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´╗┐QUALITY ENGINEERING EDUCATION AT DUET FOR NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Prof. Dr. - Ing. M. Anwarul Azim Vice-Chancellor Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology (DUET), Gazipur Exit

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INTRODUCTION Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology (DUET), Gazipur is one of the presumed colleges for the investigation of Engineering in Bangladesh. Around 40 km far from Dhaka, it is one of the five Public Engineering Universities of Bangladesh. It is the main state funded college for graduation of Diploma Engineers in Bangladesh. From the first September 2003, the Institute has begun its voyage as an undeniable University named as Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology, Gazipur. Till today, it has delivered around 3000 graduates in various branches of building and has set up a decent notoriety everywhere throughout the world for the nature of its graduates. Exit

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SOME SPECIAL FEATURES OF DUET The college has some uncommon elements. These are: It is the main state funded college in Bangladesh for Diploma Engineers to get graduation. One of the best practices of the college is that its scholastic exercises are not hampered by a political distress ( Hartal/strike ), which is uncommon in Bangladesh. Address arrangements are provided to the understudies ahead of time. Course materials are additionally accessible in the college site for simple access to the understudies. Exit

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SOME SPECIAL FEATURES OF DUET The college has some exceptional components. These are: In conclusive examination, one test is every week with no preliminary leave. This diminishes weight on the understudies and in addition helps in keeping away from session stick. The college is truly working towards accomplishing accreditation. An on-grounds English Language Club helps the understudies to enhance their English dialect aptitude. Exit

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SOME SPECIAL FEATURES OF DUET The college has some exceptional elements. These are: Establishment of an English Language Laboratory for the understudies is going on. Smoking is entirely denied inside the grounds. Manor and planting are consistently drilled inside the grounds to guarantee a solid domain. Exit

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Engineers are the modelers of the general public and the college's significant push is to deliver quality graduate specialists. To speed up the monetary development towards accomplishing Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) designing labor is crucial. Mirroring the need of the general public, the college is creating more graduate architects than in the past to take care of the demand. In addition, the college has officially settled some new building divisions (e.g., Computer Science and Engineering, Textile Engineering) to satisfy the need of the general public. Scholastic ACTIVITIES Exit

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Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Goal(8) Develop worldwide association for Development Target-18 Make accessible advantages of new innovations, uniquely Information and Communication advancements Exit

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Quality designing instruction is certainly a stage towards achieving the MDGs. Access to present day offices like PCs and broadband web is extremely accessible for every one of the understudies. Cutting edge apparatus and gear, current showing technique and state-of-the-art course educational program are key with a specific end goal to meet the worldwide difficulties . The college has as of now presented sight and sound based training framework. Scholarly ACTIVITIES Exit

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The educators and understudies of this college are earnestly required in scholastic exercises. As an aftereffect of this exertion, as of late, four understudies of this college have gotten the Prime Minister's Gold Medal for their incredible result at the undergrad level. Scholastic ACTIVITIES Exit

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UNIVERSITY - INDUSTRY COOPERATION Quality building training is improved by collaborations with ventures. There is almost no extent of enhancing the down to earth designing information amid the undergrad think about. For the advancement and advantage of the understudies, the college is organizing study visits to the current enterprises so that the understudies can procure up and coming pragmatic information. Such cooperation between the college and the business broadens the part of the college in the national improvement. Exit

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REASRCH ACTIVITIES The instructors of this college are effectively required in research program. Their exploration papers are distributed routinely in the national and global diaries. As acknowledgment of the astounding examination, four educators of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department of this college got the IEB Best Paper Award at the Golden Jubilee Convention of the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh. Exit

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CONSULTANCY, RESEARCH AND TESTING SERVIES (CRTS) A huge part of the college exercises is the trying, admonitory and consultancy administrations including innovative work for ventures and associations of national significance. It gives interview and testing administrations in the different fields. These administrations are routinely offered by the college and are thought to be of awesome help by the customers. These sorts of exercises give the educators the chances to increase some significant experience. As a part of the consultancy and counseling administrations, the college additionally directs examination of determination of Engineers and Officers for arrangement in different associations. For instance, it directed examination of Senior Officer for Bangladesh Shilpa Bank and Assistant Engineer for Public Health Engineering Department. In this manner, through CRTS, DUET is imparting learning and skill to ventures. Exit

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CONSULTANCY, RESEARCH AND TESTING SERVIES (CRTS) Major Consultancy Services for Bangladesh Bank's Head Office, Motijheel,Dhaka Modernization and Extension Works of Close Circuit Television (CCTV) System. Fire Detection and Alarm System with coordinated Public address System Access Control System Exit

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DEVELOPMENT PROJECT Teachers are effectively required at various phases of improvement works of DUET. They are, as a team with Education Engineering Department, looking into the outline, directing the development, testing materials, and giving recommendation at various phases of development works. An advancement extend for development of 14-storied scholarly building is in advance at DUET with dynamic investment of its educators. Exit

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DEVELOPMENT PROJECT An assembly hall has been built inside the grounds as of late. Other improvement undertakings are going all out. These include: development of quarters working for postgraduate understudies and single guy instructors; development of understudies lobbies of living arrangement; development of library building et cetera. Educators are contributing their insight and involvement in these improvement extends so as to finish the advancement works in due time. Exit

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OTHER FACILITIES WITHIN THE CAMPUS The college commits impressive exertion and assets to the improvement of an extraordinary library gathering to meet the extending need of educating and inquire about, and to serve as an asset reference focus. The library has an automated data framework to give data about library materials to its individuals. The physical training focus gives diverse games offices to the understudies to gain physical wellness fundamental for solid personality and body. The college keeps up a wonderful play area for football, cricket, badminton, volleyball and so forth. The physical instruction focus masterminds focal inside and outside games rivalry yearly. The college additionally sorts out yearly social rivalries and infrequent social program on some uncommon occasions like festival of various national days. Exit

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CONCLUSION Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology (DUET), Gazipur is giving quality designing instruction to national improvement to meet the difficulties of the 21st century. The best practices of DUET incorporate Hartal free grounds, smoking free grounds, examination of one subject for every week without preliminary leave et cetera. Different colleges, instructive establishments and different associations can gain from these best practices for the advancement of their associations and, all things considered, for the improvement of Bangladesh. Exit