Protection and Security Ramifications of Distributed computing

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14 October 2009 : OECD Technology Foresight Forum on Cloud Computing ... Distributed computing makes IT really worldwide: it amplifies cross-fringe protection issues

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Protection and Security Implications of Cloud Computing 17 November 2009 - IGF Laurent Bernat - OECD

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OECD Technology Foresight Forum on Cloud Computing 14 October 2009 : OECD Technology Foresight Forum on Cloud Computing Government, Business, Civil Society, Technical Community

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The Cloud (of popular expressions) Regulatory Requirements Community Private Cloud Public Cloud Commodity Public Cloud Private Cloud SLA's Enterprise Public Cloud Hybrid Cloud Closed Private Cloud Storage as a Service ASP CloudBursting Software as a Service Cloud Stacks Web 3.0 Inter Cloud On-preface Security 1.3a Information as a Service Infrastructure as a Service Elastic Computing Clustering Management as a Service Security as a Service Off-commence Portability Resource Democratization Platform as a Service Web 2.0 Integration as a Service Time-Sharing Database as a Service Abstraction of Infrastructure Process as a Service Interoperability Testing as a Service Grid Computing Hybrid Pricing Pay As You Go Hardware Virtualization Utility Based Consumption Desktop Virtualization Subscription Pricing Presentation Virtualization Application Virtualization Source : Gaurav Verma , SAS, OECD Cloud Computing Forum, 14 October 2009

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Cloud registering is… « A demonstrate for empowering helpful, on-request arrange access to a mutual pool of configurable figuring assets that can be quickly provisioned and discharged with insignificant administration exertion or administration supplier interaction » (US NIST) Various kinds of the Cloud: Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Software as a Service (level of client control) Public Cloud, people group Cloud, Private Cloud Difference between Cloud Computing and Web 2.0 applications ?

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… driven by genuine advantages Many advantages Cost Speed of advancement Scalability Ease of utilization Reduction of lawful multifaceted nature Environmental effect (green ICT) Security, dependability Many of these advantages encourage development Concerns everyone: Individuals, SMEs, Large firms, Governments, NGOs Opportunity for improvement (« Could computing »)

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But there are issues… Economic effect (e.g. business) Competition Standards Discrepancies in lawful administrations Environmental effect Security Privacy

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Security & protection Security in the Cloud versus Security today Security is setting subordinate. Hazard appraisal and administration are crucial Cloud figuring makes IT really worldwide: it amplifies cross-outskirt security issues « Laws are inhenrently neighborhood, Cloud is inalienably global » Problems aren't new. Their scale is. Need to better comprehend the plans of action

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OECD Work Main test is to devise strategy approaches that encourage security and protection without smothering advancement. « How to turn security/protection as an upper hand to the market as opposed to a showstopper » Work on monetary parts of security

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OECD Work 2007Recommendation on Privacy Law Enforcement Co-operation 2008 Seoul Ministerial Draft Report on the Changing Privacy Environment

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30 th Anniversary Conference (2010) Followed by a Review of the Privacy Guidelines

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Conclusion Cloud processing is an essential pattern Issues are not new. The scale is. Cross-outskirt challenges International participation and exchange Need for creative arrangements that will cultivate advancement AND security/protection

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