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Gathering pledges 101 Presented by: Erin Morantz, CFRE, KCI Ketchum Canada Inc.- Consultant Heather Wardle, Seva Canada - Director of Development

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Agenda Understanding the dialect Understanding the raising support environment Understanding the benefactor Understanding raising money programs Understanding the advancement procedure Understanding the part of volunteers Understanding the part of data administration Understanding the part stewardship and acknowledgment Glimpse at how the current monetary downturn is influencing altruism

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Acquisition Annual Giving Bequest Capital Campaign Case proclamation Cultivation Direct Mail Donor Acquisition Donor Pyramid Donor Retention Endowment Gift In Kind Major Gifts Moves Management Planned Giving Prospect/Qualified Prospect Recognition Renewal Solicitation Stewardship Volunteer Fundraising Buzz Words

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Philanthropy in Canada Over 80,000 foundations in Canada 6.8% total national output 12% of Canadians utilized in the magnanimous division Revenues add up to $112 billion every year 78% of people 15 years and more established give cash to philanthropy

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Wide Distribution of Support from Individual Canadians Distribution of Charities

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The measurements let us know… Individual giving will be the foundation of fruitful improvement programs with significant blessings driving the way Donors are more refined and need "effect" and inclusion

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Who or what is a giver? People & Families Corporations/Businesses Employee Groups Foundations Government Associations/Clubs

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to show control impose and money related arranging contemplations pick up impact, proficient progression peer endorsement sense of self satisfaction/self regard acknowledgment from companions relate to a worthwhile motivation of objective genuine longing to/care confidence in the mission everlasting status lessen pessimistic sentiments, blame, fear, outrage express profound feeling - misery (remembrance) or Joy (dedicatory) give something back for the delight of it. Why do individuals give?

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Why do individuals give? Since THEY ARE ASKED!!!!!!

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What are Donors Looking for? Positive picture Vision, uniqueness, desperation Impact on group/society Strong vital arranging/money related administration Prioritized needs Clear depiction and results of the project(s) to be supported "Fit" with the contributor Sense of lastingness

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Donor Bill of Rights Information about mission, utilization of gave assets and authoritative initiative Access to budgetary articulations. Certification that endowments will be utilized as planned Receive proper affirmation and acknowledgment. Certification that endowments took care of with deference and with privacy Expect all associations with association be proficient in nature. To know whether those looking for gifts are volunteers, workers of the association or employed specialists. To expel their name from mailing records Freedom to make inquiries.

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Fund Raising Pyramid Bequests Major endowments Annual Gifts Special Events or Fundraisers

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Donor Pyramids

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Annual Gifts Made from a contributor's income Do not require money related arranging Support the continuous needs of an association – they are the managing blessings Many endowments at lower levels are looked for

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"Stepping stool of Effectiveness" 1. Individual visit by a group 2. Individual visit by one individual 3. Requesting by individual letter with a subsequent telephone call 4. Requesting by individual letter 5. Amass standard mail

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Major Gifts Generally require thought or anticipating the part of a benefactor Fewer sales for bigger blessing sums Generally, the endowments bolster an association's long haul objectives Donors can be people, companies or establishments The key is that somebody must request a huge blessing eye to eye

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Corporate Giving Corporations regularly have set up giving criteria by which they judge projects and associations looking for bolster They are not by and large yearly givers. Rather, they give real blessings to projects and capital The substance of corporate giving in Canada is changing in various ways

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Corporations Looking Beyond Dollars Strategic associations Longer courses of events Greater examination, higher desires Need to oversee rivalry and increment in solicitations Their unique situation: focus on corporate administration, proceeded with increment in rivalry, globalization

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Planned Giving Includes endowments of shares, wills and estates, extra security, and so forth… Usually, just the most modern associations will have a sorted out arranged giving system However, it never damages to make benefactors mindful of the alternatives for offering accessible to them.

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The Donor Development Process Investment ESTATE OR PLANNED GIVING Bequests/Legacies Involvement Planned Gifts MAJOR GIVING Endowment Campaigns Interest Capital and Special Campaigns Major Gifts from Individuals, Corporations and Foundations Information ANNUAL GIVING Special Events Identification Annual Appeal, Direct Mail, Telemarketing Small Gifts from the Public-everywhere

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Donor Development Cycle

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The Constituency Circle Board PAC Staff Students Donors Employers, providers, fruitful graduated class People or associations with comparative premiums

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Why do individuals volunteer? Charitableness Desire to have any kind of effect Desire for status Employer urged representative Desire to create aptitudes and ability Desire to manufacture individual connections Because they were solicited

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Primary capacity from Volunteers Governance i.e. serving on a top managerial staff Set strategy, set up bearing, contract/fire CEO, guarantee monetary uprightness and money related wellbeing Program i.e. being a Big Sister or Big Brother Helping to compose a gathering pledges occasion Development i.e. gathering pledges (i.e. up close and personal sales)

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Staff commitment to volunteers Empower Lead while seeming to take after Provide open doors for significant humanitarian effort Disclose suitable data to empower them in their volunteer obligations Provide introduction and preparing Provide sets of expectations Conduct execution assessments/give compelling input Provide fitting and continuous acknowledgment

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Information Needed Biographical: Individuals: name, address, contact #'s, life partner, boss Organization: name, address, contact #'s, contact names, email deliver Relationship to philanthropy Giving history, graduated class status, volunteer inclusion LAI/Prospect Info Link to the association, giving capacity, zones of intrigue, development status Cultivation & Solicitation Activity Record of benefactor contact (call reports, preparation notes, activity following, recommendations submitted) Recognition & stewardship gave

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How is Donor/Prospect Information Used? To distinguish potential benefactors alongside their LAI (Link, Ability, Interest) To track presents for receipting and acknowledgment purposes To track giving examples so as to decide RFA (recency, recurrence, sum) To track and facilitate "moves" with the prospect/giver

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How is Donor/Prospect Information Collected? Individual contacts Participation records (giving history, volunteer history, past contact amongst contributor and philanthropy) Public data (web, daily papers, look into destinations, business diaries, indexes)

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Ethics & Confidentiality FOIPP (Freedom of data; insurance of protection) APRA Code of Ethics : Confidentiality, precision, pertinence, responsibility, trustworthiness Donor Bill of Rights Code of Ethical Fundraising Practices

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Difference between Stewardship & Recognition Stewardship is the way toward guaranteeing the benefactor's blessing is utilized as planned and that the utilization, effect and consequences of their blessing are imparted back to the giver, in this way picking up their certainty Recognition is one component of compelling contributor stewardship. Acknowledgment can be utilized to respect a blessing (yearly) or the relationship (aggregate) or both.

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Recognition Methods Naming open doors Donor dividers Donor thank you occasions Plaques/tokens Thank you letters & telephone assembles Conferences with senior administration

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Stewardship Methods Stewardship reports Newsletters Meeting with key constituents required in the supported region. Welcome to occasions relating to the supported range (i.e. ground breakings, grants services). Visits The way to great stewardship is correspondence.

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Helpful assets Henry A. Rosso, Achieving Excellence in Fundraising – the Bible of raising support http://www.afpvancouver.org/Association of Fundraising Professionals http://www.cagp-acpdp.org/en/default.aspx Canadian Association of Gift Planners http://www.malwarwick.com/learning-assets/gathering pledges articles by Mal Warwick

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More accommodating connections http://www.blackbaud.com/organization/assets/giftrange/giftcalc.aspx An online blessing range outline number cruncher http://www.kciphilanthropy.com/Ketchum Canada Inc. also, distributers of Philanthropic Trends

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More supportive connections www.charityvillage.com www.givingandvoluntering.ca www.globalphilanthropy.ca http://www.sofii.org/A showcase for raising support http://www.networkforgood.org/Lots of assets and tips on internet gathering pledges