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REPUBLIC OF SUDAN MINISTRY OF ROADS & TRANSPORT SEA PORTS CORPORATION seventh PAPC Conference 2008,PMAESA Council & IAPH Africa-Europe Group MEETING 15-19 December 2008 Djibouti

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By: KAMAL ELDIN M.A.MANSOUR D. General Manager for Planning & Development DEC. 2008

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Introduction: Sudan is an Afro-Arab nation with a populace of ( 35 ) million. It has territory of ( 2.5 ) million square kilometers,( 750 ) km drift on the Red Sea and ( 9 ) neighboring nations. It is multi-lingual, multi-national and multi-racial. Situated in the focal point of Africa mainland.

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Sea Ports Corporation ( SPC ) is the Sudanese Ports Authority under the support of the Ministry Of Roads &Transport; It is in charge of development, upkeep and operation of the Sudanese Ports. The chain of ports/terminals under SPC duties are: Port Sudan port comprising of the accompanying ports : A . North Port (General load). B. South Port (Container terminal). C Green Port (Bulk payload). D. Elkhair Port (Dama) (Oil Terminal (Gas, refined oil). Osman Digna Port(Suakin) ( General freight, traveler terminal, domesticated animals). Oseif Port (Not worked). El-Shaheed El-Zebeir River Port(Wadi Halfa) (Passenger, general payload). Kosti Dry Port (Kosti).

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1. Port Sudan: It is situated at Red Sea Coast, ( 850 ) km north – east of Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. The Port includes the accompanying terminals :

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A : North Port: Dedicated for general payload, mass, consumable oil, molasses and vehicles with yearly throughput of ( 8 ) million tons .It has ( 15 ) compartments with drafts going from ( 8 ) m to ( 10.5 )m.The terminal operational offices are : - ( 5 ) Cement storehouses with an aggregate stockpiling limit of ( 90.000 ) tons. - Grain storehouse with ( 50.000 ) tons limit. - Edible oil tanks with ( 60.000 ) tons limit. - Molasses stockpiling tanks with ( 100.000 ) tons limit. - ( 120 ) private possessed stockrooms, and ( 25 ) port claimed distribution centers. - Fully outfitted with taking care of hardware as versatile cranes( 20-60 )ton ,harbor cranes ( 65 )ton,tracters,trallers,forklifts trukes (3-35 )ton,( 39 ) quay cranes( 6 )ton and tugboats dispatches regular for all ports.

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B. SOUTH PORT : Has ( 3 ) billets for holder ships and a different compartment for the Grain Silo with ( 50000 ) tons stockpiling limit. The yearly limit is ( 400.000 ) TEUs and the terminal is outfitted with : - Four ship to shore gantry cranes (SSG). - Two versatile harbor cranes. - Eleven elastic tyred gantries (RTG). - Adequate number of present day compartment taking care of gear including reach stakers, forklifts, suspension, trailers and tractors .harbor cranes. - Total length is around 600m,and draft of 11-12.2m.

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C. EL KHAIR OIL TERMINAL : Draft of (14.2)m dolphin sort terminal for treatment of Gas and refined oil items with a yearly limit of ( 2 ) million tons .

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D. Green Port : It is another port for multi-purposes. It comprises of ( 4 ) compartments with an aggregate length ( 1200 )m & ( 14.2 )m draft.The stockpiling range accessible behind the billets is about ( 650.000 )sq.m.

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2. Suakin (Osman Digna) Port: It is found ( 60 ) km toward the south of Port Sudan with ( 8 ) particular billets committed to travelers ,general freight, domesticated animals, black-top, bond with a ( 25000 ) ton storehouse limit.

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3. Osaief Port : It is little wharf for sending out Iron Ore and is found some ( 260 )km north of Port Sudan, now not worked. 4. Watercourse Halfa: A stream port on the Nile River on the Sudanese – Egyptian visitor serving principally travelers and exchange between the two nations.

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5. Kosti Dry Port : Kosti Dry Port is a strategic stop ,found ( 400 ) km south of Khartoum, and close to the Kosti River Port. It is intended to serve the southern and western parts of Sudan.

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In 1974 the port of Sudan isolated from Railways and turned into a self-sufficient body under the Ministry of Transport. It is in charge of improvement, development and operation of the Sudanese ports. The Port Authority gets ready approaching arrangements & operational techniques for the improvement of the ports to adapt to advancement in Maritime Industry. What's more, it faces the political, and monetary difficulties (inside & remotely) particularly in regards to the prerequisites of WTO , COMESA … and so on. It additionally worried with the find and misuse of Sudanese oil and the improvement after the Peace Agreements in Sudan. The most vital advancement stages are specified beneath: Port Development Stages: From (1977 – 1995): This era comprised of two phases, these stages were affected by the World Bank Fund and the International Economic Institutions Strategies and Financing .They went for raising the Port throughput from ( 2.5 ) million tons to ( 5.5 ) million tons in the principal organize and from ( 5.5 ) m tons to ( 8.5 ) m tons in the second stage.

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2. From (1995 Till Now): During this period the improvement concentrated on the compartment terminal , SPC synchronized the terminal frameworks and administrations with the worldwide practices and methodologies through advancement methodology arrange as takes after: 1. Restoration of billet 17/18 and expanding the length of the compartment from ( 178 )m to ( 420 )m. 2. Buy of( 4 ) Gantry cranes and ( 11 ) Rubber Tyred Gantries (RTG) . 3. Expanding of capacity regions from( 450.000)sq.m to (1.300.000)sq.m. 4. Development of multi-purposes births terminal (Green port stages 1&2). 5. Presentation of a Container Terminal Information System (CTIS). 6. development of new holder terminal,( will be finished by June 2009). 7. Digging port Sudan and Suakin ( 6 ) million cubic meters for compartments and entrance channel. 8. Buy of( 4 ) extra Gantry crane and ( 8 ) Rubber Tyred Gantries (RTG) (1 st arrange). 9. Re-organizing and administration administrations.

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Since year 2000 the accompanying activities are executed : 1. A Container Terminal Information System (CTIS): An Electronic Data Interchange ( EDI ) and administration help was presented in 2003 & 2004 in co-operation with (Germany).

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2. Green Port Stages 1&2: It incorporates digging and development of ( 4 ) compartments of multi-reason load with an aggregate length of ( 1200 )m & ( 14.2 ) draft and ( 450.000 ) sq.m of recovered stacking range, extend finished in (2006).

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3. New Container Berths Project: This venture comprises of two compartment billets with an aggregate length of ( 791m ) and ( 16m ) profundity, completely outfitted with ship-to-shore cranes, RTGs, Container Handling Equipments and a stacking region of ( 200.000 )sq.m. The venture began in June 2006 and will be finished in 2010.The venture is expected to adapting to the quickly developing holder movement in the Port Sudan.

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4. Re-organizing and administration administrations : Since 2003 S.P.C embraced a re-organizing procedure plan to build up the operational exhibitions and effectiveness of the Sudanese ports. Therefore in July 2005 the S.P.C and HPC Hamburg Port Consulting GmbH marked an administration contract for setting up a system get ready for the Future Container Terminal in Port Sudan. The advisor's proposition ,which is a basic part of the administration contract, traces the work program and approach for the execution of the procedure anticipate both the compartment terminals by the accompanying : 1.Establishing a quick arrangement for the advancement of the operational performance of the holder terminal ,included Information Technology system( IT ) . 2 . I nvolvement of the private part with respect to all agent exercises in the port. 3.Re-structiring the Sudanese ports. As an aftereffect of these suggestions ,the S.P.C power has approved HPC to execute a re-organizing project to build up a (LANDLORD AUTHORITY) and a privatization program. In the meantime there is a program for the advancement of the operational exhibitions and proficiency of the compartment terminal by administration contract administrations.

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Future Development Plan: The future undertakings include: 1-Construction of compartment terminal (Suakin). 2-Livestock Terminal (Marsa Elshaikh Ebrahim). 3-In-land compartment terminal (6.000.000) cubic meters (Asotreba – Port Sudan).

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1. Development of compartment terminal (Suakin ): SPC is get ready study for the Osman Digna Port to wind up a current Port, with ( 12-15 ) billets for holder taking care of, general load and mass, notwithstanding an extraordinary billet for tourism. The digging work is begun , and the development of the primary stage ( 2 compartments) will begin in 2009 .

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2. Domesticated animals Terminal (Marsa Elshaikh Ebrahim): S.P.C has a program for developing a unique port for domesticated animals and fish send out around 30 km south of Suakin Port. It is normal the begin of development will occur in 2010.

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3. In-land compartment terminal:

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Port Statistics (2003-2007): SHIPS CALLED PORT SUDAN ( 2003-2007)

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Port Statistics (2003-2007): Containers Traffic Handling (TEUS)

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Total Handled Tonnage (2003-2007) (North Port):

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S.P.C Web Site: