Rest Hygiene

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Rest Hygiene Phyllis M.Connolly, PhD, RN, CS

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Sleep Disorders Facts Mood issue regularly have rest disturbance as boss protestation Major despondency described by either a sleeping disorder or hypersomnia Anxiety issue frequently coincide Worry and apprehension prompt to rest interruption Primary a sleeping disorder happens in summed up uneasiness, freeze issue & posttraumatic stretch issue half of senior citizens encounter poor rest 94% of regulated endorsed narcotic hypnotics Males 8 times hazard for obstructive rest apnea

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Characteristics Primary Sleep Disorders

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Sleep-Wake Pattern: Circadian Cycle Glod, 1998 Sleep recurrent hour and a half cycle rehashes 4 - 5 times amid the night Stages (EEG design) Stage 1- - tiredness and moderating of eye & muscle developments, endures just couple of minutes Stage 2- - light rest, 10-25 minutes, muscles encourage unwind (rest axles rise) Stage 3- - profound rest, few min. to 30 - 40 mins. Versus & physical movement  REM 5 - 30 mins. Organize 4- - last phase of NREM, Slow wave EEG, 20 - 40 mins.

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Fibromyalgia Cystic fibrosis Head damage Migraine cerebral pains Huntington's chorea Tourette's disorder Alzheimer's malady Cancer Arthritis Chronic weakness disorder Hyperthyroidism Menopause Allergies AIDS Pain optional to a medicinal condition Medical Conditions & Sleep Disruption Glod, 1998

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Antidepressants Antihypertensives Antihistamines Corticosteroids Stimulatants Sedative-hypnotics Cholinergic operators Cold arrangements Alcohol Caffeine Opiods Amphtemines Substance-Induced Sleep Disorder

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Methods of Evaluating Sleep Disorders Sleep Diaries History, Physical Exam, Detailed Sleep Disorders Assessment Polysomnography (PSG) Multiple rest Latency Test (MSLT) Actigraphy Glod, 1998

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Adequate agreeable temperature Ensure nonappearance of light Reduce & dispose of commotion Remove TV & abstain from listening to radio in bed Avoid different exercises Do not take a gander at the clock when you wake up around evening time Avoid working in bed & set sensible point of confinement for completing work preceding sleep time Avoid genuine exchanges or contentions before sleep time Avoid dealing with possibly annoying things Sleep Hygiene: Environment Glod, 1998

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Do not make late night telephone calls Exercise in morning or a few hrs. before bed Obtain 1/2 hr. daylight not long after emerging Make quaint little inn as agreeable as could be expected under the circumstances Do not turn lights on while getting up amid the night Protect sleep time and rest from disturbances Minimize impacts from bed accomplice (wheezing, distinctive sleep time, development Take hot shower inside 2 hrs Drink little amt. Of warm drink (noncaffeinated) Sleep Hygiene: Environment Cont . Glod, 1998

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Avoid liquor Avoid caffeine Avoid OTC drugs that cause rest issues Establish standard example preceding bed (brush teeth, change garments) Avoid snoozes Set normal sleep time and rise times, even weekends Determine your individual amt. of rest term (6-10 hrs.) Don't give up rest If a sleeping disorder, daytime sluggishness counsel clinician Sleep Hygiene Cont. Glod, 1998