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Talk about print wellsprings of gaming data. Talk about electronic wellsprings of data. Show exploration estimation of different sorts of data. History of Gaming ...

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Inquire about Tips "Gaming Topics" Betty McNeal 702-895-4119

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Today's Agenda Provide brief review of gaming Discuss print wellsprings of gaming data Discuss electronic wellsprings of data Show examine estimation of different sorts of data

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History of Gaming Old as humankind, each nation & culture If not sanctioned, it goes underground Various inspirations: Gain, Greed, Excitement, Fantasy, Escape Mathematical chances dependably against players Operators are ensured to have the favorable position Extremes cause individual & societal issues

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Gaming History Starters Subject inquiry in Library Catalog General and particular subjects and eras People of Chance: Gambling in American Society from Jamestown to Law Vegas , by Findlay High rollers:A History of Gambling in America. Video. History Channel. The numbers diversion in New York City 1960-1969: A social & political history, by Liddick

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More Gaming History Doctoral thesis: David Schwartz Suburban Xanadu: The gambling club resort on the Las Vegas Strip, 1945-1978 . UCLA, 2000. Gaming Research & Review Journal. See article with USA Timeline. (V. 3, Issue 2, p. 65) The Development of the Law of Gambling: 1776-1976. U. S. Dept of Justice. Call no: J1.25/G14/776-976.

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Research Value—Gaming History Perspective on the present Explains Nevada's advancement Insight into human brain science Part of the writing look

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Many Faces of Gaming

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Gaming Boundaries Limited stakes gaming Colorado Loss limits Riverboats Restricted gaming Supermarkets, bars, tranquilize stores Restricted ranges Deadwood. Cripple Creek, Central City, Black Hawk. Atlantic City. Detroit. Class I, II, III I Social amusements. II Bingo, pull tabs, cards. III Tables and openings

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Mathematics Psychology Business/Econ Government Religion Marketing Leisure/amusement Tourism Law Sociology Technology Medicine/Addiction Interdisciplinary Nature of Gaming Research

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Economic Impact of Gaming Construction Employment Wages State income Use of income to overhaul group Infrastructure updates

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Social Impacts of Gaming Crime, drugs, prostitution Underworld impact Gambling habit Underage betting Family values Capitalizing on human shortcoming Insolvency & chapter 11

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What's Your Gaming I. Q.?

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Research Value—Gaming Knowledge Familiar with ideas, language Multiply choices for gaming points Speed up writing seek Adds inspiration & excitement

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Print Books Monographs Periodicals Non-print Online inventories Online databases Internet CD-ROM E-books E-periodicals Audio, video Research Materials by Format

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Research Materials by Type Bibliography Treatises Journals Magazines/Newspapers Reference works Web Sites Dissertations & Theses Government distributions

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Bibliography Casino Gaming in the United States: A Research Guide. 401 pages. Thomas A. Mirkovich & Allison A. Cowgill Call no: Z7164/G35/M57/1977 Annotated list of sources, 800+ sections Social, financial, moral, legitimate viewpoints Covers 1985-1994

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UNLV Library Keyword: Casinos, Gambling, and so forth. Creator: Thompson, William N. Library of Congress Keyword: Casinos, Gambling, and so forth. Moment Bibliographies

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Research Value- - Bibliography Literature look Control of writing assets Verify writer, title, date, distributer

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Books Textbooks Scholarly works University squeeze productions Trade distributions

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Basic Gaming Books - Introduction to the Casino Entertainment Industry. Eade & Eade. Call no: HV6711/E23/1997 - The Gaming Industry: Introduction & Perspectives. Call No. HV6711/G35/1996 - Casino Operations Management. Kilby & Fox. Call no: HV6711/K55/1995 - Overview of the Gaming Industry. Global Gaming Institute. HV9999/G252/)94/1996

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Research Value—Books Compiled utilizing wide assortment of sources Strict audit, altering, actuality checking by distributer Advantage of broad time to compose, assess May have broad catalogs, supportive notes

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Journals Academic starting point Peer evaluated Studies, studies, examinations Full content, web based Gaming Research & Review Journal of Gambling Studies Gaming Law Review

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Interdisciplinary Journals Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research The Annals of the American Academy of Political & Social Science Psychological Reports Journal of Youth & Adolescence British Journal of Addiction Journal of Social Issues National Tax Journal

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Journal Sources Print diaries or combo print/Online databases (considerable rundown in college library) Academic Search Elite Emerald Library ) Wiley Interscience Psychinfo PapersFirst

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Journal Alerts Inquire about email pamphlets from diaries Email Tables of Contents from distributer Enter free close to 5 catchphrases to get Tables of Contents from diaries messaged to you

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Research Value- - Journals Zero in on restricted subject Update book material Add to book list of sources Adhere to research strategy Primary source material

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Newspapers/Magazines Not insightful Can't use to "demonstrate" a point, however can use for certainties, names and dates, casual remarks May specify a study or prompt to a chief specialist Can utilize if that is the best hotspot for a specific sort of information

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Newspapers/Magazines For scholastics, industry staff or general peruser News, redesigns, email versions Feature articles Casino Journal Casino Executive Reports Las Vegas Review-Journal Casino Wire (on the web) Pechanga (on the web/Indian gaming) State Capitals Newsletters (on the web)

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Research Value—News/Magazines Current mindfulness Online get to Email conveyance Tuned to this present reality May recommend new patterns

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Reference Works Encyclopedias, word references, chronicles Indexes & Abstracts—key to diary seeking Bibliographies Gaming Business Directory Encyclopedia of Gambling Nevada Gaming Almanac Global Gaming Almanac Dan's Poker Dictionary (on the web) Problem Gambling Terms (on the web)

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Research Value—Reference Works High likelihood of precision Basic information, for example, measurements, names and addresses, standards and layouts Foundation of learning from which to fan out

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Web Sites Anybody can distribute May not have writer, references or evidence Most gaming powers have sites Look for disclaimers Verify in another source, if essential

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Web Site Citation or Documentation Refer to suitable style manual. APA, Univ. of Chicago, MLA. General bibliographic components go before the site Date recovered from web given

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Gaming Web Sites Good decision for income insights All gaming commissions and sheets have locales Gateway to libraries, book shops Find affiliations, administrative bodies, income outlines, look into establishments, gatherings and expos Free articles on a few destinations

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Research Value—Web Sites Eliminate manual seeking Access remote indexes International scope Variety of perspectives, conclusions Can contact proprietor When last overhauled regularly included Online buy of materials if vital

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Best Gaming Links Web Site Webmaster: Dr. David G. Schwartz Constantly enhancing, redesigning All sorts of reference/data sources Not much direction in the matter of how to utilize May overpower for new scientist Brief comments; couple of assessments

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Forthcoming Web Site Guide Gaming Recreation, Regulation & Research , A Guide to Information on the World Wide Web, by Betty McNeal E-book Gaming Web locales are talked about and assessed Distribution not chose (digital book, floppy, compact disc rom, site page)

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Virtual Cover

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Click "Advanced Dissertations" on Find Articles & More. (UNLV Library) Fill in fundamental or propel seek boxes. Reference, Abstract, 24-page see, full content. Expositions & Theses

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UNLV Gaming Theses "Disposition of gaming representatives towards issue betting: How it influences their learning at a mindfulness preparing". Bybee, Lisa M. "The relationship between clubhouse drop and gaming stock execution: A multivariate investigation". Gilbert, Mark H. "Effect of gambling clubs on private property estimations: Henderson, Nevada". Giannini, Barbara "An examination of smoking and betting among Las Vegas guests". Koenen, John

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Theses—Other Universities "Crisis administration evaluation and effects of tropical tornados on waterfront club in Biloxi, Mississippi" (Mississippi State U) "Insignificant treatment for concerned noteworthy others of issue card sharks" (Univ. of Calgary) "The effect of expanded outside rivalry on Nevada assessable gaming income" (UNR)

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Research Value—Dissertations/Theses Sample arrangement to direct new scientists Insight into sensible points New issues highlighted Update books & diaries

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Government Publications Laws, statutes, cases Rules & controls Congressional & state authoritative hearings Commissions & Task Forces Special reports National Gambling Impact Study Report Nevada Revised Statutes S E C filings (EDGAR database)

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Research Value—Government Publications Topics relevant to resident intrigue Prepared by masters and specialists Information not discovered somewhere else, e. g., declaration at hearings Raw information you can control yourself

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Gaming and the Law Federal Law State Law Tribal Law Indian Gaming Regulatory Act Regulations to supplement, manage and authorize the law

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Need for Gaming Laws Cash industry Strict ca