PUJ in Steed Shoe Kidney

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History. 10 yr old boyPresented with h/o right loin torment 2 wkVomiting ,Dysuria, No feverPast h/o UTIs presentEvaluated for renal issues before with USGFound to have steed shoe kidney prior. Assessment. Hb 12.4; TC 10300; P81, L18, E1, Plt 1.51BUN 14, Cr 0.6, Na 138, K 4.3, Cl 104, HCo3 21Urine R/E 2-3 PC, Protein: nilUrine C

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´╗┐PUJ in Horse Shoe Kidney Harsha, Vineeth P. Soundararajan, S. Ramesh Babu Dept of Radiology, Nephrology & Pediatric Urology Sri Ramachandra Medical College Sri Ramachandra University

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History 10 yr old kid Presented with h/o right loin torment 2 wk Vomiting ,Dysuria, No fever Past h/o UTIs exhibit Evaluated for renal issues before with USG Found to have horse shoe kidney prior

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Evaluation Hb 12.4; TC 10300; P81, L18, E1, Plt 1.51 BUN 14, Cr 0.6, Na 138, K 4.3, Cl 104, HCo3 21 Urine R/E 2-3 PC, Protein: nil Urine C&S: no development

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DTPA examine

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CT Scan

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CT remaking

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CT arrange laparoscopy

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Cystoscopy & RGP

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Laparoscopy port positions 30 o rt side up 5 Head Foot 10 5 10

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Horse Shoe Kidney Most normal of all renal combination irregularities Two particular renal masses lying vertically on either side of the midline Connected at lower posts by a strong or stringy isthmus that crosses the midplane of the body Horseshoe kidney happens in 0.25% of the populace, or around 1 in 400 people More regular in guys 2:1

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Horse Shoe Kidney 1/3 stay asymptomatic When indications display: identified with math hydronephrosis, or disease. UPJ deterrent bringing about critical hydronephrosis happens in 1/3 Imaging like CT or RGP frequently required Treatment relies on upon the issue

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