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Savvy & Safe NAACP Criminal Justice Initiative - Strategy Training March 2010

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Criminal Justice a Civil Rights Issue?

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Voting Employment Education Police Abuse Criminal Justice is a Civil Rights Issue

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Incarceration Trends: The Problem 1 in 31 Americans have served time or is as of now serving time. 1 in 11 African Americans. Greater part of individuals imprisoned are ethnic minorities, individuals that were unemployed, have emotional wellness issues and are in for peaceful offenses. Ladies and kids are the biggest developing jail populace. 600-800 thousand detainees get discharged into group every year 1 in 3 African American guys conceived in 2001 risk serving time in jail or being dead before their 34 th birthday. As refered to by the Justice Policy Institute, Pruning Prisons, 2009. .

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Impact on Education $70 billion a year on detaining individuals. 6 times the rate of state spending on advanced education. K-12 and Higher Education subsidizing declined as 33 states spent a bigger extent of their optional dollars on jails. Open four-year school is $15,213. Private four year is $35,636. Yearly cost of detaining a man in jail was around $25,000 a year. As refered to by the Justice Policy Institute, Pruning Prisons, 2009. .

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Police Misconduct 2005 Dept. of Justice Survey re: Contact with Police Of the 43.5 million individuals who had contact with police, 1.6% had drive or danger of compel utilized against them as a part of their latest contact Of these, 83% portrayed the constrain as exorbitant 4.4% of African Americans, 2.3% of Hispanics, 1.2% of whites reported encountering utilization of constrain by law authorization African Americans were 1 out of 10 contacts with police, however 1 out of 4 examples where compel was utilized

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Exercise Breakout Session What is an option approach or technique to detainment in your group? Put forth a request expression that unmistakably states what you are requesting with respect to Criminal Justice/Smart and Safe? Who must you consider responsible to get what you need? How would you fabricate energy to achieve your objective? In what capacity would we be able to be useful to what you need to do locally or at state level?

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Direct Action Advocacy Education Self Help Direct Service Different Forms of Organizing Challenges Existing Power Relations Accepts Existing Power Relations

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Note: Dual Forms of Bias

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Altering Power Relations Our Focus: Institutional Bias

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Strategy Chart

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Organizational Constraints

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Constituents, Allies & Opponents

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How Tactics Can Influence Your Target WIN!!! Common Disobedience Press Event Lobby Education Forum Teach-in

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Strategy Exercise - Breakout Session Every year throughout the previous 5 years, a joint team of nearby law requirement, state police and government officers execute an attack in the town of Cicero. The assault comprises of capturing and detaining 30-45 African American young fellows for medication related offenses. A youthful unarmed man was slaughtered by law authorization and after the examination, the shooting officer was not appointed blame. Every year, the assault happens in September and officers utilize cutting edge hardware, for example, helicopters, night washes, quick firing weapons and armed force equip amid the strikes. You are an individual from the Cicero NAACP and might want to stop one year from now's attack. Manufacture YOUR STRATEGY!!!

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Four Campaigns Advance Effective Law Enforcement Elevate the Voices of Crime Survivors Eliminate Employment Discrimination of the Formerly Incarcerated Reform Punitive Sentencing and Support Voting Rights for the Formerly detained Smart & Safe Criminal Justice Initiative

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Part of a multi-year activity to enhance trust and open wellbeing. Objectives include: Improve law implementation responsibility Strengthen obligations of trust between law requirement and the groups they serve Increase open wellbeing in 1200 urban and country groups straightforwardly spoke to by NAACP and the country all in all National and neighborhood changes: utilization of constrain gauges, racial profiling, group arranged policing Effective Law Enforcement Campaign

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Recent Examples of episodes answered to the NAACP that highlight the issue: Rockford, IL Oakland, CA Pittsburgh, PA

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Rockford, IL – August 2009 23 year-old Mark Anthony Barmore Domestic protestation Chased and shot dead before day mind understudies at chapel Unarmed; three shots in the back Witnesses report terrorizing Increase in racial pressures in group Lack of trust amongst group and police office

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Rockford, IL – Mark Barmore's Kids

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Oakland, CA – January 2009 22 year-old Oscar Grant Took BART at his mom's command Shot in the head by BART police Unarmed; bound on the floor Incident caught by phone video – "this current era's Rodney King" Peaceful shows turned savage Increased strain amongst group and police

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Oakland, CA – Grant Family

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Pittsburgh, PA – January 2010 18 year-old, respects music understudy, Jordan Miles Approached by covert officers, got some information about "cash and medications" Chased, beaten, hair hauled out, stifled What officers accepted was weapon, was Mountain Dew bottle Charged with opposing capture, disturbed ambush Community shock and clamor in support of Miles

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Pittsburgh, PA – Jordan Miles

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All Alert – Online Reporting of Incidents

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All Alert Data – Type of Incident (Feb. 2010)

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Model State Policies Repealed the greater part of the state's required least medication statutes Prisoner Reentry Initiative enhanced shots for parole Steps taken to lessen recidivism for specialized infringement of parole

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Kick Off: Misplaced Priorities Report National Report Roll-out Regional Report Roll-outs New York Philadelphia Houston Los Angeles Indianapolis Jackson Billboards New Media Buzz

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National Billboards

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Regional Billboards Example

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Build Capacity for activism 1: Identify criminal equity board of trustees seats for all units Conduct Trainings on All Alert reporting device Report neighborhood patterns recognized by All Alert information to NAACP State Conferences Advance toolbox for nearby and state action Quarterly workshops/online classes for state & nearby authority All Alert for Organizers

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Build Capacity for activism 2: Toolkit for nearby, college and state action Quarterly workshops/online courses for state & nearby administration State campaign days to raise lost needs issues Mobilize around Federal Legislation: Youth Promise Act Organize and lift issue on College Campuses Misplaced Priorities

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2010-2012 Federal Smart & Safe Opportunities Broad-Based Mobilization on: Webb's Justice System Overhaul Bill National Standards for Use for Force and Use for Force Training Community Oriented Policing Ending Zero-Tolerance Policies Build Criminal Justice Capacity inside the NAACP Criminal Justice Committees Track-record of achievement with building multi-racial organizations together to change law authorization and jail framework Organize neighborhood battles to consider Mayors and Police Chief responsible Mobilize for State and Federal Reforms

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Robert Rooks, MSW Director of Criminal Justice Programs (410) 336-3156 Niaz Kasravi, Ph. D Sr. Administrator, Law Enforcement Accountability (410) 336-2642 Key Staff