Prologue to the Night Sky

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Prologue to the Night Sky Spring 2007 Heart of the Valley Astronomers

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Io and Eruptions

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Planets versus Stars Mars Arcturus Vega Uranus Planets show up as plates of light in a telescope. Stars look like littler pinpoints.

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How long would it take Voyager II… Neptune? 12 years Sirius? … to reach About 180,000 years

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Planets are much nearer Neptune = 2.8 billion miles How does this contrast with a stroll on Earth? The Corvallis Clinic Think about a stroll from Wilson School to… versus Sirius – very nearly 19,000x more remote than Neptune = 52 trillion miles The South Pole

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Star Colors & Temperature

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Nebula – Gas Clouds

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Leo's Galaxies

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Where do we get seasons? Sun based vitality From the tilt of Earth as it twists

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Earth's air stops a considerable measure of vitality!

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Refractor Telescope

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Reflector Telescope

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Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope

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Getting Started