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APIS MELIFICA. Blazing, stinging agonies; eyelids; throat; hemorrhoids, ovaries (right one),breasts,skin(urticaria, erysipelas, carbuncles).GREAT OEDEMA; general or nearby (face, ears, eyelids, particularly lower); throat (diphtheria); private parts (scrotum); skin (erysipelas

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´╗┐Rundown OF IMPORTANT HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES Apis Cantharis Carbo vegetabilis Chamomilla China Colocynthis Gelsemium Hypericum Ipecacuana Ledum Natrum sulfuricum Opium Pulsatilla Ruta Staphisagria

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APIS MELIFICA Burning, stinging torments; eyelids; throat; hemorrhoids, ovaries (right one),breasts,skin(urticaria, erysipelas, carbuncles). Extraordinary OEDEMA; general or nearby (face, ears, eyelids, particularly lower); throat (diphtheria); privates (scrotum); skin (erysipelas & urticaria); wherever broad anasarca, midriff. These oedemas are went with the trademark torments, or no torment at all .

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Stupor, with sharp sudden, abrasive cries in cerebrum ailment. Thirstlessness, particularly in dropsies & amid warmth of intermittents. Suffocative; feels as though every breath would be his last, particularly in dropsical conditions or hot phase of intermittents. Skin on the other hand dry & sweating.

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Modalities: < after rest, on touch (extremely delicate), from warmth & warm room: > icy room, or air, icy applications. Terrible impacts from smothered or retrocedent exanthemata; measles, scarlatina, urticaria. Automatic loose bowels, with sensation as though butt were completely open.

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CANTHARIS VESICATORIA Frequent encouraging to urinate, with straining & cutting,burning torments. Little amount breathed easy, or wicked pee. Intemperate BURNING torments (eyes, mouth, throat, stomach, intestinal tract; all the mucous surfaces & skin. Stringy , persistent releases from the bodily fluid layers.

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Erysipelas, with blebs or vast rankles loaded with water & smoldering agony; helpful for surface blazes. Wild anguish, irate wrath, furious wooziness; solid sexual yearning, both genders. Nauseate for everything; drink nourishment, tobacco. Dysenteric stools, ridiculous , with tenesmus in rectum& bladder.

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Modalities < from touch, or approach, urinating, drinking frosty water or espresso. > rubbing.

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CARBO VEGETABILIS IMPERFECT OXIDATION is the keynote of this cure. The run of the mill Carbo patient is drowsy, fat and apathetic and tends to chronicity in his protests. Key drive about depleted; finish fall. Surface icy & blue. Hemorrhages with indefinable PALENESS of the surface of the body. Frail assimilation. Over the top fart, squeezing upward, stomach & mid-region. Eructations give transitory help.

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Hunger for oxygen,desires fanning. Blacks out effortlessly. People who have never completely recuperated from the comprehensive impacts of some past disease or harm; Bad impacts from loss of imperative liquids; drain from any separated state of mucous layer. Detachment of teeth, effortlessly draining gums.

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Modalities < evening; night and outdoors; chilly; from fat nourishment, margarine, espresso, drain, warm clammy climate; wine. > from eructation, from fanning, icy.

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CHAMOMILLA MATRICARIA Especially adjusted to kids & apprehensive, crazy women.Very bad tempered state of mind; snaps & growls; won't talk or answer civilly;Mad. Exceedingly delicate to torment, which makes her mad;numbness interchanges with, or goes to, the torments; sweats with the agonies. Unnecessary uneasiness; tension; anguished, hurling about; with just be calmed via conveying the tyke about. One cheek red & hot & the other pale & chilly.

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Dentition loose bowels; green stools, foul smell like spoiled eggs, much colicky agony, guts bloated. Hack dry < around evening time, WHEN ASLEEP, from tickling in throat pit; < icy climate & each winter. Rough rheumatic agonies drive him out of bed during the evening ; propel him to walk about.Burning of soles during the evening; puts feet outof bed. Deadness with the agonies.

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< by warmth, outrage, outside, wind, night. > from being conveyed, warm wet climate.

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CHINA OFFICINIALIS Debility & different grumblings after extreme loss of fluids,blood-letting,etc. Hemorrhages profuse,with faintness, loss of sight & ringing in the ears. Extraordinary flatulence,with sensation as though the stomach area were pressed full; not > by eructation or passing flatus. Easy the runs (yellow, watery, tanish, undigested). Periodical affections,especially every other day.

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Excessive affectability, particularly to light touch, draft of air; hard weight mitigates. Dropsy taking after over the top loss of liquids; extraordinary debility,trembling,aversion to work out; apprehensive touchy to touch,to pain,to drafts of air; unrefreshing rest after 3 a.m. Modalities < from slight touch,least draft of air,every other day. > by hard weight on difficult parts .

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COLOCYNTHIS Disinclined to talk, to see companions, fretful, effortlessly affronted, outrage with anger; colic or different grumblings as a result. Colic, horrible; they look for alleviation by bowing twofold or squeezing something hard against the belly. Looseness of the bowels like the runs; restored after slightest nourishment or drink, regularly with the trademark colic pains.Frequent encouraging to urinate, inadequate; pee infrequently thick,foetid,viscid,jelly-like.

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Crampy torment in sciatic nerve, from hip down to back part of thigh;> from hard weight & from warmth. Propensity to excruciating issues, with all torments. Modalities: < evening, outrage; in the wake of eating; > from espresso; BENDING DOUBLE & HARD PRESSURE.

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Complete unwinding & surrender of the entire solid system,with nearly or whole engine loss of motion. Eyelids hang; muscles decline to comply with the will. Trembling of hands or lower furthest points in the event that he endeavors to move;must lie still. Intellectual capacities dull, can't think; sleepy, with dull red face. Vulnerability to mental unsettling influence, energy or feeling; causes looseness of the bowels. Dull,tired,prostrating migraine at the base of brain;wants head high,sometimes > by plentiful pee. GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRES

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Vertigo with obscured vision;dilated pupils;double sight;sense of inebriation. Anxious chill,violent shaking with no feeling of coldness. Youngsters: dread of falling,seize the nurse,grasp the den, particularly in intermittents. Extraordinary greatness of the eyelids;cannot keep them open. General profound situated strong agony with surrender.

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< clammy climate, mist, before a storm, feeling, or energy, terrible news, tobacco-smoking, when thinking about his sicknesses; at 10 a.m. > bowing forward, by lavish pee, outdoors, proceeded with movement, stimulants.

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HYPERICUM It is the solution for injured or harmed nerves; from straightforward punctures from nails, chips, pins, rodent chomps, and so forth., to extreme blackouts of the spine & mind, & particularly to parts rich in conscious nerves. Unnecessary difficulty is a directing indication to its utilization. Harmed nerves from nibbles of creatures. Lockjaw. Fits after each harm. Soothes torment after operations.

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Neuritis, shivering, blazing and deadness. Has an essential activity on the rectum; hemorrhoids. Coccydynia. < in chilly; moistness, in a mist; in close room; minimum introduction; touch. > bowing head in reverse.

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IPECACUANA The central activity is on the repercussions of the pneumogastric nerve, creating convulsive disturbance in trunk and stomach. Determined queasiness, that nothing alleviates, in numerous objections. Cerebral pain as though wounded, all through the bones of the head, & sickness. Amebic looseness of the bowels with tenesmus; while straining torment so extraordinary that it sickens.

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Uterine drain, plentiful, brilliant with queasiness . Dyspnoea; consistent tightening in trunk. Couth unending and fierce, with each breath. Hack with sickness. Sentiment choking; rattling hack. Drain from nose or lungs.

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LEDUM PALUSTRE Affects particularly the rheumatic diathesis. Stiffness starts in feet & voyages upward. The swellings are pale, once in a while oedematous, & < during the evening, in the warmth of the bed; revealing or frosty water eases. Difficult rheumatic gout. Protests of individuals who are chilly constantly; absence of creature warmth; parts frosty to touch, however they can't stand warmth of bed.

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Punctured injuries by sharp-pointed instruments, rodent chomps, stings of bugs, particularly mosquitoes. Injured parts are frosty. Bruised eye.

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NATRUM SULFURICUM A liver sycotic cure. The grumblings are irritated in wet condition (clammy houses, storm cellars, basements). They are more regrettable in blustery climate, water in any shape. Feels each change from dry to wet. Continuously feels best in warm,dry air. Head side effects from wounds to head. Interminable impacts of blows,falls. Spinal meningitis. Diarrhoea,acute or perpetual < in the morning, on starting to move, with much tooting & thundering in belly, particularly in rising colon.

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Loose cough,with extraordinary agony in the trunk; < in left lower trunk. Photophobia. Inclination to warts. Fingers and toes influenced. Modalities. < music (produces misery); lying on left side; moist climate. > dry climate, weight, changing position .

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OPIUM All objections are portrayed by sopor. They are effortless, and are joined by substantial, moronic rest, stertorous breath. Sweat-soaked skin. Opium diminishes volun developments, contracts understudies, discourages higher scholarly forces, less poise and force of focus, judgment; animates the creative ability, checks all emissions with the exception of that of the skin. R etained or automatic pee, after alarm. Loss of force or sensibility of bladder.

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Obstinate clogging; no longing to go to stool. Stomach area hard, bloated, tympanitic. Extraordinary tiredness. Falls into a substantial moronic rest. Breathing stop