Relational abilities for MatE 198B February 2, 2001

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A few Tips for Communication Skills. Phonepresenting so as to compose powerful updates and e-mailsCommunicating a specialized presentationDiscussing a task with your advisorOther. Composing Effective Memorandums and E-sends. Know who your peruser isAsk yourself why you have to send this documentPresent what they need (clear and useful)Be cautious with what you writeUse the title to get their att

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´╗┐Relational abilities for MatE 198B February 2, 2001 Dr. W. Richard Chung Dept. of Chemical and Materials Engineering San Jose State University

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Some Tips for Communication Skills Writing viable notices and messages Communicating by telephone Presenting a specialized introduction Discussing a venture with your counselor Other

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Writing Effective Memorandums and E-sends Know who your peruser is Ask yourself why you have to send this archive Present what they need (clear and helpful) Be watchful with what you compose Use the title to stand out enough to be noticed Don't sort in all upper or lower case or bf Keep your record brief and to the point Proofread your report before sending it out

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Communicating by Phone Direct approach (confine social discussion) Have a point Be responsive Don't get diverted (don't answer approaching calls or accomplish something else) Be straightforward with the inquiries and answers At the finish of a call, abridge the things examined and the moves to be made Don't answer a call while eating Don't make a call early or late

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Presenting A Technical Presentation Develop an unmistakable structure of the slides to be shown Present key data toward the start and end of the session Apply visual guides and move with appropriate velocities Maintain eye contact with crowd At the finish of the discussion, give a brisk survey of the data just displayed

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Discussing A Project with Your Advisor Do some homework before observing your consultant Define the venture Ask clear headings (not very detail) Take notes Provide your view and proposals Outline the extent of the venture and get guide's (composed) endorsement List the general population and gear to be included Decide the specialized technique