Savvy Bridge Quarterly Progress Report 13 Task 4.2.1 - Further Refinements to GLHE Design Task 4.6.1 - Testing of a Med

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Errand 4.2.1. Level Plate Heat Exchanger SystemPond pump lost prime and vault temperature dropped to 33

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Brilliant Bridge Quarterly Progress Report #13 Task 4.2.1 - Further Refinements to GLHE Design Task 4.6.1 - Testing of a Medium-Scale Bridge Deck Heating System June 2002 - August 2002 M.D. Smith, Ph.D.,P.E. Randy Perry & Fred Schroeder

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Task 4.2.1 Flat Plate Heat Exchanger System Pond pump lost prime and vault temperature dropped to 33°F Will add controls to avert harm if there should arise an occurrence of rehash circumstance. Five-Ton Slim Jim Pond Loop Installation For execution Testing Run in arrangement with existing 5-ton lake circle

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Slim Jim HX Installation

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Task 4.6.1 Smart Bridge Software Development Graphical Portion Designed & Implemented "Spare" Thread has been finished "Control" Thread finished on vault framework "Control" Thread for extension warming to be finished. (Interface with new control valve programming for occupying liquid—See Smart Bridge Simulation & Control)

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Task 4.6.1 Smart Bridge Simulation & Control Simulate Multi-Heat Pump System with the single Heat Pump Install header to associate the lake circles in arrangement or individual alternatives (5-ton Slim Jim & 5-ton Copper Coils) Control warmth to the scaffold by blending with a "no dead head" valve. Blend comes back from lake and warmth pump.

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Manifold Under Bridge Deck To Deck Tee 3-path control To Pond From Heat Pump

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Task 4.6.1 Smart Bridge System Modifications All disengagement valves, fittings and moves have been requested and gotten to oblige the new controls framework. Valves and associations have been collected and remaining get together should be done in the field. Dampness sensors to be re-clung to the extension deck and fixed on edges with NP1, a solid sealant.

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Plans for Next Quarter: Complete programming "control" string for the scaffold warming, which incorporates the control valve programming. Finish the programming to incorporate the new control conspire created by Dr. Whiteley and aggregate. Finish and work the changed framework and look at the information procurement and controls to affirm the new programming bundle. Get ready for the potential snow or solidifying precipitation by running false trial of the aggregate connections.