SBEC Master Technology Teacher Competency 5

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MTT exhibits information to :utilize errand fitting toolscreate

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SBEC Master Technology Teacher Competency 5 Marie L. Evans EDTC 6342 Janice Butler

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MTT shows information to : utilize errand proper apparatuses make & alter arrangements assess brings about critical thinking

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MTT knows how to: utilize & coordinate suitable innovation based efficiency devices word handling spreadsheet database Internet draw paint utility projects video, and so forth

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Word Processing making/composing reports, abstracts traces checks linguistic use, spelling

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Spreadsheets computations including capacities installments tallies min/max standard deviation, and so on. outlines & charts

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Database versus Spreadsheet ease in information section primary point – will the information be social a few tables required a lot of information complex questions

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Video PC Internet association camcorder is not required! advanced video/begin with computerized pictures computerized camera scanner Internet

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Video Camera (If you should) Lighting Shot rundown, story board for arranging Key Light – front of subject, off to one side, brilliant Fill light – weaker & opposite fill light (right) Edge (back) light

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MTT knows how to encourage utilize suitable advanced altering devices plan standards for classroom consistency reiteration arrangement nearness content/white space picture document estimate, shading, text style, and so on

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Digital Editing Tools Adobe PhotoShop Digital camera altering programming Final Cut Pro Capabilities resize pictures hone trim

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Design Principles Consistency straightforward, clean foundation same, simple to peruse textual style comparable route catches comparative titles, logos smooth move from page to page

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Image Compression why? download time Graphic Interchange Format (GIF) spared in 256 hues just dithering, less complexity not suggested for filtered pictures or advanced photographs

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Joint Photographers Expert Group (JPEG/JPG) Lossy pressure recovered picture may not be the very same utilize 80% to adjust picture quality and record sparing use unique picture each time

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Bitmap (bmp) raster – rectangular matrix of pixels photos can't be scaled w/o loss of value alter in Adobe or Paint vector – geometric lattice in bends or polygon typesetting or visual communication effortlessly scale to nature of gadget Corel Draw

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Portable Network Graphics (PNG) bitmapped picture lossless pressure intended to enhance & trade GIF preferable for capacity over JPG

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Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) essentially to store pictures stores in a lossless arrangement

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MTT knows how to utilize: explore abilities, electronic assets and correspondence to combine data.

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Research Skills characterize assignment sort out research alternatives audit look into data diagram & compose data compose, exhibit, basic leadership

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Electronic Resources Internet web search tools listservs electronic diaries electronic databases

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Communication discourse bunches team up utilizing sites topic specialists grounds educators

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Synthesis procedure of incorporating materials assembled, & making information  dialog addresses course extends

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MTT applies techniques for developing learning condition Publish understudy take a shot at school site

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MTT knows how to fulfill errands to incorporate investment w/: innovative joint effort electronic groups understudy initiator giver instructor coach

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Technological Collaboration eChalk Blackboard sites texting email news bunches

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MTT knows how to: make particulars & directions for innovation based undertakings. making of definite instructional arrangement utilization of Internet for research

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MTT knows how to utilize innovation applications to encourage the assessment of Work Process Product

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MTT knows how to make rubrics assess innovation based procedures and items utilize set up criteria stays away from inclination

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Rubric strategy for assessment utilizing set criteria utilized as a part of subjective assignments introductions website pages other innovation ventures gives desires and consistency in reviewing

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Rubric destinations: