Recommendation 6 THE "Protected NEIGHBORHOODS ACT" WHAT DOES IT DO? WHAT Would it be advisable for you to DO ABOUT IT? I

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Suggestion 6:

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Suggestion 6 THE "Sheltered NEIGHBORHOODS ACT" WHAT DOES IT DO? WHAT SHOULD YOU DO ABOUT IT? Displayed by David Steinhart, Director Commonweal Juvenile Justice Program July 29, 2008 Los Angeles

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Proposition 6: "Safe Neighborhoods Act" Scope of the measure… . Reserves $1 billion every year in state stores for neighborhood law authorization & probation operations Adds more than 40 new violations and punishments, bringing about expanded correctional facility & jail populaces Targets packs with concealment laws including new punishments, extended enrollment, common directives, GPS following, lodging expulsions Changes criminal method laws to encourage arraignments and feelings Provides for attempting more minors as grown-ups Establishes new state oversight commission to audit and favor freely subsidized criminal equity programs Numerous different changes in 32 pages of fine print content

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Prop 6: What does it do? Fundamental FUNDING PROVISIONS Prop 6 forever reserves $1 billion every year in state stores for assigned law implementation projects Can be changed just by a ¾ vote of the Legislature Appropriation rises every year with commanded COLAs Earmarked assets won't be accessible for future state needs or spending in different territories, for example, instruction, medicinal services, environment $ 365 million for New projects $ 600 million for Existing projects

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Prop 6: What does it do? JJCPA/Probation Funding Prop 6: What does it do? For all time FUNDED EXISTING PROGRAMS (Citizens Option for Public Safety) (Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act)

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Prop 6: What does it do? For all time FUNDED NEW PROGRAMS

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Prop 6: ADDS MORE THAN 40 NEW CRIMES AND PENALTIES TO CURENT LAW EXAMPLES GANG PARTICIPATION, RECRUITMENT AND REGISTRATION Life expression for group related home burglary, carjacking, witness dangers Doubles jail terms for detainees who carry out posse offenses 5 year jail upgrade for pack enrollment of individual under 14 New lawful offense for putting forth false expressions to police in pack examinations New lawful offense/wrongdoing punishments for inability to enlist New punishments for infringement of posse directives NEW DRUG CRIMES & PENALITES Bumps meth ownership to lawful offense, builds jail terms VEHICLE THEFT No probation for ensuing auto robbery feelings Additional year in jail if burglary was for reason for deal or for recorded different uses New "joyriding" punishments VANDALISM– expands correctional facility and jail terms for group related vandalism offenses REMOVAL OF GPS DEVICE — New violations and punishments for expulsion of GPS gadget

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Prop 6: GANG ENFORCEMENT PACKAGE Prop 6: What does it do? Hostile to GANG PROVISIONS SPENDING - of every single new reserve made by Prop 6… … the share devoted to pack concealment (capture, arraignment, detainment, enrollment, GPS following) = 30% ($100 million/yr.) … the share committed to group counteractive action or mediation = 0% (be that as it may, Prop 6 allocates $10 million/year for "law authorization run youth diversion and group benefit" programs, not focused to posses) NEW GANG SUPPRESSION LAWS– Proposition 6… . includes numerous new violations and punishments for pack related lead builds group enlistment necessities and punishments grows posse common order and claim arrangements expands prosecutor access to grown-up court in adolescent pack cases includes confinements open lodging professedly utilized by groups enlarges the Department of Justice pack information base

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Prop 6: JUVENILE JUSTICE SYSTEM PROP 6 PERPETUALLY FUNDS Schiff Cardenas JJCPA ($125 million/year w/COLAs) SB 81 (DJJ realignment) ($92 million/year w/COLAs) Probation/camp assets ($200 million/year w/COLAs ) PROP 6 GIVES PROBATION AN ADDITIONAL $50 MILLION PER YEAR for adolescent offices and supervision JJCPA AMENDMENT Prop 6 REMOVES COMMUNITY BASED AGENCIES and private suppliers from nearby Juvenile Justice Coordinating Councils SB 81 (DJJ Realignment) AMENDMENT Prop 6 DISALLOWS DIRECT FUNDING OF COUNTY MENTAL HEALTH OR DRUG/ALCOHOL AGENCIES… just PROBATION may get SB 81 reserves

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Prop 6: JUVENILE JUSTICE SYSTEM cont'd TRYING MINORS AS ADULTS… . Prop 6 Amends WIC 707 to assume minors more than 14 charged w/lawful offense pack wrongdoings are "UNFIT" for adolescent court and might be attempted as grown-ups, and Provides that if settled as adolescents, these young might be sent to DJJ paying little respect to the dedication offense found by the court ( i.e., circumvents realignment law points of confinement of SB 81). NEW CRIMES & PENALITES FOR JUVENILES Many of the wrongdoings and punishments included by Prop 6 will apply to adolescents, as new offenses or as "max time" upgrades e.g., GPS expulsion, vandalism, auto burglary, numerous posse offenses

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Prop 6: CRIME PROGRAM COMMISSION Prop 6: CRIME PREVENTION Prop 6 makes the California Early Intervention, Rehabilitation and Accountability Commission Purpose: assess openly financed early intercession and restoration programs, including adolescent projects and recommend proceed or end subsidizing Members : 9 deputies ( 3 Gov, the AG, 2 Leg dominant part, 2 Leg minority and one from the Judicial Council) New guidelines for projects accepting open assets Programs must submit records every year to Commission Programs must hold fast to recorded targets in Prop 6 Programs will be assessed by the commission

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Prop 6: OTHER LAW CHANGES For people wrongfully in the US, precludes safeguard or discharge on OR if accused of a vicious or group offense Permits sheriffs to work transitory correctional facilites in neighborhoods not subject to ordinary prison directions Relaxes noise prove rules for arraignments including witnesses whose inaccessibility is supposedly because of the litigant Disallows great time credits for detainees with up-to-life sentences Requires grown-up probation officers to report any parole infringement to the Board of Parole Hearings

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Prop 6: Who's in support? Prop 6: WHO'S IN SUPPORT? Creators Sen. George & Assemblywoman Sharon Runner, 3-strikes creator Mike Reynolds, San Bernardino Co. Boss Gary Ovitt SUPPORTING ORGANIZATIONS (Partial rundown, starting 8/1/08) CA State Sheriffs Association ( lead part: LA Sheriff Lee Baca) California Police Chiefs' Association Chief Probation Officers of CA District Attorneys Association California Correctional Peace Officers Association CA Probation, Parole & Correctional Association Crime Victims United Multiple Republican Office Holders PROPONENTS' WEBSITE: www.

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WHO'S PAYING FOR PROP 6? Prop 6: Who's Bankrolling Prop 6? HENRY NICHOLAS III IS THE BIGGEST CONTRIBUTOR- - $ 1 MILLION TO DATE Founder of Broadcom "One of world's wealthiest people " (Forbes Magazine, 2006) Invested in other hostile to wrongdoing activities Indicted in June 2008 for securities misrepresentation, sedate violations OTHER LARGE CONTRIBUTORS: Larry Rasmussen $200,000 George Runner for Senate $ 50,000 Gary Ovitt for Supervisor $ 50,000 Golden State Bail Assoc. $ 40,000 LA Deputy Sheriffs $ 25,000 Pechango Band Mission Indians $ 25,000 - Source: Calif. Secretary of State

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Prop 6: Proponents' Brochure

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THE NEED FOR PROP 6 AS ASSERTED BY ITS SUPPORTERS Prop 6: ARGUMENTS USED IN SUPPORT Gang wrongdoing and murder rates in CA are drifting perilously upward- - a criminal equity emergency to which Prop 6 reacts FACT- - While posse manslaughters in Los Angeles are up, statewide California fierce wrongdoing rates including crime are down in the course of the most recent year and essentially bring down in the course of the most recent 20 years (Source: "Wrongdoing in California", CA Dept. of Justice, 2007) New pack concealment laws– with extreme new violations, punishments and indictments—will be successful in battling posse viciousness RESEARCHERS debate this noticing concealment strategies have not been observed to be compelling in lessening group savagery unless joined with techniques that give youth other options to posses. ( Justice Policy Institute, "Pack Wars: the Failure of Enforcement Tactics and the Need for Effective Public Safety Strategies", 2007, at

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THE NEED FOR PROP 6 AS ASSERTED BY ITS SUPPORTERS– cont'd Prop 6: Who's Against Prop 6? Neighborhood open wellbeing programs have lost financing in the CA spending plan contrasted with development in other state-supported projects FACT: According to the Legislative Analyst, the Local Public Safety Fund for law implementation has dramatically increased from $ 1.4 billion in FY 93/94 to over $ 3 billion in FY 08/09. The state spending plan for nearby law implementation surpassed $3.5 billion a year ago. (Source: LAO, FY 08/09 Budget Analysis, Judicial & Criminal Justice) Probation-based adolescent equity operations are under-subsidized by the state FACT: State money related appropriations for probation-run adolescent equity programs have become consistently and essentially in the course of the most recent ten years, ascending from under $100 million in 1997 to more than $400 million in 2007. Prime endowments include: JJCPA ($125 mil), Probation/camp ($200 mil), SB 81 ($66 mil). (Source: California state spending plans FY 96/97 – FY 07/08)

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Prop 6: GROUPS IN OPPOSITION ORGANIZATIONS AGAINST (Partial rundown, starting 8/1/08) California Democratic Party California Teachers Association, Calif. Organization of Teachers Calif. Proficient Firefighters SEIU (Service Employees International Union) Minorities in Law Enforcement Los Angeles City Council, SF Board of Supervisors Youth Advocacy Organizations (Ella Baker Center, Youth Law Center, Children's Defense Fund, CJCJ, others) League of Women Voters of CA Opponents' site :

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PROP 6: OPPONENTS' ARGUMENTS Prop 6: Arguments USED in Opposition Crime s