RSM McGladrey: Can Lotus Domino and Exchange CoExist

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About RSM McGladrey, Inc.. An entirely claimed auxiliary of H

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RSM McGladrey: Can Lotus Domino and Exchange CoExist? Introduced by Mary Lou LaBore

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About RSM McGladrey, Inc. A completely claimed backup of H&R Block Headquartered in Bloomington, MN One of the world's biggest supplier of money related and business administrations to fair sized organizations Over 600 workplaces in 70 nations More than 7,000 representatives

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History of Lotus Notes/Domino Email Local copies No web mail get to Collaboration Auditor Assistant - a device for leading and looking into reviews. EA Systems (Engagement Automation) - apparatus to computerize and streamline the gathering and preparing of review engagement workpapers. EMS (Engagement Management System) - utilized by experts to oversee engagements STP (Success Through People) - execution administration framework that contains segments to help representatives oversee objectives and accommodates yearly execution assessments. Other Audit, counseling, assess manuals Much more… . More than 50,000 databases

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1/2005: Evaluation of Current Solutions IT division started directing field ponders, watching the organization's expert administrations staff and how the staff utilized the current advances in everyday work 85% of representatives are versatile more often than not At client's site, 50/50 change of interfacing with our office because of Client firewall limitations VPN customer issues

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1/2005: Evaluation of Current Solutions A maturing Lotus Notes mail arrangement did not address the issues of a developing portable constrain More consistent answer for email tending to and calendaring with our parent organization H&R Block and backups. Move applications towards adaptable and benevolent online interfaces Anyplace, Anytime access to email New era enrolls more acquainted with Microsoft items Potentially more guides into Microsoft with 3 rd party programming. Interlaced (Document Management System)

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6/2005 : Evaluation of Current Solutions Concurrent with the field contemplates, RSM McGladrey spent a while inspecting substitute items Considered and rejected the most current arrival of Notes/Domino Determined Notes/Domino would get to be distinctly expanding complex Market for Notes/Domino designers rare and costly Notes made us the fruitful organization we are today, … in any case, its advancement components were not versatile or sufficiently adaptable for what we needed to do.

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6/2005 : Solution RSM McGladrey finished research and characterized the cutting edge IT engineering in light of Microsoft items. Move to .net Move to SharePoint Move email to Exchange 2003

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Infrastructure Components Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory benefit Needed for Exchange Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS) Stores and coordinates character data for associations with various indexes Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA), application-layer firewall, virtual private system (VPN) and Web reserve arrangement

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Communication Components Server Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Client Outlook 2003 in reserved mode Outlook Web Access Outlook Mobile Access

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Assessment Microsoft Consultants and Partner Firm Completed an appraisal

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7/2005: Transition Assessment Scope Mail, timetable and booking as in Lotus Notes Work disconnected with Local imitations Add web mail Add bolster for cell phones Use open envelopes just for assets and Sharepoint for whatever other need Guiding Principles Minimize affect on desktop Maintain accessibility of mail and applications Reuse existing ventures where conceivable Tumbleweed, Active Directory, DNS

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7/2005: Transition Assessment Mail empowered applications Remote Time and Expense (RTE) STP (Success Through People) EMS (Engagement Management System) EA Systems (Engagement Automation) Special consideration required: Mail empowered applications (above) Solution: Genii Software-CoexLinks Support doc connections and database interfaces in Outlook. Arrangement: GreyDuck's 'Mail Doc Links/Mail Database Links' specialists Mail steering to global clients sharing the space. Trade: "Smarthost" advances any mail routed to clients not in Active Directory to Lotus Domino SMTP server. The SMTP server has email address approval and will reject the message if the client is not in the Lotus Domino Directory. Lotus Domino: "Smarthost" advances any mail routed to clients not in the Lotus Domino Directory to "MessageLabs" > Exchange. MessageLabs will reject the message if the client is not in the LDAP Directory.

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7/2005: Transition Assessment Add-on Tools – 3 rd party instruments utilized by Domino BlackBerry Server iLumin's Assentor Symantec Antivirus Tivoli Storage Manager Fax and Voicemail: 'bound together message with voice message (VoIP). Fax to/from Outlook arrangement Other Address Books Synchronization utilizing MIIS Active Directory Address Book GAL synchronization with H&R Block. (utilizing MIIS) Lotus Domino RSMi PAB reconciliation with GAL. Different backups.

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We Have Lift-off! Mid-August, 2005 RSM McGladrey Approves Microsoft Components and The Deployment Schedule

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Your Mission Should YOU Choose to Accept it: Migrate 7,000 Users To Exchange YOU HAVE LESS THAN 3 MONTHS TO ACCOMPLISH YOUR MISSION!

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Migration Team War Room The 'Think Tank' Capital of the World, Davenport, IA

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Mid August 2005: HELP! Group RSM McGladrey Members: Mary Lou, Dave, Eric, Roger, Bill, Dar, Bobbi, Todd, Marilyn, Task: Plan, Design, Build, Implement, Deploy, Train, Support Team Microsoft Members: Ash, Greg, John Task: Lead, Plan, Architect, Design, Build, Redesign, Build Binary Tree Members: Chad and 'CMT (Common Migration Tool)' Task: Plan, Design, Test, Migrate… Messages, Calendars, Tasks, Distribution Lists, … Binary Tree programming was utilized by firm for a considerable length of time to move other mail sorts to Notes Bring in extra Calvary GreyDuck Members: John, Keith Task: Review, Design… 'Mail Doc/Database Link' Continue to utilize GreyDuck for different Notes improvement ventures Granite Software Members: CoexLinks Task: email Notes connections to non Lotus Notes mail clients Could have utilized this product years prior MIIS (Microsoft Identity Integration Server) Task: computerize AD client make/oversee/erase utilizing PeopleSoft as source Notes client make/oversee/erase, email Notes id to client Provision Exchange letter drop in view of client's office area

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The "TBS" Mission: 1 st 6 week stage: starting NOW and closure 10/2/2007, move approx 2,500 clients of recently gained firm from Lotus Notes to Exchange. 8 :00 am cst, Monday, October 3, 2007: We're LIVE

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TBS Assumptions October 1, 2005 relocation date Approx 2,500 clients No neighborhood copies of Lotus Notes letter boxes Centralized mail server situated in Phoenix, AZ Need server and Notes administrator added to ACL with Manager get to Move TBS post boxes to server in RSMM Lock down access to Reader just Grant access to post boxes with new MP/RSMi Notes id Mailbox sizes to 5GB Users not permitted to erase messages Migrate the most recent 30 days of mail Personal Address Books are not put away on the Domino server Users right now have web access to mail Over 100 different databases Over 650 mail records Generic letter drops BlackBerry clients Sametime clients Treo (PDA) clients Active Directory – join to RSMM timberland Lotus Notes R5.12 customer Create new MP/RSMi Notes ids and send to clients Users require area/association archives for MP/RSMi Users have Windows XP and Outlook 2003

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Challenges Cannot do 'dry keep running' on TBS post boxes Time zone issue – Chad will talk about Cannot contact clients until days before movement Sending client new Notes id, address book data (BinaryTree – Chad will examine) Users must be in our HR System before we can make Notes ids. A robotized arrangement made, contingent upon Notes mail… And issues with the "rundown" of representatives… The cards come tumbling down…

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Mission: second 6 week stage starting 10/3/2005: Prepare to relocate Lotus Notes mail to Exchange and convey Outlook 2003 to 5,000 clients. Relocation date: 5:00 pm cst, 11/11/2005. Fulfillment: 6:00 am cst, 11/14/2005.

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Estimated hours

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Before: 11/11/2007 Domino Messaging Environment

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Before: 11/11/2007 Domino Messaging Environment

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After 10/1/2007: Exchange Messaging Environment

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After 10/1/2007: Exchange Messaging Environment

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Exchange Back End Cluster (User Mailbox Store dictated by office area)

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Outlook Client Environment

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Estimated Hardware/Software Costs

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Total Costs Estimated $214 per client

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challenges/opportunites Applications incorporated with Lotus Notes email PeopleSoft RM (Resource Management) RTE (Real Time/Expense) Assentor (email file for consistence (Sarbanes Oxley) BlackBerry Fax servers (hand-off mail) Domino applications EA Systems EMS (Consulting Engagement Management System) Mail-in-databases Success through People - space shared by Exchange and Lotus Notes Database/doc joins Migrating post boxes/schedule Binary Tree Migrating Personal address books IBM 'Individual NAB Import/Export' apparatus Migrating mail records TBS RSMM – 2,200 Migrating non specific letter boxes/evaluating rights Migrating bunch logbooks Resources RSMi PAB clients H&R Block addresses SEC Correspondence addresses Custom Notes highlights Business and reference interfaces in Navigator sheet Disclaimer Brand messages External Internet mail distinguished by 'world globe' symbol Mailbox measure in Navigator sheet

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Coexistence We have concurrence between Lotus Domino applications and Exchange email Thanks to: MIIS – address books synchronization GreyDuck – 'Mail Doc Link' and " Mail Database Link' operators Genii Software –