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Abilities. KnowledgeSkillsAttitude. Capabilities. Motivation behind abilities. Staff developmentEvaluation. . . Recognize benchmarks along a continuum of guide advancement.. . 1Developing. 3Proficient. 5 Exemplary. 2. 4. Utilizing Benchmarks for Learning Progress. Adjusted fromClinical Supervision: Building Chemical Dependency Counselor SkillsNorthwest Frontier ATTC.

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outline of Outreach skills Stephen J. Gumbley, MA, ACDP II Director, New England ATTC

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Competencies Knowledge Skills Attitude

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Purpose of capabilities Staff advancement Evaluation

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Using Benchmarks for Learning Progress Identify benchmarks along a continuum of instructor improvement. 1 Developing 2 3 Proficient 4 5 Exemplary Competent Adapted from Clinical Supervision: Building Chemical Dependency Counselor Skills Northwest Frontier ATTC

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Benchmarks Developing Counselors - constrained understanding and conflicting Competent Counselors – meets essential models Proficient Counselors - apply intercession reliably and viably Exemplary Counselors - create and actualize successful procedures for mind boggling and troublesome circumstances Clinical Supervision: Building Chemical Dependency Counselor Skills Northwest Frontier ATTC

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Outreach is… An arrangement of key mediations whose objective is to start or enhance benefit conveyance to a focused on populace where they lives and work whose individuals: Have been underserved Do not think about administrations Believe they needn't bother with the administrations Do not – or think they doesn't - fit the bill for/can manage the cost of the administrations .

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Why connect?

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human stand TRUST

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Outreach is testing. Powerful effort requires mastery, abilities and affectability to the [client's] encounter. Effort to People Experiencing Homelessness: A Curriculum for Training Health Care for the Homeless Outreach Workers.

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Effective Outreach Preparation Inner work Self mindfulness Competency

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O utreach specialists are not … simply celebrated taxi drivers, sitters, and hand-holders. They are not advocates with a restricted concentrate on the procedural privileges of the customer. They are not just caseworkers connecting roused customers to required administrations.

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O utreach laborers ARE… change operators who utilize the vehicles of administration linkage, backing, transportation, and keeping an eye on assemble connections … and to ingrain in [clients] the attractive quality and plausibility of progress.

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Outreach Competencies What are they? Least guidelines for leading road outreach for difficult to-achieve populaces Who created them? The Center for HIV, Hepatitis and Addiction Training and Technology (CHHATT), which is a program of The Danya Institute, as a component of the Central East Addiction Technology Transfer Center (CEATTC).

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Outreach Competencies Competency 1: Understanding Outreach and Outreach in a Scientific Context Competency 2: Understanding Chemical Dependency Competency 3: Understanding Disease and Wellness in the Context of Drug Use Competency 4: Engagement Competency 5: Intervention Competency 6: Client Support Competency 7: Supporting Ourselves

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Competency 1: Understanding Outreach and Outreach in a Scientific Context Research Protocols Behavioral Science Theories

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Competency 2: Understanding Chemical Dependency Substance Use versus Substance Abuse Substance Use Disorders Pharmacology Medication Assisted Recovery Treatments Paths to Recovery

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Competency 3: Understanding Disease and Wellness in the Context of Drug Use HIV/AIDS Hepatitis Tuberculosis

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Confounders Mental ailment Homelessness History of physical, enthusiastic or potentially sexual manhandle Being a MSM or transsexual Racial and additionally ethnic minority status Age Unemployment

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Wellness Activities that lessening Vulnerability and Risk Reduction or disposal of manifestations Reconnection with family and group Recovery•Wellness Health Internal wellbeing Activities that expansion Resilience and Recovery Capital

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Competency 4: Engagement Recruitment Strategies Cultural Sensitivities Safety and Awareness of Environment Effective Communication

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Outreach Activities Education: giving individuals data about issues (substance mishandle, HIV, aggressive behavior at home, and so on.) Marketing: giving individuals in an unsafe populace data about administrations Engagement: reaching individuals known to be at hazard and empowering the utilization of our administrations

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Education: inventory sent to everybody in Maine Marketing: list sent to everybody who went to Maine stops a year ago Engagement: index sent to everybody who purchased at L.L. Bean a year ago

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Engagement involves a customer and effort laborer taking part in an action that includes a positive collaboration whereby the customer is made to feel as good as could be expected under the circumstances while tuning in to and talking with the effort specialist Engagement includes distinguishing and reaching individuals from the objective gathering in their indigenous habitats setting up affinity enrolling responsibility to conduct change giving data about hazard practices and methodologies to take out or diminish chance.

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Engagement implies making/expanding inspiration with the customer. The customer does not should be inspired keeping in mind the end goal to "be prepared."

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Competency 5: Intervention The effort laborer effectively works with the customer to diminish the hurtful impacts of the customer's practices.

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Intervention Activities Health Information and Demonstration Risk Assessment . Chance Reduction Prevention and Post-test Counseling Crisis Intervention Confidentiality and Ethics Laws and Regulations

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Competency 6: Client Support Client support is the way toward encouraging the customer's usage of accessible emotionally supportive networks and group assets to address singular issues.

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Competency 7: Supporting Ourselves Burnout Prevention Relapse Prevention

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Outreach - Reach out Creating wellbeing together