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Electricity Scenario in India Installed Capacity : 1,52,360 MW (64.1% Thermal, 24.4% Hydro, 8% Renewable, 2.7% Nuclear) GDP Growth Rate : 8% (Electricity request expanding at 5%, supply request crevice expanding at present around 12%) Only 83.1% towns are jolted. (56% family units don't have admittance to power) Per capita utilization is 704 kWh/year

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Electricity Scenario in West Bengal Installed Capacity : 8500 MW (Including Central Sector) Villages zapped : 99% Household Electrification : 46% Per capita Electricity Consumption : 611 kWh/year Household Electrification in Islands of Sundarban : 20%

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Potential of Renewable Energy in West Bengal 400 MW 450 MW 250 MW 100 MW 169 MW 16000 MW ** With Present Level of Technology and Available Waste Land. Rooftop beat not considered.

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Achievement Made So Far ACHIEVEMENTS

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Country's first MW level Grid Connected SPV Power Plant under operation in the State

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Biomass Gasifier Power Plant in Sundarban under Operation for last 10 Yrs

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Solar PV Power Plant of Capacity 50 kW under Operation in Sundarban for most recent 12 Years

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Solar Home System in Sundarban. Around 1,50,000 Systems are currently working in the State of West Bengal

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Country's first Solar Housing Complex situated at New Town, Kolkata

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with a specific end goal to tackle maximum capacity the state needs enormous speculation. Moreover the state additionally energizes interest in the assembling of RE items. In the later past Rs 400 crore (USD 80 mn) have been put resources into the state just in the SPV fabricating area. A few speculations have additionally come in the green Building area and LED fabricating units. National Action Plan on environmental change and National Solar Mission will open up numerous all the more new venture territories in the condition of West Bengal.

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Ministry of Power, Government of India has likewise reported DDG plot for Remote Rural India. Sundarban range of West Bengal is in a perfect world suited for such plan. The State has recognized 44 nos. of remote towns in Sundarban where 24 hours power will be accessible on business premise through DDG mode. Provincial Electrification Corporation has concurred on a fundamental level to bolster the venture. Innovation : Solar PV, Biomass and Bio Diesel. Renewable Energy could assume a noteworthy part in India and in the State of West Bengal since West Bengal is 97% reliant on coal based warm era.

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Provisions for Renewable Energy E Act 2003 Section 86(1)(e) : The State commission should "advance" co-era and era of power from renewable wellsprings of vitality by giving appropriate measures to availability with the lattice and offer of power to any individual, furthermore determine for buy of power from such sources, a rate of the aggregate utilization of power in the zone of circulation Licensee. Segment 61(h) : The fitting Commission should, subject to the arrangement of the Act, indicate the terms and conditions for the assurance of duty and in doing as such, might be guided by the advancement of co-era and era of power from renewable wellsprings of vitality.

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Renewable Energy Tariff in the State of West Bengal Tariff arrange issued by SERC which is under amendment RPO to achieve 10% level by 2012

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Incentives for Solar Industry 100% Foreign Investment is permitted Customs and Excise Duties: Zero or low traditions & Excise obligation on most things in the blink of an eye utilized as a part of business creation of Solar Cells/Modules Concessional custom obligation and no extract obligation on Solar Thermal concentrator starling Engines, and so forth 80% quickened devaluation in the main Year Tax - occasion for setting up units in reverse and determined zones and power era ventures Grant/Loan bolster R&D

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Keeping in view the over the state has made another Corporation styled as West Bengal Green Energy Development Corporation Limited to pull in interest in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Sector. The Corporation is a standout amongst the most dynamic Renewable Energy Organization in the nation.

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