School Transition for Students On The Autism Spectrum: Integrating Interdisciplinary Perspectives From Personal Experie

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C ollege Transition for Students On The Autism Spectrum: Integrating Interdisciplinary Perspectives From Personal Experience, Research, & Autistic Self-Advocacy Scott Michael Robertson Ph.D. Hopeful (IST) Penn State University

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My Contact Information Email: Email Address: Subject Line: incorporate the word asperger or a mental imbalance Instant Messaging: AOL Instant Messenger: hppalm MSN/Windows Live: Yahoo Messenger: psuresearcher Google Talk: Available on Facebook Mobile Phone: Available upon demand

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Rapid Rundown My Background My Connection & Perspective on Autism College & Autism My Research on College & Autism

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Quick Note: Penn Autism Network Conf. '08 Friday, March 28, 2008 [8:30-4:30 pm] Philadelphia, PA 3 Session Tracks: Postsec. Training, Employment, & Housing Website: I'll likely be showing on school & a mental imbalance

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Quick Note: ASPEN Spring Conference '08 Sunday, April 6 (throughout the day) Iselin, NJ Session Topics: Transition, College, Relationships, Job Search & Interview Skills, Autistic Student Panel Website: I'll be introducing on school & extreme introvertedness

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The Autism Spectrum: My Background 27 years of age Asperger's Autistic Adult Ph.D. Understudy at Penn State Work: TA/Teaching Fellow Studies: Dissertation Research on a mental imbalance & school

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My Background: The IST Building @ Penn State

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My Background: The IST Building @ Penn State (2)

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The Autism Spectrum: My Complimentary "Caps" Autistic Adult (Asperger's Autistic) Presenter e.g. Opening Keynote for 2007 PSU Natl. Extreme introvertedness Conference (July 2007) Researcher e.g. Paper Focus on online innovation bolster for move to school for mentally unbalanced understudies Self-Advocate/Advocate e.g. The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network, ASCEND, benefit work for PA state Bureau of Autism Services Teacher e.g. State College Autistic Teen Social Group, Pittsburgh summer program, and so on. Companion & Mentor To Many Autistic Individuals

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The Autism Spectrum: My Perspective: Differential Way of Understanding & Interacting w/the World Lifelong Brain Differences: Language, Communication, & Social Understanding Sensory Integration & Motor Action Executive Thinking

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The Autism Spectrum: Rivers Flowing North "To numerous Americans . . . , north is the wrong route for a waterway to stream, which prompts to geographic confusion." Angus Phillips, National Geographic , 1996

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The Autism Spectrum: 3 N. Streaming Rivers Three Rivers stream north in U.S. Two of these are: St. John's River in Florida Willamette River in Oregon Can you name the third? [Hint: It's in Pennsylvania]

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The Autism Spectrum: PA N. Streaming River The Mongongahela River: Flows from West Virginia through Morgantown, crossing the Mason Dixon line, & proceeding into Pittsburgh (joins w/the Alleghany River to frame the juncture known as the Ohio River) Flows more straightforwardly straight north than the other 2 north streaming waterways in the U.S. Birthplace: American Indian for "high banks or feigns"

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The Autism Spectrum: Challenge & Support Main Challenge: Living in an Autistic Unfriendly World Sensory Bombardment, Social Ambiguities, Information Overload, and so forth. Absence of Understanding & Acceptance Support: Best w/a two-way road Individual Learns to Adapt Society Accommodates Differences

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The Autism Spectrum: Quotes from Autistic Teens "It all began in grade school when I understood that I wasn't care for everybody else....I may be diverse in light of the fact that I have distinctive premiums than different adolescents, yet that doesn't give them the privilege to be so mean and remorseless to me. Kids at Oak Valley ridicule me for enjoying what I like the most.....Sometimes I want to resemble others, yet not by any stretch of the imagination. Since I trust individuals ought to be regarded for being diverse in light of the fact that we're all extraordinary in our own particular manners." - - Joshua Yuchasz, mentally unbalanced teenager (Michigan) ["This I Believe" piece that disclosed on "All Things Considered"]

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The Autism Spectrum: Quotes from Autistic Teens "I don't realize what ordinary is, yet I realize that individuals like me are the minority...Being distinctive may not be an issue for me, or different children like me, however it beyond any doubt appears to bring about issues for "typical" (ha!) kids. The result...bullying!...If others would set aside opportunity to stop and become more acquainted with us (extremely introverted high schoolers), then they would see that we have a ton to offer." Luke Jackson, mentally unbalanced teenager (U.K.)

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My Lessons Learned Thru Life Dogged Determination & Tenacity Reap Valuable Rewards Passions Light the Path Heart Comes From Helping Others Power Comes From Present-Focus Growth Comes From Lifelong Learning Trust Your Brain

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College & Autism: Some Quotes from Autistic Adults "At school I met individuals who welcome me for my identity as opposed to ridiculing what was diverse about me." –Steven Shore "School is a gigantic open door for some people on the mentally unbalanced range" –Lars Perner

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College & Autism Major Media Attention Applying To College Planning & Preparation My Research on Autism & College

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College & Autism: Major Media Attention "Understudies On The Spectrum", The New York Times , Nov. 2006 "Asperger's Confounds Colleges", The Chronicle of Higher Education , Oct. 2004 "An Asperger's Life", The Billings Gazette , April 2004 "A Chance For Autistic Students", The Times Union (Albany), April 2004 "Developing Number of Autistics Want To Complete College Education", Associated Press, March 2007

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College & Autism: Applying to College Student-Driven Process Stay Open-disapproved of & Flexible Consider Many Factors & Options

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College & Autism: Admissions Considerations Campus Environment Size of College/University Physical & Social Environment Class Sizes Disability Services Location Academics & Majors Housing Options Costs

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College & Autism: Tradeoffs: Large versus Little Smaller School Smaller Campus (Easier to Navigate) Smaller Classes Less Overwhelming Larger School Less Visibility of Differences More Diversity More Opportunities for Similar Interests (More Extra-curriculars & Clubs)

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College & Autism: Strategies for Success Regular Counseling Sessions Finding Clubs/Activities That Fit Peer Mentoring Educating course educators about extreme introvertedness/Asperger's Pre-Preparation & Planning

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College & Autism: Preparations & Planning Major Focuses Self-Advocacy Skills College-Related Living Skills College Physical/Social Environment Suggestions Keep a continuous note pad/fastener Stay individualized and understudy driven Tailor Planning to Specific College Experience Use All Resources Available

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College & Autism: Developing Self-Advocacy Skills Student-Driven IEP Process Ownership of contrasts/incapacity Encouraging Self-Advocacy for Home Needs Work together on undertakings Gradually reduce level of bolster IEP for the Home Community Service & Volunteering Activities e.g. Unique Olympics, people group focuses Encourage Speaking/Writing about Personal Experiences & Perspective Attending gatherings/discourses about a mental imbalance

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An Autism Conference Run by Autistic Individuals: Autreat Annual withdraw style meeting keep running by extremely introverted grown-ups for extremely introverted grown-ups, youngsters, kids Autistic cordial physical environment No smoking, no aromas, no scented antiperspirant Open space to stroll around, unwind Autistic well disposed social environment Colored identifications showing social inclinations Red: would prefer not to convey Yellow: I experience difficulty imparting & may require you to start Green: I covet a huge amt. of cooperation (since I don't know anybody) Autistics are by far most of participants Website: <>

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College & Autism: Developing College Life Skills Time/Schedule/Organization Skills Dorm/Housing Skills e.g. Clothing, Meals, Health-Related Academic Mgmt. Abilities Traveling Skills Safety Skills Financial Mgmt. Aptitudes

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College & Autism: Time/Schedule/Organization Day Planner/PDA + Calendar for home/school exercises Alarms for Waking Up Establishing Organized Routines Wearing a Watch day in and day out Using Software Tools Microsoft Excel & Word for making records Using/Carrying a Cellphone day in and day out

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College & Autism: Dorm/Housing Skills Laundry Washing machine/dryer & collapsing garments Practice w/numerous sorts of garments Orientation to coin/card operation of machines Meals/Eating Cooperative Meal Planning @ home Discussion of Nutritious Foods That Fit Likes/Dislikes Health-Related Make a Notebook of Health Needs & Routines May require guided strides/notices/recordings Clothing Match w/Weather Roommate May need to consider alternative of a solitary room

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College & Autism: Dorm/Housing Skills (Cont.) Social Environment (of living space) Make a Notebook of basic social circumstances Have exchanges about the social env. Talk w/current school rookies/sophomores Physical Environment (of living space) Organization structures for room Consideration of tangible contrasts Can demonstrate an apartment @ home

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College & Autism: Academic Mgmt. Aptitudes Organize Work Thru The Computer Electronic association might be less demanding than physical association Study Skills Actively make inquiries about material & look through book/material on progressing premise Breaking schoolwork/contemplating into lumps (20-50 min. periods w/breaks) Practice w/assembling an audit sheet of material Practice w/asking other