Progressed PD Monitoring of Power Transformers Supporting Asset Management

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2. Conceptual. Explanations behind (PD) observing of transformers Partial Discharge Detection standards Electrical PD indicative techniquesPD measuring circuits as indicated by IEC 60270 Advanced instruments for PD monitoringAcoustic and electromagnetic PD measuring principleCone-formed channel valve UHF-sensors/Performance CheckCase contemplates

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Propelled PD Monitoring of Power Transformers Supporting Asset Management Gregor Pudlo Doble Lemke Germany Switzerland

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Abstract Reasons for (PD) observing of transformers Partial Discharge Detection standards Electrical PD indicative procedures PD measuring circuits as per IEC 60270 Advanced instruments for PD checking Acoustic and electromagnetic PD measuring guideline Cone-formed deplete valve UHF-sensors/Performance Check Case ponders – UHF PD estimations

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Reasons: PD Monitoring of Power Transformers Power transformers are the most imperative and costly bits of hardware in substations. Another power transformer costs a huge number of dollars. Impromptu blackout and repair costs, punishments, and so on whole up Transformers outline life is 20-35 years. With appropriate upkeep they can stay in administration for a long time. As transformers age, their inward conditions corrupt which builds the danger of disappointments. Time-based support changes to condition-based upkeep approaches

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Optical Effects (Light) Optical Acoustic HV Pressure Wave (Sound) Mechanical Opto-acoustic Discharge Effects Dielectric Losses High Frequency Waves Electrical IEC 60270 HF/VHF/UHF Chemical Effects Chemical Draft IEC 62 478 Heat Partial Discharge Detection Principles Macroscopic-Physical Effects Detection Methods

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Electrical PD symptomatic procedures PD measuring circuits as per IEC 60270 regularly connected in on location/on-line PD examinations as often as possible utilized circuit in test research centers [König, 1993] a) coupling gadget in arrangement with the coupling capacitor b) estimation at a bushing tap Components: AC voltage source U , discretionary blocking impedance Z , coupling capacitor C K , measuring impedance Z m , a measuring instrument M and summed up test question C a .

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Electrical PD demonstrative systems PD Measuring Impedance for Bushing Tap Installation Decoupling of PD signs from the bushing tap in a wide recurrence extend up to 30 MHz Lower cut-off recurrence < 60 kHz Additional voltage flag for stage settled estimations Superimposed PD and test voltage flag Very quick and safe over-voltage security TNC-attachment for flag yield Dimensions: distance across 125 mm, length 120 mm; Weight: 2 kg Special component for nonstop PD checking (IP 68) 500 kV Transformer Bushing

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IEC 62478 - Draft level "Non-traditional PD-estimations": Electromagnetic PD Detection in the (HF/VHF/UHF) - go Acoustic PD estimations Mixed acoustic and electromagnetic strategy -> PD area in Power Transformers and Reactors

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Advanced apparatuses for PD observing – Electromagn. PD Tests Cone-formed dynamic deplete valve UHF-sensors for the decoupling of electromagnetic PD signals from the inward of an oil-paper-protected transformer PD-motions in the UHF recurrence run (mostly 300 MHz – 1 GHz) sensors bolster „Performance/Sensitivity Check" (high-recurrence test driving forces can be infused with furthermore coordinated anode) sensor head is grounded (for lower frequencies) sensor application at oil valves, which are accessible e.g. for oil filling or depleting (fluid snugness is tried for 120°C warm oil with 5 bar pressure) View from inside the transformer

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Performance Check yield way input way Cone-molded dynamic UHF-sensor (DN 50/80 oil entryway valve) UHF PD spectra for grounded and ungrounded sensor head Functional check of the entire measuring way including sensors and fractional release (PD) securing framework through infusion of high-recurrence test motivations „single-port" arrangements are conceivable the Performance Check „controls" e.g. the impact of a contact to grounded components inside the oil valve.

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Drain valve Output Pre-intensifier UHF PD test DN80 High-pass channel Input Transformer Performance Check Performance check at 750 MHz Phase-settled view in UHF PD gadget LDS-6/UHF

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Application advantage: client needed to confirm the hydrogen estimations and find potential PD full in-administration sensor application and estimation UHF PD flag could be utilized to upgrade acoustic PD estimations Advanced apparatuses for PD observing – Electromagn. PD Tests Case think about B - on-line UHF PD measur. of a 200 MVA single-stage transformer 380/220kV, 200 MVA single-stage transformer and position of the door valve UHF-sensor UHF beat recorded on-line comparing UHF PD range up to 1.5 GHz

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Application advantage: gas-in-oil hydrogen sign „useless" because of dynamic problem area client needed to test for PD and check a potential load reliance of PD full in-administration sensor application and estimation Inception and eradication voltage could be distinguished, stack reliance rejected Advanced devices for PD observing – Electromagn. PD Tests Case ponder C - on-line UHF PD measur. of a 3-stage control transformer 600 MVA entryway valve UHF-sensor utilized at the 3-stage control transformer 600 MVA, 21/380kV UHF beat recorded on-line relating UHF PD range up to 1.0 GHz

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UHF PD Measurements and conveyed UHF PD Probe DN50/80 Taiwan Taipeh China Shangai Belgium Linkebeek Germany Berlin Heidenau Riesa Ireland & UK Ardnacrusha Cashla Dublin Louth Philippines Manila Saudi Arabia Jeddah Jizan UAE Dubai Egypt Kairo Colombia Bogota

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UHF PD estimations in Ireland

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UHF PD estimations in Ireland Locations: Louth Dublin Ardnacrusha Cashla Application advantage: Tested estimations have been performed utilizing non-ordinary decoupling techniques exploiting electromagnetic field coupling PD estimations on the power transformers have been worked on the deplete valves of the 3-stage 110/225kV power transformers with the assistance of the UHF test DN 50 Three transformers found with minor PD action, one transformer with clear PD

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UHF PD estimations in Ireland Measuring Instrument: PD Measuring System LDS-6/UHF Probe DN50 (with Adapter DN50/DN80) UHF Calibrator LDC-6/UHF Pre Amplifier LDA-5/GIS Measuring System LDS-6/UHF Mounting of the UHF Probe DN50 (with Adapter DN50/DN80)

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UHF PD estimation in Louth, Dublin, Ardnacrusha, Cashla (Ireland) Louth The estimations on both valves demonstrated PD action from inside the transformer. T2xxx Not any basic PD levels over the recognition affectability have been measured in Dublin, Ardnacrusha and Cashla .

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UHF PD estimations in Jizan, Saudi Arabia

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UHF PD estimations in Jizan, Saudi Arabia on 33/13,8 KV Power Transformers "An" and "B" Measuring Instrument: UHF Probe DN50 Calibrator LDC-6/UHF PD estimation instrument LDS-6/UHF Power Transformer

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UHF PD estimations in Jizan, Saudi Arabia "A" "B" Not any basic PD levels over the identification affectability have been measured. Application advantage: For examination and diagnostics of the protection nature of high voltage mechanical assembly the estimation of PD is refined by touchy UHF technique on location UHF test connected in full operation of transformer, no blackout required

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Conclusion delicate UHF PD estimation with UHF tests pertinent in administration give worthwhile powerful and simple PD decoupling PD area - particularly in transformers of awesome significance - is conceivable in blended and all-acoustic way huge analytic data are gotten from cutting edge apparatuses for PD checking important application benefits e.g. on-line snappy begin of PD observing, empowering time-based support, "analytic twofold checks", and so forth are within reach Doble Lemke GmbH Kesselsdorf/Dresden,Germany Tel.: +49 35204 3900 0 Doble Lemke AG Rheinfelden, Switzerland Tel.: +41 61 836 8000