Relationship of Indiana Counties, Inc. 2007 Award Winner Local Government Cooperation Award Indiana Association of C

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Hendricks County Radio Project Timeline 2000

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Relationship of Indiana Counties, Inc. 2007 Award Winner Local Government Cooperation Award Indiana Association of Cities and Towns 2007 Award Winner Local Government Cooperation Award

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Hendricks County Radio Project Timeline 2000 – Plainfield introduces 800 mhz simple framework with MECA 2001 – Danville introduces 800 mhz advanced framework with SAFE-T 2003 – Sheriff Quearry starts investigating region wide framework 9/04 – Technical Committee decides $12 million cost for 4 destinations 7/05 – County Council approves $1.00 increment in 911 Fee 7/05 – Technical Committee dispenses with 2 locales, cost decreased to $9 million 8/05 – County Commissioners set up chose authorities aggregate 10/05 – Group starts dialogs on the most proficient method to actualize the Project 1/06 – Discussions swing to Single Dispatch site, lessen cost to $7.5 million 3/27/06 – Elected Officials Meet to Discuss Proposal

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5/13/06 -Committee meets to shape Interlocal Agreement 8/3/06 -MECA, Plainfield and SAFE-T authorities meet to examine MECA work out 8/3/06 -Agencies start consenting to Interlocal Arrangement Signed by each of the 23 Units 8/24/06 -Schneider Engineering starts outline of new dispatch focus 9/19/06 -First meeting of the Governing Board 1/1/07 - Remodeling of Plainfield Police Headquarters starts 1/30/07 – New gear starts to arrive 5/30/07 - Completion of preparing for representatives 7/19/07 - First offices start utilizing new framework 9/17/07 - Final offices are added to framework Fall, 2007 – IACT and AIC Awards for Community Cooperation

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Results of Negations with MECA and SAFE-T SAFE-T has changed it's arrangements and scope since prior transactions Towers in Mooresville, Danville, Jamestown and Zionsville New radio innovation and understandings by MECA and SAFE-T take into consideration both frameworks to work in a similar radio zone, taking into consideration checking of both frameworks. SAFE-T information framework will be associated with the MECA framework, taking into account extensive utilization of the information framework, for Hendricks AND Marion County officers SAFE-T will permit Public Works and School Officials to utilize simple radios on the framework. By utilizing just a single essential framework for the region, dispatchers will have the capacity to react all the more productively and the cost will be incredibly diminished. New talks have started for building up an all inclusive CAD and data framework, shared by both MECA and the State

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OPERATIONAL COMPOSITION Two Boards: Operational Board and Governing Board Operational Board 2 Chief of Police delegates 2 full-time Fire Chief agents 1 Sheriff's Department delegate 1 residential area police office agent 1 provincial fire division delegate EMA Director The Communications Executive Officer – non-voting part Governing Board Plainfield Town Council – Robin Brandgard Hendricks County Commissioner – David Whicker Brownsburg Town Council – TBD on September 14 Danville Town Board – Myron Anderson Avon Town Council – TBD on September 14 Small Town Representative – TBD on September 19 Township Trustee Representative – Tim Griffith, Middle Township Trustee The Boards meet month to month.

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There were 49 dispatchers utilized all through Hendricks County for open security dispatching. The Town of Danville had just 1 to 2 dispatchers on obligation whenever and was hoping to increment to at least 2 for each move. Brownsburg had 2 dispatchers for every move. The Sheriff's Department had 3 to 4 dispatchers for each move. Plainfield had 4 to 5 dispatchers for each move. That implied that with the earlier setup of working 4 dispatch focuses, there were from 10 to 13 dispatchers on obligation at any given time all through the region. The aggregate number would have expanded consistently as the territory keeps on developing, particularly for Danville as they were including 4 more dispatchers soon to achieve the 2 least. With 49 dispatchers in one focus, scope for open security can be extraordinarily improved because of the way that there is a ton of radio down time with 4 distinct destinations. The aggregate number of dispatchers accessible with 49 would be reliably set at 11 to 12.

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After exploring the requirements of Hendricks County, it was recommended that 38 working dispatchers would all that could possibly be needed to give the required scope. This would bring about roughly 8 alloted to a move, with 3 dispatchers planned amid pinnacle times. The new timetable is 12 hours. No representative ought to be constrained from their occupation accordingly of this venture. Keeping in mind the end goal to achieve this, these investment funds will be viewed thus of steady loss. As workers resign, leave or move to different zones inside their specialization, positions will get to be distinctly empty and won't be filled until we achieve the proposed objective. 2007 Estimated Budget Personnel $2,014,900.00 General Operating $270,900.00 Utility Services $16,150.00 Maintenance $36,000.00 Other Services $30,000.00 2007 TOTAL $2,367,950.00 2006 Total for 4 Sites $2,631,550.00 Estimated Savings $263,550.00

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Layout of new Communications Center

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Advantages of The Project One Radio System for Public Safety Communications Fully coordinated Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) One Records Management System for Police and Fire Automated Vehicle Locator (AVL) for nearest auto reaction Reduced Equipment Costs with One Dispatch Center Reduced requirement for labor Reduced Operational Costs Improved Communications between organizations through voice radio, Records Management, in-vehicle information and Emergency Response Fully Compatible with MECA, Indiana State Police and other 800 Mhz frameworks

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The most vital thing that can be refined is to build the level of open wellbeing administration all through Hendricks County. The aggregate correspondences bundle gives voice correspondence on a similar stage, portable information data from the Center to the vehicles or vehicle to vehicle, data sharing through similar Records Management System, the best in class Computer Aided Dispatch programming and a bound together arrangement of dispatching. Through the fiber optic lines that are set up, we expanded the speed at which the data and voice exchanges are led and enhance our effectiveness significantly more, and contact other administrative offices.