Rocket Stoves best in class in Malawi

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Rocket Stoves – cutting edge in Malawi ETHOS CONFERENCE 2006 GTZ – ProBEC Pro gram for B iomass E nergy C onservation Andi Michel

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Schedule Introduction GTZ – ProBEC Andi Michel Status quo in Malawi Challenges with Rocket Stoves Challenges different advances Way forward (HERA)

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GTZ – Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer technische Zusammenarbeit mbH universal participation venture for manageable improvement gives feasible, forward-searching answers for political, monetary, environmental and social advancement in a globalized world overall operations with more than 10.000 representatives yearly turnover of around 900 Mio Euro head office in Eschborn/Germany 20 years experience of stove activities (advancement generation and showcasing of no less than 750.000 stove in 10 nations) up-scaling of more than 1.100.000 stoves is arranged

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SADC - ProBEC Pro gram for B iomass E nergy C onservation in Southern Africa Vision All populace shoud have the capacity to fulfill their vitality needs in a reasonable and practical way Partner nations as from July 2004: Funding from BMZ Co subsidizing from DGIS ProBEC SADC North: Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi ProBEC SADC South: Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana (anticipated)

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Mainstreaming in Pro BEC Structure HEALTH FOOD Biomass vitality related open foundations, common society and the private division are effectively advancing and commercializing the utilization of moderate vitality productive innovations and procedures for low-wage families, organizations and little scale organizations POVERTY FOREST Purpose Implementing accomplices Target bunches Enduser apparatuses Commercial approach

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Andi Michel german, 28 years of age Dipl. Ing. Mechanical Engineering, MSc Renewable Energies Stove encounter: 2004 Lesotho: Baseline Study and field tests with Rocket Stoves Malawi: International Stove Workshop Germany: Master Thesis: Dissemination of vitality proficient stoves in creating nations 2005 Malawi/Zambia: Training and support of Rocket Stove producers

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Status quo in Malawi Rocket Technology acquainted with Malawi March 2004 by Peter Scott App. 800 Rocket Stoves sold 4 affirmed makers explore on insulative material with business earthenware inquire about on further RS-application (tobacco curing, preparing, heated water spring, chip singing) Since 01/06 in malawian government: Task compel Biomass Energy reseach on "modest" Household Rocket Stove HHRS in two plans: rectangular and round Quality control framework and confirmation of makers Award winning presentations of BEC innovations and BEC methods at worldwide Trade Fairs

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Status quo in Malawi - cases

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Challenges ROCKET STOVES: Insulative Bricks don't "make due" in jail stoves Trying to put tiles Rocket Stove Geometry ( Gaps) troublesome for makers generation costs for Household Rocket Stove versus soundness versus proficiency creation by untrained makers ��  outline float productivity trial of institutional stoves (convention, gear) quality control effectiveness ��  one and only pot – ease of use OTHER TECHNOLOGIES: Water Boiling test: - no top ��  water doesn't bubble territories without dirt ��  Insulative material ?

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GTZ – facilitate stove encounter e.g. Ethopia: - advancement of MIRT STOVE more than 50.000 stoves sold Shell-Foundation co-stores scalling up DGIS to come in for up-scalling to 220.000 stove e.g.Uganda: - advancement of Rocket Stove (lorena sort) more than 30.000 stove construct DGIS co-financing for up-scalling for another 60.000 stoves is planned

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HERA – gtz family vitality program Other givers & associations Training & learning spread Producers & generation structures Policies Scaling up – Relevant data and contemplations! Financing components & appropriations Quality administration & item Marketing procedure Users & advertise openings

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