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Rest Disorders NREM is 75% of all rest time (>=slower) Stage 1 - 5% of the night Stage 2 - 48% of the night Stage 3 (delta) - 7% of the night Stage 4 - 15% of the night Muscles mover amid NREM, metabolic capacities back off & 20% of dreams*

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Sleep Disorders-REM During REM, you have muscle loss of motion, erections and a great deal more clear dreams Newborns dream 80% of time By age 2, REM rest is 33% of aggregate rest time, drawing closer juvenile levels

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Sleep Disorders Insomnias (> 30' to fall or come back to rest, 3+/wk) Insomnia (center and late in elderly) Dysomnias (or not exactly fulfilling rest) Psysiological causes Sleep Apnea (obstructive or focal) Narcolepsy ("REM out of control") Periodic appendage development/fretful leg disorder

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Assessment Measures Epworth Sleepiness Scale Pittsburgh Quality Index Duration, no less than 1 month, however for the most part 6 Assess routine (counting a 2 week rest diary* )and meds. Ex. Late study found that individuals who lay down with TV or commotion have poorer QOS… .even "background noise." Acetimiophen has caffiene where Iboprfen does not

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How to Become an Insomniac Keep implausible rest objective Catastrophize about not meeting this objective Nap in daytime/invest more energy in bed Spend the majority of the frantic hours battling to get the chance to rest in bed (jolt for surprise) Make bed community for movement Start taking rest meds (REM reb.)

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Sleep Hygiene-Avoid Excessive clamor "Stretch" (exercises of stresses @ sleep time) Uncomfortable bed Caffeine (< 2 hours of sleep time) Cigarettes (< 2 hours of sleep time) Alcohol Napping (longer alert, quicker/more profound rest) Extra wink in morning Variable sleep times or morning wake-up times

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Sleep Hygiene-Maintain 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit in room Early evening or night practice Satisfying (safe) sex Light snacks (hunger bothers rest) Warm drain or Ovaltine Awake same time/go to bed just when sluggish Imagine a serene place and quieting sounds If over and over conscious 20 minutes in the wake of resigning, unwind in another room and come back to bed just when tired

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Treatment Most medications are at first behavioral molding boost control Cognitive Arousal/Refocusing Exs. Incomprehensible or concentrate on the sensation in body part Physiological PMR Imaging Biofeedback