Prologue to Commercial Building Energy Efficiency through EPA s ENERGY STAR system

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Plot. Class ObjectivesENERGY STAR for Commercial Buildings

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Prologue to Commercial Building Energy Efficiency through EPA's ENERGY STAR program Week 4: Benchmarking Buildings and Prioritizing Improvements inside a Portfolio of Buildings

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Outline Class Objectives ENERGY STAR for Commercial Buildings—Benchmarking Buildings and Prioritizing Improvements inside a Portfolio of Buildings ENERGY STAR Energy Management Tools Benchmarking with Portfolio Manager Live Demonstration Benchmarking a Portfolio of Buildings Building Upgrade Manual Getting Started on Your Commercial Project Building

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Class Objectives After today's address, you will have the capacity to: Benchmark the vitality utilization of a building utilizing month to month vitality bills and other required building information Analyze and disclose the benchmarking results to others in the class (and perhaps the building proprietor/chief) utilizing information from Portfolio Manager Generate a Statement of Energy Performance and a Data Checklist from Portfolio Manager for a building and audit the information to affirm its exactness Explain how to distinguish need ventures with an arrangement of structures

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ENERGY STAR Energy Management Tools

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ENERGY STAR Resources Guidelines for Energy Management STEP 1: Commit to Continuous Improvement STEP 2: Assess Performance STEP 3: Set Goals STEP 4: Create Action Plan STEP 5: Implement Action Plan STEP 6: Evaluate Progress STEP 7: Recognize Achievements

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ENERGY STAR Resources Building Upgrade Manual Plan and execute beneficial vitality sparing building updates using five phases: Retrocommissioning Lighting redesign Load diminishments Air appropriation frameworks overhaul HVAC redesign Cash Flow Opportunity (CFO) Calculator Helps answer three basic inquiries regarding effectiveness ventures: How much new vitality proficiency gear can be bought from the expected investment funds? Ought to this gear buy be financed now or is it better to hold up and utilize money from a future spending plan? Is cash being lost by sitting tight for a lower loan fee?

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Benchmarking with Portfolio Manager

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Benchmarking through ENERGY STAR permits you to: Compare one working against a national example of comparative structures Compare the majority of your structures of a comparable sort to each other Set needs for utilization of restricted staff time or potentially speculation capital

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Portfolio Manager Benchmark the vitality utilization of all structures –receive a vitality utilize force (EUI). Numerous structures, including office structures can get vitality execution appraisals on a 1-100 scale. Track changes in vitality and water use after some time in single structures, gatherings of structures, or whole portfolios. Track and report cost funds and CO 2 outflows. Apply for the ENERGY STAR. Benchmarking

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Houses of Worship K-12 Schools Office Buildings Dormitories Bank/Financial Institutions Medical Offices Hospitals Retail Stores Warehouses Hotels Wastewater Treatment Plants Data Centers Supermarkets Courthouses ENERGY STAR Score Eligible Building Types

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Examples of Non-Ratable Space Types Police Stations Fire Stations Assisted Living Facilities Convention Centers Laboratories Libraries Malls Movie Theaters Restaurants Stadiums and Arenas

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Portfolio Manager Four Simple Steps 1. Make/alter a Portfolio Manager account 2. Include/alter a property 3. Include/alter a space 4. Include/alter vitality meters

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Required Information for Benchmarking in Portfolio Manager Building Identifiers Name, road address, postal division for climate standardization Space Type Data (office illustration) Square film, hours of operation, Number of specialists on fundamental move , # of PC's, Percent of gross floor region that is aerated and cooled, warmed Energy Use Bldg particular receipt data from all acquired vitality. Start with no less than 11 back to back months for each source and refresh with month to month use information.

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Energy Use: How to Read an Utility Bill

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Assess Performance for Smart Energy Management Verify picks up from update endeavors Require particular rating picks up from specialist co-ops in select building sorts, for example, office or stockroom

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Identify Best Opportunities for Energy Efficiency Improvements Identify failing to meet expectations structures to focus for vitality effectiveness changes Establish baselines to set objectives and measure advance

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Track Progress Over Time Set a custom standard and screen vitality productivity enhancements some time recently, amid, and after an overhaul extend View percent change in climate standardized vitality utilize force Track diminishments in nursery gas outflows Monitor vitality and water costs

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Document Savings Results Provide straightforwardness and responsibility to help exhibit vital utilization of capital change subsidizing Quickly and precisely show reserve funds for an individual building or whole portfolio: Energy utilize GHG emanations Water utilize Energy costs Download execution measurements from Portfolio Manager into Excel Generate a Statement of Energy Performance (SEP) for each building, abridging vital execution markers, including vitality power and CO 2 discharges Generate an Energy Performance Report indicating decreases in key pointers over a client determined day and age Visit to begin

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Live Demonstration

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Benchmarking a Sample Commercial Building utilizing Portfolio Manager Demo

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Access Portfolio Manager Web Page Click BUILDINGS & PLANTS on the ENERGY STAR landing page. Tap the Portfolio Manager connection to login or make another record Click Portfolio Manager to peruse more about the rating framework. (1) (2) (3)

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Creating an Account

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Creating an Account

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Adding a Property

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Adding a Property

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Add/Edit a Space Adding a Space

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Adding a Space

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Adding a Space

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Adding Energy Meters

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Entering Energy Use

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Statement of Energy Performance Objective: The SEP can be produced for purposes other than applying for the ENERGY STAR LEED-EB confirmation prepare Real bequest exchanges Maintaining a Facility Summary Report Process: User chooses era of execution Tool creates outline with vitality utilize, cost, and outflows figures

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Generating a SEP

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Generating a SEP

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Generating a SEP

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Generating a SEP Building Information Energy Performance Verification of Indoor Air Quality

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Benchmarking a Portfolio of Buildings

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Downloading Import Templates (1) Click the Import Facility Data interface, and on the following screen, right tap on the fancied layout connect. Select "Spare Target As," and take after the guidelines. (1)

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Import Template Overview Be certain to populate the User, Facilities, Primary Space, and Energy Use tabs with the required information. Extra tabs are incorporated for directions and auxiliary space sorts (assuming any). Take note of: The accompanying is a case of how to utilize the import layout. While this illustration demonstrates to you best practices to import information for an office space (general or courthouse) into the Portfolio Manager, the procedure is comparative for other space sorts. In the User tab, enter your login name, demonstrate client contact data, and react to discretionary inquiries for EPA following purposes. Utilize the Facilities , Space , Energy Use, and Water Use tabs to fill in the required information. For extra space sorts, fill in fields for Parking Space, Data Center Space , and Swimming Pool (if accessible). Perused the Instructions and Import Tips tabs for data on the import procedure and information necessities. To import the information into Portfolio Manager, email the finished layout to

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Populating and Importing Data from Import Template Populate information fields with fundamental office data (Facilities tab) Space Use data (Office Space tab)

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Populating and Importing Data from Import Template Energy Use information required in Portfolio Manager (Energy Use tab)

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How to Access Portfolio Manager Single Building Manual Entry Enter building and vitality utilization data into Portfolio Manager . Mass Data Upload vast arrangements of building information in Portfolio Manager utilizing an Excel format. Mechanized Benchmarking Services Use Service and Product Provider to have the rating naturally coordinated into your vitality data and bill taking care of framework Utility-based Automated Benchmarking Option 1: Provide utility information Option 2: Provide computerized benchmarking administrations

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Rating Interpretation MAINTAIN These top performing offices offer cases of best practices and additionally chances to pick up acknowledgment. Proceed to enhance and keep up unrivaled execution by concentrating on operations and support . Modify Facilities in this range may harvest noteworthy reserve funds from focus on straightforward, minimal effort measures, for example, enhanced operations and support rehearses. Gear overhauls could yield extra reserve funds. Put Facilities in this range offer the best open door for monetary and natural change. Putting resources into new hardware and upgrading operational practices may have the best effect on your main concern. 1 50 75 100 ENERGY PERFORMANCE RATING Once a vitality execution gauge rating is set up, the following strides are to set change objectives and make an activity arrange. The guide underneath can help you translate the appraisals and decide fitting next strides.

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Building Upgrade Manual

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Building Upgrade Manual Assists associations in arranging and actualizing beneficial redesigns Outlines prepare for creating comprehe