Prologue to Aspen

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Prologue to Aspen Terry A. Ring

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Steady State Process Simulation AspenPlus ProMax ChemCad Hysis HySim ProSim CADSim OLI Process Simulator KemSimp Chemical Workbench Code Ascend IV Dynamic Process Simulation Aspen Dynamics CADSim Simulation Solutions, Inc. Handle Simulation Software

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Aspen Process Simulation Software Does All Mass Balances Mole parities for responses Does All Energy Balances Keeps Track of Thermo Phase Equilibrium Reaction Equilibrium

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Thermo Methods

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Which Thermo Package Do I utilize? See Property Prediction PowerPoint

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Problem 1 Vapor Liquid Equilibria Ethanol – water

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Problem 2 Liquid-Liquid Equilibria Polar - polar

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Problem 3 Liquid-Liquid Equilibria Polar - non-polar

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Lecture 1-Problem 4 Multiple segment stage equilibria Methane – 0.1 mole portion Ethane – 0.2 Propane-0.3 Butane-0.3 Methyl ethyl keytone - 0.1 10 atm, 10 ° C Use Ideal and Peng Robinson Thermo Pkg. Think about results

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Problem - 5 Use Gibbs Minimization reactor in Aspen to decide the results of response at 10 atm and 200 C.