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Jim Junkins, Virginia APCO (Common Language Initiative Action Team Lead and FY 2007 SIEC Member)Bill Bullock, VAGEMSA (FY 2006 SIEC Vice Chair and FY 2007 SIEC Member)Col. H.C. Davis, Virginia State Police (FY 2007 SIEC Member)Bob Nibarger, Virginia Beach. Specialists. BackgroundFY 2006 ActivitiesIntroducing Virginia\'s Common Language ProtocolFY 2007 ActivitiesQuestions and Answers.

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Federation of Virginia's Communications Interoperability The Move to Statewide Common Language Protocols

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Jim Junkins, Virginia APCO (Common Language Initiative Action Team Lead and FY 2007 SIEC Member) Bill Bullock, VAGEMSA (FY 2006 SIEC Vice Chair and FY 2007 SIEC Member) Col. H.C. Davis, Virginia State Police (FY 2007 SIEC Member) Bob Nibarger, Virginia Beach Panelists

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Background FY 2006 Activities Introducing Virginia's Common Language Protocol FY 2007 Activities Questions and Answers Agenda

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National Incident Management System (NIMS) discharged by central government including a necessity to utilize plain dialect amid shared guide occasions November 2005 – Governor Warner signs Executive Order 102 to command regions and state organizations to take after NIMS, DHS prerequisites, and the National Response Plan February 2006 – NIMS Integration Center appropriates a notice requiring the utilization of plain English for multi-office, multi-purview and multi-train occasions Background

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Chartered an Initiative Action Team (IAT) to address Initiative 3 of the FY 2006 Strategic Plan: " As characterized by NIMS, distinguish and receive normal dialect conventions in the Commonwealth for everyday operations and real crisis circumstances." FY 2006 Activities

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Why everyday AND shared guide? IAT was focused on disposing of the "escape clause" in NIMS Responders respond with how they are prepared in distressing circumstances We may be effective on the off chance that we live and hone normal dialect everyday BUT, there are a couple of circumstances where coded dialect might be vital for responder wellbeing… . FY 2006 Activities

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Methodology Two polls sent to Virginia's open wellbeing organizations One encouraged eye to eye meeting to decide suggestions On-going examination by means of telephone calls to keep on defining the terms and proposals Endorsements looked for and got from Fire Chiefs and Chiefs of Police FY 2006 Activities

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Results One Phonetic Alphabet 4 Situations that Require Coded Language Responder in Immediate Danger Responder Needs Assistance/Backup Responder is Taking or Recommends Taking Subject Into Custody Responder or Dispatcher is Going to Convey Sensitive or Confidential Information All different transmissions in Plain English FY 2006 Activities

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QUESTIONS? Virginia's Common Language Protocol

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The State Interoperability Executive Committee will: Publicize the Roll-Out of the Protocol Obtain Endorsements Begin Training on Common Language FY 2007 Activities

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Virginia State Police Currently Over 100 10 codes and 20 Signals Units frequently cooperate with different offices Other organizations have VSP radios and interface with VSP dispatchers. Challenges Old propensities resolute Keeping dialect steady and expert Changes to existing CAD and Mobile programming FY 2007 Activities

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Virginia State Police Efforts – Committee Formation CAD Coordinator CAD Technicians Dispatchers Sworn Employees Roll Out Plans Department Information Bulletin Supervisor's In Service School Dispatcher's In Service School CAD Changes FY 2007 Activities

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APCO Disseminating the expectation/which means and also the basic content. We have to hit the nail on the head from begin. Attempting to forward the VA push to APCO International for audit and thought of underwriting. Take off – Planning Training Session at the up and coming VA APCO/VENA gathering in November. FY 2007 Activities

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Virginia Beach Police Department MDT dialect moves to track benefit time Present changes amid November or December to summon preparing program Available to each order Presented at move calls during the time by supervisory individuals All individuals are required to go to move call preparing every month Full move by January 1, 2007 FY 2007 Activities

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ORION Service Area

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Norfolk Portsmouth New Port News Chesapeake Suffolk Virginia Beach ORION Grant Partners

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Active Common Language Advisory Committee Reviewing naming traditions of hardware Reviewing unit identifiers ORION Initiatives

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QUESTIONS? Virginia's Common Language Protocol

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Thank you Jim Junkins Bill Bullock LTC H.C. Davis Bob Nibarger