Prologue to CAP Safety Program Joseph R. Perea, MD, Major, CAP NM Wing Safety Officer

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. NEW MEXICO WING WEBSITE RESOURCES* Documents hailed with a (*) in this presentation can be downloaded from the NM Wing Website click on SAFETY pageJoseph R. Perea, MD, Maj. Top. . Wellbeing Officer File ought to contain these PUBLICATIONS IN ADDITION TO THIS COURSE:CAPR 60-1* Safety Responsibilities and ProceduresCAPR 60-2* Mishap Reporting ProceduresNMWS 60-1* Supplement

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NEW MEXICO WING EDITION November 2008 Introduction to CAP Safety Program Joseph R. Perea, MD, Major, CAP NM Wing Safety Officer

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NEW MEXICO WING WEBSITE RESOURCES * Documents hailed with a (*) in this introduction can be downloaded from the NM Wing Website at tap on SAFETY page Joseph R. Perea, MD, Maj. Top

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Safety Officer File ought to contain these PUBLICATIONS IN ADDITION TO THIS COURSE: CAPR 60-1* Safety Responsibilities and Procedures CAPR 60-2* Mishap Reporting Procedures NMWS 60-1* Supplement to CAPR 60-1 NMWS 60-2* Supplement to CAPR 60-2 *ALL are accessible for download for the NM Wing Website tap on Safety page

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OVERVIEW of CAP's Safety program STUDY GUIDE for those individuals who wish to accomplish evaluations in the Safety Officer claim to fame track of the CAP Senior Member Professional Development Program TRAINING in the Safety Officer forte track is self-guided and proposed to happen both at work and through self-think about. This introduction and CAP Pamphlet 217*, Specialty Track Study Guide-Safety Officer , manage senior individuals through that preparation and is intended to help them figure out how to work successfully as security officers. Strength tracks are administered by CAPR 50-17, Senior Member Professional Development Program CAPP 217*, this introduction, at work preparing and on-line testing are utilized to move senior individuals through the claim to fame track

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This introduction will cover: Safety Program Background General Responsibilities Safety Program Criteria Mishap Procedures Course Outline

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The CAP Safety program is designed according to the Air Force program portrayed in the 91 arrangement of Air Force Instructions (AFI) The 62 arrangement of CAP directions characterizes the extension and impediments of the CAP Safety program. It additionally obviously characterizes the two unmistakable obligations that security officers perform for CAP and CAP authorities: Safety Education Accident Prevention Background

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Background Essential Readings: CAPR 20-1* , Organization of Civil Air Patrol CAPR 62-1* , CAP Safety Responsibilities and Procedures C APR 62-2* , Mishap Reporting and Investigation Supplements* - Region and Local Safety Policies

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Background Safety is a Mind Set It is everybody's duty to advance a Safe domain, yet it is the leader's definitive obligation that can't be surrendered Everyone must consider Safety important

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Chain of Command National Commander Region Commander Wing Commander (Group Commander) Squadron Commander Flight Commander Responsibilities

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Responsibilities National Headquarters Develop strategies and systems, and general administration of the Safety program Maintain the 62 arrangement of CAP controls, which characterizes the degree and confinements of the CAP Safety program and plainly characterizes the two particular obligations that wellbeing officers perform Provide direction to the association about Safety Education and Mishap Prevention

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Responsibilities Region Commander Conservation of CAP assets (human, physical and financial) Prevention of disasters that frequently result in real harm as well as property harm

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Wing Commander Provide direction and help as expected to guarantee that there is a dynamic and viable Safety program in all units inside the wing Personally recognize the points and goals of the Safety program, while likewise distributing a dynamic and successful Safety approach Responsibilities

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Unit Commander (gathering, squadron and flight) Establish a reasonable incident anticipation program inside his/her unit to conform to National, district and wing strategies Tailor the program set up by higher central station to address the issues of the neighborhood unit Responsibilities

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All Commanders Cannot assign their duty regarding the Safety program. Be that as it may, the staff wellbeing officer position has been set up to help the administrator. Wellbeing officers are allocated to control the unit accident anticipation program for their authority Responsibilities

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Safety Officer Appointments Safety Officer Qualifications Duties of the Safety Officer Safety Education Identifying Hazards Safety Surveys Mishap Procedures Safety Officer

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Appointments All security officer positions are named by the administrator as plot in CAP Regulation 20-1*, Organization of Civil Air Patrol Unit wellbeing officer arrangements ought to be doled out in eServices under the Restricted Duty Assignment module to encourage coordination by higher home office wellbeing officers Current street number, home, work, cell, fax and pager numbers, radio call sign and email address (if pertinent) ought to be kept up under individual data in eServices Safety Officer

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Qualifications Best qualified faculty accessible Safety officer capabilities ought to be suitable to the neighborhood chance condition Those in charge positions ought not fill in as security officer Whenever conceivable, and particularly in flying units, individuals with flying knowledge ought to be chosen Safety Officer

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Qualifications All security officers must finish this Safety Officer introduction, which applies toward the Technician level of the Safety Officer claim to fame track Within 90 days of arrangement, every wellbeing officer should finish the on-line Basic Safety Course* and Test* Safety Officer

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Duties - General Command obligation regarding a wellbeing program can't be designated Safety officers will be straightforwardly capable to the leader Safety officers help and exhort commandants in building up a general disaster counteractive action program Safety officers lead wellbeing thinks about and prescribe restorative activity Safety Officer

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Duties Assist and prompt the leader in building up the general incident avoidance program Direct wellbeing examinations and overviews of the Safety work related with unsafe regions and operations Direct setback examinations and get ready wellbeing reports Plan Safety preparing projects to familiarize all faculty with the obligation regarding applying safe practices Make supervisory staff visits to subordinate units, and help units in taking care of security issues Safety Officer

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Duties Review and dissect incident examination reports for discoveries, patterns, and other setback aversion data Prepare preparing aides, articles and writing, and orchestrate reputation of security program through such media as announcement loads up, daily papers and boards Conduct security ponders and suggest remedial activity Be acquainted with CAP mandates in the 62 arrangement Safety Officer

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New Mexico Wing Safety Officers Conduct month to month Safety Briefings Begin utilizing WMU* for keeping up Rosters Submit NMWF 17 Quarterly Safety Report* Submit Annual Safety Survey Report* (Online beginning 2009) Maintain Safety File and Squadron Records for a long time

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Education Commanders and Safety Officers must make Safety mindfulness among all individuals from the association Commanders and Safety Officers must see that unit individuals get flying and ground security briefings at any rate once per month Safety Briefings* All dynamic individuals are to get a month to month wellbeing preparation Every endeavor must be made by security officers to scatter the month to month data to all individuals who couldn't go to an eye to eye wellbeing instructions Each part should go to no less than one vis-à-vis security meeting per quarter Safety Officer

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Education – Briefing systems Unit security briefings will be performed month to month, archived and documented at the unit. Documentation will be accessible for examination. A list of the people who went to the security briefings will be kept up, recorded and documented at the unit Reports might be in electronic configuration however should be promptly accessible and must be moved down all the time WMU* (Web Management Utility) is empowered! In the event that a part can't go to a month to month wellbeing preparation, he/she can agree to CAPR 62-1 by making different plans with the unit leader or security officer. Security Officer

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Education – Briefing systems All Current Pilots must audit the month to month Sentinel* and an avionics wellbeing related article of decision Safety briefings* are compulsory for every present pilot Failure to go along will bring about flight discharges being denied until the pilot conforms to the instructions prerequisite It is the duty of each pilot to consent to CAPR 62-1 Flight discharge officers (FRO), upon demand for a flight discharge, will figure out whether the pilot has agreed to the month to month Safety brief necessity by approaching on the off chance that they went along for the month Safety Officer

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Education – Briefing methodology It is the obligation of every unit leader to authorize and keep up the wellbeing program If at whenever the FRO ought to verify that there is no passage in the database for the present month the pilot will be grounded until he/she goes along and a notice is sent to the wing administrator The Operations Officer will suspend all flight benefits in eServices until the pilot has gone along Safety Officer

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Identify Hazards Identifying dangers ahead of time is the most ideal approach to forestall setbacks The CAPF 26* is utilized to propose approaches to diminish hazard to individuals Operational Risk Management (ORM) is a formal strategy for recognizing potential dangers At minimum yearly, ORM* will be talked about amid every unit's month to month security preparation Knowledge and utilization of ORM standards is a piece of each level of the Safety Officer claim to fame track ORM preparing is accessible on-line Safety Officer

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Safety Surveys New Mexico The NMWF17* Quarterly Safety Report is because of the Wing SE 31 Mar, 30June, 30 Sept, and 31 Dec The Annual Safety Survey report i