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RrSG Working Groups. Notice. James M. Bladel, GoDaddy.com ... Enrollment Abuse Policies (RAP) (Pre-PDP) PPSC-PDP Working Group. Between Registrar ...

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RrSG Working Groups Status Update James M. Bladel, GoDaddy.com Reston, VA Mar 2010

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Active Working Groups Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP), Part B Post-Expiry Domain Name Recovery (PEDNR) Registration Abuse Policies (RAP) (Pre-PDP) PPSC-PDP Working Group

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Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP-B) Charter Topics include:  Urgent Return/Undo  AC/Registrant conflict  Change of Registrant versus IRTP Lock Status Practices Analysis of Initial Comments and SG Statements, and presentation by Compliance Breakout Group to look at Urgent Return thoughts Next Steps:  Draft Interim Report, Measure Consensus,Make Recommendations.

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Post-Expiry Domain Recovery (PEDNR) Charter Topics: Registrants and sufficient open door for post-expiry recuperation. Enlistment center Provisions for post-expiry recuperation Adequate notice of lapse Whois Indications that a name is in ARGP Transfers amid RGP SG Statements got and talked about by the WG. Estimation of agreement/positions by means of Survey. Comes about distributed after Nairobi Next steps:  ??

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Registration Abuse Policies (RAP) (Pre-PDP) Charter: Catalog and Define different manhandle sorts Propose proposals, including calls for PDPs, Best Practices, Compliance Actions, and so on. Beginning Report distributed and open for input through Mar 28. Numerous subjects have consistent or close consistent support. Two territories (Cybersquatting, Uniformity of Contracts) show no less than two positions. Next Steps:  Analyze Comments & SG positions, draft last report.

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PPSC - PDP Working Group Part of the GNSO Improvements Effort Objective:  Review and Revise the PDP procedure as characterized in the By-Laws. Work partitioned into Stages I - V.  Team is as of now concluding Stage V.  Interim Report to be distributed after Nairobi. Suggestions will be settled and submitted to the PPSC