SDHI Diabetes Learning and Talk day 8 th February 2005

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Tayside Center for General Practice and for the benefit of the DARTS/MEMO joint effort. Characterizing and measuring nature of tend to individuals with sort 2 diabetes ...

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SDHI Diabetes Learning and Discussion day 8 th February 2005 Bruce Guthrie Tayside Center for General Practice and in the interest of the DARTS/MEMO coordinated effort

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Defining and measuring nature of administer to individuals with sort 2 diabetes Qualitative study looking to see How changed partners characterize nature of care What utilize they have for measures of parts of care they think essential Quantitative study analyzing The properties of existing measures (significance, accuracy, case-blend, attribution) Different sorts of measure (eg measures of variety and change) Ways of displaying information to fill diverse needs

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An assessment of the Tayside diabetes oversaw clinical system Case investigation of one MCN Qualitative study Analysis of narrative and meeting information Ways in which quality change has been sought after Network structures and methods for working – chains of importance and enclaves Quantitative study Time arrangement examination of clinical process and result "Intercession" time focuses at territory level (eg formal production of the MCN) and practice level (eg DARTS connect up) Associations with measures of "engagement" with system (utilization of DARTS/SCI-DC; take-up of training)

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Future work Developing patient overviews New instruments The setting of utilization Comparative research on systems SDO plot application pending for numerous contextual analyses Voluntary versus commanded systems Succession issues in enclave systems Relationships between systems Changing settings eg new contracts, charging

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What about patients? We don't recognize what patients need Little proof of any patient utilization of US report cards Patient decision may not be very much served by examination against the normal Alternatives might be better eg different types of group table and Dr Foster 'closest ten' correlations

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Context of rising numbers 1/1/98 – 1/2/05: Type 1 diabetes 1178 → 1471 (25% expansion) Type 2 diabetes 7668 → 12060 (57% increment)