Remote Unit Testing

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Outline an intuitive source control application that works between an android telephone and a task situated on a remote server. ...

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´╗┐CSE 4939 Alex Riordan Brian Pruitt-Goddard Remote Unit Testing

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Design an intuitive source control application that works between an android telephone and a venture situated on a remote server. Permit customer to make, alter, open, and spare little source records. Permit different summons including diffs. Client picks record to work with and server alternatives (address, and so on) Project Recap

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Use XML-RPC to send information over HTTP encoded as XML. Straightforward and light-weight Works crosswise over various OS and situations Supports complex information structures Call server strategies from customer (RPC) How to convey amongst customer and server? XML-RPC!

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Use android-xmlrpc library Very thin Simple Client-Side Implementation XMLRPCClient customer = new XMLRPCClient ( "" );/Call the include server work with params 2 and 4 int whole = ( Integer ) customer. call ( "add" , 2, 4);

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Use Apache XML-RPC Minimal Simple Server-Side Implementation/Create WebServer at determined port number webServer = new WebServer (8888); xmlRpcServer = webServer. getXmlRpcServer ();/Create property mapping to Foo class PropertyHandlerMapping phm = new PropertyHandlerMapping (); phm. addHandler ( "Foo" , org.apache.xmlrpc.demo.F oo . class );/Set mapping xmlRpcServer. setHandlerMapping (phm);/Start webServer. begin ();

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Phone with Android form 2.2 Access to Project/SVN server Phone is associated with the Internet Assumptions and Dependencies

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UI ought to be responsive Server needs to react to customer inside sensible measure of time If it is working on an extensive program, give some sign of advance Performance Requirements

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Simple and instinctive customer Server handles record mistakes and yields significant blunder message Reliable source control operations Software Quality

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Basic Android usefulness Server and Client talking Able to call server techniques from customer and get comes about Current Progress

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October Be ready to transmit objects (records) over association Have server incorporate and run java document and pipe yield Handle yield at server and report it to customer Timeline

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November-December Hook SVN/extend programming to server program Allow client to make program customer side utilizing word processor Write documentation Fix bugs Implement linguistic structure highlighting and other additional components if time licenses Timeline ( CTd )

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