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2. Body: Board of Directors of the foundationBOE: Board of Education of the schoolED:Executive Director of the establishment, whether volunteer, low maintenance, or full timeGWT: Generational Wealth TransferMD: Major benefactors NPO: Not revenue driven associations, establishments are NPO\'sPMO: Profit making associations, most organizations exist as PMO\'sSF/EF/LEF: School foundationSuper: Superintendent.

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Attributes of School Foundation Leadership A NSFA Production Prepared particularly for the MASB Annual School Foundation Conference

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Abbreviations & Terms BOD: Board of Directors of the establishment BOE: Board of Education of the school ED: Executive Director of the establishment, regardless of whether volunteer, low maintenance, or full time GWT: Generational Wealth Transfer MD: Major benefactors NPO: Not revenue driven associations, establishments are NPO's PMO: Profit making associations, most organizations exist as PMO's SF/EF/LEF: School establishment Super: Superintendent

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Value of School Foundations Improves correspondence with the group Raises attention to class and area's needs Offers volunteer open doors Provides elective subsidizing hotspots for schools Marshals people group assets for the school Offers an open door for the group to express its support for the group's kids… its future

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8 Leadership Positions Discussed ED: Executive Director, the individual with whom I am talking today. Body/Board of Directors of a K12 Foundation Board Chair Superintendent or Principal BOE: Board of Education/School Board Core Group of the board Committees of the board Advisory board Consultants

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What You Want! The 3: W's T's, G's And… … .. Dependable Donor Creative Bold Influential Well known

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What They Want! The 3: R's And… .. A dream without bounds (for the offspring of the group) to take after A mission to keep them on the right way A chance to accomplish something critical, inventive, initiative (Herzberg) Volunteer brain science JD/Work Evaluations Create desires

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What They Want… Continued Board Exchange Theory by Marabella, Purdue U. 1991 Have individual contact with every BOD part at any rate once per year. Ask for criticism from BOD, give them a chance to convey what needs be. Ask them for what good reason they are serving on the board What are they anticipating from their administration

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Leader Recognition Possibilities Events, Signature Events Pictures in the paper or establishment writing, yearly report Pictures on the divider (school, establishment, post office) Recognition tree, acknowledgment stepping stool Welcome letter from the most noteworthy authorities of the school or establishment Call, content, email (individual) on birthday or commemoration. Request their sentiment Take them with you on a benefactor call or NSFA meeting Celebration supper/night out Personalized blessing: pen, paper weight, and so forth

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1. The BOD The Board of Directors (BOD) ought to be an intense group, constructing and build up the establishment. The people group will judge the establishment by the general population on their board. Establishment chiefs interface the school and group.

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Why Have a Board Legally Required by most states IRS necessity for NPO's chasing or keeping up expense exclusion Practically Planning Organization Operations Audits Seek financing for tasks Successfully Help accomplish mission Create better schools for understudies

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BOD Performance Domains Participates in creating and illuminating the K12 establishment's main goal Articulates a dream for the eventual fate of the association Participates in vital arranging, growing unmistakably achievable 3-5 year objectives.

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BOD Performance Domains Promotes practical and dependable board advisory groups to help fulfill the objectives of the board Recruits and chooses new board individuals and furnishes them with introduction and preparing

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BOD Performance Domains Participates in gathering pledges endeavors by Identifying contributors Cultivating givers Soliciting benefactors Donates every year to the school establishment The board must set a case by giving liberally (look for three year responsibilities)

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Are your board individuals givers to the establishment?

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Average yearly sum raised in the course of recent years versus Body desire to gather pledges

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Average yearly sum raised in the course of recent years versus nearness of an Executive Director

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How Many Directors?

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Board Recruitment (2 styles) Financially solid, surely understood: monetary movers and shakers of the group Politically right: build up an enrollment network, speaking to all intrigue gatherings of the group. Age & sex Occupations, CPA, lawyer, Prior NPO or school/college establishment encounter Those with associations Interest bunches spoke to Fireball/hard worker/shaker and mover/excited

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Board Selection A 1999 Oregon school establishment concentrate found the accompanying as different techniques used to pick individuals inside its state: 12% Appointed by school board 85% Appointed by the current establishment board individuals 12% Selected by their particular agent aggregate 3% Others 0% Elected

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Improving Board Performance Duty of Care: act in a sensibly educated way and help administer the partnership Duty of Loyalty: Board individuals must put the interests of the establishment above individuals or outsiders Duty of Obedience: Follow the by-laws and articles of consolidation

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Ineffective Boards Ineffective: Mild to direct intrigue Fund-fear Role disarray Financial setback Recruitment confusion Lack of key arrangement Stephen R. Piece, Why NPO's Fail, Jossey Bass

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Leadership proceeded with (fabricate the group!) Board Chair Single most compelling position on the board Choose from those with earlier NPO experience, or expert authority encounter. Director/Building Principal Understands his/her part (Rand think about) Help distinguish and develop benefactors Keep educated, meet with by and by Donates by and by Keeps whatever is left of the authoritative group on board also. Keeps the BOE on board too

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Leadership proceeded with (construct the group!) Board of Education Willing to utilize position of authority in generosity Understand the need to work and put resources into this territory Help recognize and develop contributors. Gives by and by Stays associated with the BOD by means of ex officio part's Core Group of the Board Recognize and support this gathering

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Leadership proceeded with (assemble the group!) Board of Education Willing to utilize position of authority in generosity Understand the need to work and put resources into this region Help distinguish and develop contributors. Gives by and by Stay associated by means of ex officio part's Advisory Board Don't neglect them. Specialists; real giver work, capital battles, arranged giving, approaches & methodology, key arranging.

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Improving Board Performance Establish a load up introduction time Develop JD's for all related with the establishment Develop a load up handbook to monitor all choices, by-laws, articles and so on. Request yearly assessment of every part (self-assessment… see joined) Develop JD's for advisory groups Annual assessment of every council

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Benchmarks of Board Success Effectively choosing and selecting new individuals (a year round process) New part introduction Annual meeting (setting objectives for the coming year) Writing new arrangements and methods Developing a complete yearly report Conducting a yearly withdraw: Set spending FR objectives for the year Review approaches, methodology, by-laws, mission and vision Review undertaking improvement segments

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Other updates D&O/E&O protection set up. (statutory obligation shield) Incorporate term limits (3-1-3 or 3-3-1) Add an irreconcilable circumstance approach Schedule 8-10 gatherings for the year Encourage dynamic panels answering to the board. Survey the appended rundown of "What Boards Do"

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Sample Job Description Ideally, an expected set of responsibilities is given to the forthcoming volunteer before he/she is made a request to make a guarantee. Name or title of the volunteer employment/position. Brief general portrayal of the position, including: Purpose and how it identifies with the objectives and destinations of the association. Essential obligations Expected outcomes Qualifications required to play out the occupation well (Skills, information, or potentially encounter; incorporate physical necessities, assuming any)

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Sample Job Description Time required, including: Number of hours every week/month Length of duty Expected beginning date Name of individual to whom capable Support framework gave by the association: Budget Meeting space or other space gave Orientation/preparing required and by whom gave (If pertinent) staff individual allocated to work with the volunteer or gathering http://www.arts.state.tx.us/toolbox/philanthropic/jobdescript.asp

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Resources Stephen Block, Why Nonprofits Fail , Jossey-Bass Jim Collogan, School Foundation Textbook , NSFA Fisher Howe, Welcome to the Board , Jossey-Bass Sharon Oster, Strategic Management for Nonprofit Organizations , Oxford University Press Smith, Bucklin & Associates, Inc., The Complete Guide to Nonprofit Management , John Wiley & Sons, Inc. NSFA Bookstore: www.schoolfoundations.org