Prospects in space-based Gamma-Beam Cosmology for Europe - Goal of the meeting

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Grandiose Vision 2020. Schedule - april 2004 : call for subjects for Cosmic Vision 2020 - first ... foundation like

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Prospects in space-based Gamma-Ray Astronomy for Europe - Objective of the meeting Jürgen Knödlseder Center d'Etude Spatiale des Rayonnements, Toulouse, France

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Definition of the ESA program for the period 2015-2025 « … alter on the future science focuses of our space group …  » « … set the plan for key zones of important mechanical improvement …  » Past activities : 1984/5 ( Horizon 2000) & 1994/5 ( Cosmic Vision 2004-2014) Cosmic Vision 2020

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Calendar - april 2004 : call for topics for Cosmic Vision 2020 - first june 2004 : deadline, ~ 150 proposition got - summer 2004 : definition of subjects for Cosmic Vision - 15-16 september 2004 : Cosmic Vision workshop, UNESCO, Paris - 19-21 april 2005 : ESLAB Symposium, ESTEC, Noordwijk - summer 2005 : final report - end of 2005 (?) : first call for mission recommendations Cosmic Vision 2020 topics AWG Other universes and life in the universe The early Universe The advancing fierce universe FPAG Toward quantum gravity Beyond the standard model The gravitational wave universe SSWG From the Sun to the Earth and past Tracing the inception of the close planetary system Life and tenability in the nearby planetary group and past Cosmic Vision 2020

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The contribution of the gamma-beam group Cosmic Vision 2020 Hard X and Gamma-beam Polarization : a definitive measurement (E. Caroli) MeV Gamma-Ray Science (R. Diehl) Exploring the hard X-/gamma-beam continuum sky at exceptional sensitivty (F. Frontera) Nuclear astronomy - Gamma-beam Spectroscopy in the MeV Domain (J. Knödlseder) Probing the high vitality universe (F. Lebrun) Gamma Ray Burst polarization (N. Produit) Unveiling the High Energy Obscured Universe : chasing crumpled items material science (P. Ubertini)

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15-16 september 2004 (UNESCO, Paris) Cosmic Vision Workshop Presentation of the 9 topics Darwin and XEUS develop as future « cornerstone-like » missions for stargazing inside Cosmic Vision 2020 The Evolving Violent Universe : subjects (C. Done presentation) - major cooperations : gravity (e.g. BH) - major cooperations : ultradense matter (e.g. NS) - dark gaps at high z - supernovae and GRBs - nucleosynthesis and life cycles of matter Requirements of cutting edge X-beam observatory (C. Done) - expansive territory (10 m 2 ) - wide bandpass (0.1 - 100 keV) - high spatial determination (2-5 arcsec) - high unearthly determination (1-2 eV) - quick identifiers (µs) - polarimetry

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The high-vitality guide - the AWG vision Cosmic Vision Workshop Only X-beam observatory in view ! ?

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Paris Workshop Cosmic Vision 2020 and gamma-beams So far, gamma-beam space science is practically missing in Cosmic Vision 2020 - science (C. Done presentation) : « … MeV lines from supernova leftovers …  » (i.e. nucleosynthesis) - innovation (A. Peacock presentation) : « … gamma-beam imager …  » (i.e. Laue diffraction focal point, L2) Too numerous topics ? An excessive number of missions ? Coordination ? ESLAB Symposium ESA consented to give an opening to the European gamma-beam group to display their logical prospects The ball is presently in our field … we should play it well !!!

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Fundamental Physics from Space - space as research center for principal material science - spearheading gravitational wave cosmology with ESA Space Astronomy (1) - different universes and life in the Universe - the arrangement of planets, stars, and worlds Space Astronomy (2) - the lively universe - the dull side of the universe Solar System (1) - our comprehension of the nearby planetary group every so often - from Sun to Earth and past : the plasma universe Solar System (2) - following the inception of the close planetary system - life and tenability in the close planetary system and past ESLAB Symposium

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The Energetic Universe ESLAB Symposium The vigorous Universe, Barcons (30 min) At the wilderness of X-beam stargazing, mapping the turning surface of separated neutron stars , Caraveo (20 min) Opening another window to central physical science and astronomy : X-beam polarimetry , Costa (20 min) Prospects in space-based gamma-beam cosmology, Knödlseder (20 min)

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Workout the logical key inquiries of our field The goals for now Convert these logical key inquiries into a mission philosophie ESLAB symposium presentation Science targets - The Comptonised Universe (A. Zdziarski) - Nuclear Astrophysics (R. Diehl) - Cosmic quickening agents (G. Kanbach) Mission ideas - Coded veil telescope for gamma-beams (P. Ubertini) - Polarization estimations (E. Caroli) - Laue focal point for hard X-beams (F. Frontera) - Laue focal point for gamma-beams (P. von Ballmoos) - Compton-combine telescope (G. Kanbach)