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Science and ICT National Numeracy Strategy National Curriculum for Mathematics

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National Numeracy Strategy accentuation on mental arithmetic building a system of comprehension by making associations between existing thoughts significance of talk of numerical thoughts

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National Numeracy Strategy these standards have a place with a "constructivist" way to deal with adapting, however much utilization of ICT for math has taken after a "behaviorist" approach monotonous penetrate projects to practice computation

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National Curriculum for Mathematics Data Handling database spreadsheet and diagrams Shape and Space, Movement and Angle turtle design Number Patterns spreadsheet turtle illustrations

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Data Handling KS 2 (little part in KS 1) it is more imperative to comprehend why we gather information than to figure out how to mechanically transform information into a bar outline

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offer the conversation starter make derivations gather information dissect & speak to information decipher information Data Handling the model:

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Data Handling advantages of IT in information taking care of permits kids to experiment with various representations of the information, prompting to better comprehension of the importance of the information set how to translate information helps youngsters to see how to build charts and outline, including taking care of scale

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Shape and Space, Movement and Angle turtle illustrations gives comprehension of heading and edges shape units of estimation breaking extensive undertakings into little strides

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Shape and Space, Movement and Angle turtle representation presents capacities (KS3/4) turtle illustrations creates aptitudes in assessing introduction and heading critical thinking

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Shape and Space, Movement and Angle creating from the solid to the unique playing turtle floor turtle (Roamer) screen turtle

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Logo/Turtle Graphics applications in educational modules NC ICT and NC Technology critical thinking control NC Mathematics shape and space, development and point

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Logo/Turtle Graphics causes MIT Seymour Papert Harold Abelson hypotheses of learning training and estranged understudies

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Number Patterns KS 1 " . . . investigate, record, clarify and anticipate essential number examples " KS 2 " . . . advance to deciphering, summing up . . . communicated at first in words and after that utilizing letters as images "

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Number Patterns Variables meaning of a variable: something whose esteem can change trouble kids have with deliberation (polynomial math and those x s and y s) " . . . there is great proof, upheld by conventional perception, that youthful understudies see the world as worked of articles and occasions, not as variables." (Ogborn, J. Displaying with the PC at all ages. Portugaliae Physica, 21 (3/4) , 1992)

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IT and utilizing factors where spreadsheets turtle representation

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IT and utilizing factors concrete  conceptual factors in classroom shows day and date climate and temperature whose swing to . . . sustain gerbils . . . give out books

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IT and utilizing factors concrete  dynamic strengthen variable idea by strategy for show holder and esteem name the compartment utilize removable card for esteem simple to change straightforward idea significance of exchange

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Spreadsheets and Variables every cell is possibly a variable equations join the factors basic investigations figure the recipe are the equations equal ? e.g. A3 + A3 and A3 * 2 recipes with more than one stage e.g. A3 * 2 + 3 connections between number examples e.g. triangular numbers

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Variables in Turtle Graphics parameters to methods e.g. improvement of drawing a square the arrangement of, for instance, FD 100 and RT 90 summons make another Turtle order (method) called SQUARE draw a square by issuing the SQUARE charge

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Variables in Turtle Graphics parameters to systems e.g. improvement of drawing a square alter the SQUARE order by including a 'run parameter' for the length of a side TO SQUARE :SIDE FD :SIDE RT 90 and so on draw squares of various sizes by issuing the SQUARE summon with various run time values SQUARE 150 SQUARE 200