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Welcome. The reason for this presentation is to meet the required yearly instruction for our Department of Nursing.Directions: read through the presentation.Sign the required forms.Return the structures to the MSU Department of Nursing.. MSU Mission. The mission of Minot State University is to propel learning, basic and imaginative considering, and the essentialness of group and societies..

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´╗┐Obligatory Education Nursing Department

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Welcome The reason for this introduction is to meet the required yearly instruction for our Department of Nursing. Bearings: read through the introduction. Sign the required structures. Give back the structures to the MSU Department of Nursing.

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MSU Mission The mission of Minot State University is to propel information, basic and innovative considering, and the imperativeness of group and societies.

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MSU Core Values Student Learning first Pursuit of Excellence Responsibility Respect Learning Community

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Philosophy of the Department of Nursing The Department of Nursing, inside the College of Education and Health Sciences of MSU, backings the mission of the University to propel information, basic and inventive considering, and the imperativeness of group societies.

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Department of Nursing Mission The Minot State University Department of Nursing is an indispensable piece of the parent foundation and is committed to quest for higher learning grounded in expressions of the human experience, sciences, and humanities.

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The mission of the Department of Nursing is to teach people for expert parts in nursing and for graduate instruction.

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People The Nursing Department personnel perceives individuals are interesting, complex, and developing. People interface with a changing domain to keep up life and accomplish purposes as people and as individuals from society. The individual inside the setting of nursing is distinguished as a customer.

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A customer might be further characterized as individual, family, a gathering as well as a group. Individuals are powerful, mind boggling, versatile, and self decided in accomplishing a significant presence. Individuals use their psychological, emotional, and psychomotor abilities to accomplish self-realization.

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Environment the earth is dynamic, complex, and multidimensional. Nature is further characterized as the specific situation, environment, settings, foci, or foundations inside which people associate.

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Health A state of the life cycle that is rapid, versatile, receptive to both interior and outer jolts, and impacted by the practices of the individual. Wellbeing alludes to the individual's condition of prosperity at the time that nursing happens. Wellbeing is close to home and can run from abnormal state health to terminal sickness.

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Nursing Is characterized as an utilization of logical information upgraded by guileful practice in a socially capable way.

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Nursing Education Nursing training is seen as process assigned to encourage learning. Understudies and staff are dynamic and mindful members in learning.

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Nursing instruction at the baccalaureate level coordinates content from expressions of the human experience and humanities and social and physical science. The key curricular segments accentuated inside the educational modules are gotten from the Dept. of Nursing's Mission and Philosophy.

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The Following Threads Are Woven Throughout Our Program Professionalism Research Holistic wellbeing Globalization

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Professionalism in nursing incorporates adherence to proficient nursing practice and execution principles. The expert medical caretaker has administration and administration abilities, is fit for appointment and supervision of social insurance suppliers and may hone self-sufficiently inside the lawful/moral extent of routine of the permitting association.

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The expert attendant accept an assortment of parts including yet not restricted to supplier of customer focused care, teacher, analyst, pioneer, director, evaluator, advocate, or potentially instructor.

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Research is a precise request that utilizations different ways to deal with answer addresses and tackle issues. Nursing exploration is a procedure that permits medical attendants to make inquiries to pick up learning for enhancing quiet care.

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Holistic Health Nursing bolsters a comprehensive perspective of different people and requires its specialists to have accomplished a significant learning base in the sciences, expressions, and humanities.

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The minding, skilled medical caretaker utilizes self and nearness, perceiving the significance of most profound sense of being, differing qualities, group and social equity in the advancement of wellbeing through the life expectancy. Correspondence of data is basic in instructing individuals toward wellbeing and recuperating.

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Globalization The baccalaureate medical caretaker is set up to practice proficient nursing in a worldwide society, with an attention to differences and fluctuated societies.

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Globalization, cont. As individuals from a worldwide group of medical caretakers, the personnel is committed to bolster the instruction and expert advancement of attendants attempting to enhance the strength of the world's kin. With a promise to social equity, the Department of Nursing plans medical caretakers to defy the issues of individuals living in neediness and underserved regions.

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Theoretical Constructs The Department of Nursing's hypothetical convictions are mixed in nature with key ideas drawn from the works of Florence Nightingale, Madeleine Leininger, and M. Jean Watson. Staff hold onto these hypothetical convictions as imperative to nursing and baccalaureate instruction.

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Major Theoretical Constructs Nightingale's (1969) accentuation on condition to advance wellbeing Leininger's (1978) supporting for social care Watson's (1979) start that minding is the spirit of nursing

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MSU Nursing Department Specific Information

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Department of Nursing Committees The Department of Nursing has understudy delegates on 2 boards of trustees. They are: Student Faculty Affairs Curriculum Committee

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Curriculum Committee Deals with course/class concerns and reading material. Meets 3 rd Friday of month, watch the announcement board for takes note.

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Student Faculty Affairs Plans for grants, handbook changes, approaches & parties. Likewise 3 rd Fridays. Check the notice board for takes note.

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Student Scholarships Awards Ceremony 24 grants criteria is situated in the back of your handbook.

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ND State Board Loan Board of Nursing Education Loan. You don't need to pay it back on the off chance that you work in the state for X years. Applications can be acquired from the State Board. Due date is July1.

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Safety Information

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Fire Regulations and Emergency Evacuation Plan for MSU Fire alerts and quenchers are situated close to each leave entryway on each floor. In case of flame, sound the alert and empty the building. Try not to utilize the lifts. At the clinical settings, take after their arrangement.

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Policies & Procedures Clinical offices have their own particular approaches & methods. Staff will call attention to their area at the clinical settings.

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Infection Control The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, turned into the Federal law in July, 1992. All healing facility/office strategies and techniques coordinated by this standard are found in the organization's "Presentation control Plan" and in the Infection Control segment of the office's arrangement and system manual.

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Students and social insurance specialists are to get introduction and yearly training to agree to these OSHA Standards. The accompanying data depends on OSHA Standards.

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Standard Precautions Apply to all patients at all circumstances paying little mind to finding. Standard safeguards applies to Blood Body liquids Secretions Excretions (regardless of whether blood is available or noticeable) aside from with sweat Non-in place skin and mucous layers

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Personal Protective Equipment PPE cases are: Gloves Masks Gowns Plastic overskirts Goggles with defensive shields

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Hand Hygiene Must occur between patients, after techniques and when in contact with patient gear, cloths, supplies and quick condition.

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Hand Hygiene Hand washing with an antimicrobial cleanser under a running stream of water, applying contact to fingers, hands, wrists for no less than 15 seconds; drying hands with paper towel; stopping the fixture with a paper towel.

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Soap & Water Soap and water must be utilized: When you first get the chance to work For contact with proteinaceous material If noticeably filthy Before eating After utilizing the restroom When looking after patients determined to have spore delivering life form, for example, Anthrax or Clostridium Difficile.

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Alcohol Based Hand Antiseptics Foam and gel germ-killers can be utilized at some other time when in contact with patients, their hardware, cloth, supplies and quick condition.

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Gloves Must be worn when in contact with blood or other possibly irresistible materials, mucous layers, and non-in place skin. Wear gloves on the off chance that you the guardian have non-in place skin.

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Important! Perform hand cleanliness previously, then after the fact utilizing gloves! Gloves are changed between all customer contacts.

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Fluid Resistant Gowns Must be worn at whatever point the potential exists for dirtying of outfits or attire. These outfits are likewise worn for contact detachment safety measures.

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Masks Must be worn when there is a danger of presentation to showering or sprinkling of blood or liquids that contain blood. This is ordinarily a general surgical veil. (N95) veils are worn just for airborne transmission living beings.

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Eye Protection Goggles or face shields must be worn for dangers of presentation to showering or sprinkling of blood. Your own glasses are not adequate security unless you utilize "add-on" side pieces. Eye security and covers are worn in conjunction with each other.

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Sharps Must be discarded in an OSHA endorsed cut safe holder. Defiled needles are NOT to be recapped, bowed, broken or other insightful controlled by hand.

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Safety Devices Agencies utilize an assortment of