Referral of Sexual attack casualties rapesex misuse

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Referral of Sexual attack casualties (assault/sex manhandle) Accident & Emergency deptt GTB clinic

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SEXUAL Offenses Natural offenses: Rape; Incest Unnatural offenses: Sodomy; Tribadism; Bestiality; Buccal sex Sexual mishandle of youngsters 2

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All patients male or female are gotten in principle setback Female patients are refd to deptt. of Gynecology and Obs. for further administration. Male casualties – are dealt with in principle loss.

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DUTIES OF REGISTERED MEDICAL PRACTITIONER TOWARDS STATE Consent Confidentiality Maintenance Of Records Collection And Preservation Of Samples

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STEPS IN SPECIFIC CASES IN RAPE CASE Inform the police After taking assent, medicolegal examination and treatment given Samples for examination of blood, stains, semen, swabs, sweat, hair, nails and so forth saved, fixed, named and sent to police under appropriate receipt Issue medicolegal authentication and send report as right on time as could be expected under the circumstances 5

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EXAMINATION OF PERSON ACCUSED OF SEXUAL ASSAULT Section 53A CrPC Brought by police composed and marked demand Details of examination discoveries Sample protection –Clothing/Blood/Semen test/Pubic hairs for DNA profiling Opinion Age assurance Consent not required

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STEPS IN SPECIFIC CASES IN RAPE CASE THE CrPC 2005 AMENDMENT : Some obligatory focuses for examination: inspected inside 24 hrs subsequent to taking legitimate assent Always analyzed in nearness of female Note the season of begin and the season of end Always state explanations behind all conclusions It is important to keep tests for examination of blood, stains, semen, swabs, sweat, hair, nails, DNA and so forth as required 7

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Guidelines set around hon'ble court A nitty gritty depiction of ambush/manhandle history is said if there should arise an occurrence of young lady casualty therapeutic examination ideally by a female specialist As far as functional –psychiatrist help made accessible to casualty Report arranged as ahead of schedule as would be prudent Parents/gatekeeper whom youngster trust permitted to be available if there should be an occurrence of consequences of examination are probably going to be postponed the same said Emergency restorative treatment/prophylaxis against STD gave when essential/HIV testing after window period After examination tyke allowed to clean up and give crisp apparel if dress is taken as proof Samples Preserved by –SAFE [Sexual mishandle Forensic Evidence] Kit gave in Govt. clinics CHILD ABUSE/SUSPECTED VICTIMS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT/ABANDONED CHILDREN

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MEDICAL EXAMINATION OF VICTIMS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT Section 164A of CrPC Examination just by female enlisted restorative professional if there should arise an occurrence of female casualties Without defer Consent - recorded Note down particulars Complete history Examination – Genital examination and wounds: Standard conventions and rules Preserve tests DNA profiling Emergency Contraception if required Treatment/prophylaxis as required Opinion

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Where? Indicated zone is characterized for all such cases Emergency Department is the range where guys casualties MLC is arranged however once in a while might be in wards after recognition of new discoveries

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COLLECTION AND PRESERVATION OF SAMPLES Gastric lavage/vomitus in harming cases Blood in alcoholic/harming cases/sedate manhandle or for DNA test Clothes in ambush/damage/gun/copy cases Nail clippings in attack/assault cases Vaginal swabs/open hair in assault cases Swabs in un-common sexual offense cases

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PREPARATION OF MEDICOLEGAL REPORT Medicolegal report (MLR) arranged instantly after the examination of a medicolegal case is done It is set up in copy, ideally with a ball-point-pen, in an unmistakable and neat penmanship Cutting/overwriting and so on evaded however much as could be expected and all rectifications appropriately initialed Abbreviations of any kind kept away from 12

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Consent in Medico lawful cases CONSENT FOR MEDICOLEGAL EXAMINATION TO BE TAKEN IN WRITTEN IN ALL CASES Exception : Cases brought by police being captured on charge of submitting an offense Person beneath 12 years/unsound personality assent of gatekeeper is to be taken.

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Information is offered just to I.O. then again any individual assigned by I.O . In the event that the I.O. gives order for any illumination in regards to specific focuses said in the report given, answer is given in composing. Specialists MAINTAIN CONFIDENTIALITY IN ALL MLC CASES

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Important issues Psycho-social support to the casualties Need to change them in families Foster families/mind homes Police security to the casualties/relatives

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Issues of Abused Boys Stigma of homosexuality Loss of opportunity Expected male part manage issues alone don't be so touchy be solid fidelity