Repositioning the University

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The Context. The Robert Gordon University in 2002Stage of DevelopmentCompetitive Challenges. The Challenges. Center undergrad market saturatedRGU\'s budgetary steadiness subordinate upon the

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Repositioning the University HUMANE, Trieste, September 2006 Adrian Graves

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The Context The Robert Gordon University in 2002 Stage of Development Competitive Challenges

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The Challenges Core undergrad showcase soaked RGU's monetary dependability subordinate upon the "UCAS" market RGU's geographic achieve poor RGU losing piece of the overall industry – coordinate contenders increasing Demographic Trends Overseas Students Affinity (of understudies and graduated class) Brand

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The Remedy? "A procedure to empower the University to be effective in its picked markets"

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Heist Marketing is a thorough procedure essential to the way of life of the University

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The Process of Review Extensive subjective and quantitative research - inside and outer – 21 reports Staff, ebb and flow understudies, guardians, imminent understudies, educators, businesses, graduates, extensive variety of partners Portfolio examination Competitor investigation Emerging markets Student basic leadership Internal interchanges Style manual

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The Maximize Report Capability and Management Core Marketing Processes The Student Journey

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The Response Comprehensive Review of Strategic Marketing, Reputation administration and Brand Portfolio Review, speculation and disinvestment choices Comprehensive Review of The Student Journey Inquiries (CRM) Applications Enrolment Induction Student Support (Course Tutor System) Student Facilities Graduation Review of Management Systems (counting arranging forms)

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Heist and the RGU mark Local orientation Scottish market sick informed RGU involving a position amidst the Scottish colleges Residual picture of an innovation establishment RGU as a product Affinity frail Aberdeen a shortcoming University title too long

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Heist Brand Recommendations One brand very few Move the brand upmarket – repositioning Visual personality ought to be significantly more present day and element Portfolio advancement Promote a few regions of quality in the portfolio Strong notoriety administration

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The RGU Brand Today One in number brand – no sub-marks Clearly enunciated mark qualifications Flexible framework for all groups of onlookers Clearly conveyed Moving the brand up-market Energy and Art & Design/Creative enterprises

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RGU's Marketing Today Increasingly coordinated approach Systematic way to deal with understudy enlistment Enquiry administration Building connections (Schools FE foundations) Clear methodology/workable arrangements Measured and assessed

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Impact on Recruitment Undergraduate application up 5% dad since 2003 Improved change rates Overseas Student enrollment up 30% dad since 2003 Restructuring towards PG numbers (15% to 30% Shift far from Regional enrollment (80% to 55%) Improved Revenue Base Improved Rankings Professionalization of Services Greater scholarly certainty and hopeful standpoint FUN

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UG Applicants versus Applications

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Undergraduate Recruitment

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Postgraduate Recruitment (to 10/2/05)

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The Financial Implications