuality: judgment and oppression, then resilience

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The Victorian Era Public conduct vital, particularly to the privileged Conservative sexual states of mind, not generally honed Male gallantry Women ethical, sensitive, helpless Sexual liberality was accepted to bring about numerous ailments Courtly love and prostitution

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In the late 19 th and mid 20 th hundreds of years, numerous specialists showed that masturbation was unsafe, thus gadgets, for example, the two pointed rings and the stun box appeared here, were made to keep kids particularly young men from accomplishing undesirable erections.

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Sex in American History The Colonies United States – New World 19 th century 20 th century

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The Colonies Puritans had serious approvals for sexual transgressions Sexuality was characteristic inside marriage Bundling for youthful, seeking couples

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United States – New World Church's energy reduced Right to individual bliss, sexual freedom Brothels, contraception, fruitless meds Sexuality grasped inside marriage, and without Female contracted hirelings and slaves were regularly assaulted Myth of slave wantonness Sexuality of minorities was utilized to persecute them

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The 19 th Century 1820s free love development 1852 – Mormons report rehearsing polygamy End of 19 th century – Medical model of sexuality Women administered by their wombs; ovarectomies John Kellogg's asylum Homosexuality a sickness, not a wrongdoing Comstock Act of 1873 – precluded mailing indecent composition or advertisements, including preventative data and work of art containing nakedness

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The 20 th Century Social cleanliness development Sexology Feminism Gay Liberation

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The Social Hygiene Movement Virtuous ladies were getting STIs from spouses laying down with whores Began requiring blood tests before marriage Prostitution captures by law implementation Early supporters of sex instruction in schools for young men and young ladies

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Sexology Scientific interest to comprehend human sexuality Kinsey – American sexual conduct Masters and Johnson – sexual reaction physiology

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Feminism Sanger – "It is not society's issue to worry about what a lady should do with her body" Published conception prevention writing, damaging the Comstock demonstration Public shock brought on the case to be dropped Opened anti-conception medication center that turned into the Planned Parenthood association

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Gay Liberation Homosexuals saw as degenerates going after youth Many medicinal "cures" endeavored 1969 – Police attacked Stonewall, a gay bar, and the gay group opposed interestingly APA expelled homosexuality from the DSM 1970s gay freedom 1980s AIDS plague Gay marriage discussion

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Sex governmental issues Sex utilized as a stage for votes.\ Family values Culture wars

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Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis

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Semmelweis impact