Quality Teaching and Learning in Milwaukee

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Quality Teaching and Learning in Milwaukee

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Education Partnership Launched to Curb Downward Trends Frostbelt City, USA – A recently shaped grounds group association is manufactured among new partners - school boss, union head, business master, workforce expert, specialized and four–year CEOs - to put "each youngster on level in perusing, composing and math."

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Partnership Collaboration

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Increase understudy accomplishment Improve the nature of instructing and learning Address systemic issues crosswise over instructive establishments Goals

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Broad Initiative Assure that each tyke in MPS is performing at or above level in reading, composing, and arithmetic

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Five Breakthrough Strategies Balanced Literacy Framework School Learning Teams Professional Development Monitor and Report Student Progress Tutoring and Family Literacy

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Implementation Team Partner associations Weekly Meetings Action Plans

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Priority 1 - Balanced Literacy Definition The adjusted proficiency structure is a complete proficiency program that gives an adjust of ability advancement and education rich exercises over every branch of knowledge.

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Word Study/Vocabulary Guided Reading Shared Reading/Collaborative Reading Shared Writing Interactive Writing Guided Writing/ Writer's Workshop Balanced Literacy Framework Reading Aloud/Oral Reading Writing Speaking Listening Deep Thinking Researching Independent Reading and Writing

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Purpose Assist in giving extensive support to guarantee all understudies exhibit proficiency at adequate levels of development. Need 2 – School Learning Teams

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School Learning Teams Responsibilities Emphasize accomplishment and proficiency Provide assets for proficiency Assist with instruction arrange Assist in checking understudy advance Support and direct proficient improvement

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Priority 3 - Professional Development Provide nonstop expert advancement around the Balanced Literacy Framework over every single substance territory

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Professional Development Highly Trained Literacy Coaches + School Learning Teams + Competent, Caring Staff = Improved Teaching and Learning

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Priority 4 – Monitor and Report Student Progress Develop a Plan to Monitor and Report Progress of Students

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Monitoring and Reporting Student Progress at the understudy level classroom level school level region level

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Priority 5 – Tutoring and Family Literacy Focus on enhancing accomplishment in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics

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Strategies Provide mentors/advocates Identify a guide organizer Recruit and prepare volunteers Provide parent exercises Tutoring and Family Literacy

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Leaders of Milwaukee resolved to: shared vision shared obligation, and shared power for guaranteeing the scholarly achievement of MPS understudies

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What's the news here? Sharing and understudy achievement Research-based approach Comprehensive, yet engaged Outcomes driven Systemic