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Theme: WHAT HAS BEEN THE DRIVER OF TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESS IN THE SOFTWARE SECTOR IN GHANA Yeboah Sraha ASST. Human Resource Director, Affiliated Computer Services, Ghana

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MAIN DRIVERS Enabling environment Government Initiatives Improved macroeconomic environment Demand for programming items Availability of abilities

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ENABLING ENVIRONMENT Good Governance Four back to back majority rule races since 2000 Freedom of discourse and affiliation. Foundation of business and quick track courts Business certainty is high & taking off among Corporate Executives. Ghana is viewed as the 9 th most appealing spot to work together in Africa and the 1 st in the West Africa district.

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ENABLING ENVIRONMENT Cont. Enhanced Macroeconomic Environment Between 2000 and 2005, financial development expanded from 4 to 6%; expansion dropped from 40 to 10 % ; the cedi devaluation tumbled from 50 to beneath 2 %. Private settlements expanded from about $600m in 2000 to $ 4.7 b February 2006.

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ENABLING ENVIRONMENT Cont. Government Initiatives Developed a thorough Ghana ICT Policy – 2003 Introduction of e-learning in schools & universities. In a joint effort with Microsoft and Intel, the administration has delivered a gathered PC in Ghana called "Find" which offers at a reasonable cost of $300 . This is in compatibility of a program known as 'Ghana computerized consideration PC based program for all'. The program is intended to advance the utilization of PCs by the less supplied subjects in Ghana. Development of ICT framework eg. Fiber Optics & Broadband

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GHANA'S IT SECTOR The segment began advancing in the mid 1990s. Right now there are around 10 programming organizations of differing sizes. The area's clients are Ghanaian organizations and firms in the sub district. The area's improvement was advanced by Ghanaians both inside and without.

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DEMAND FOR SOFTWARE PRODUCTS Growth of Ghanaian organizations Businesses wanting to improve proficiency and unwavering quality Desire to diminish squander through a lessening in headcount.- Businesses coveting to precisely accumulate business knowledge/examination which frames the reason for development of organizations.

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AVAILABILITY OF SKILLS Growth of ICT preparing establishments in Ghana NIIT IPMC Kofi Annan ICT Training Inst. And so forth. Migration of Ghanaian ICT experts from abroad. Information exchange by multi-national organizations in the nation. Association of ICT-related workshops and classes to advance ICT improvement in Ghana by ICT organizations.

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ROLE OF LOCAL & FOREIGN FIRMS They are planning uniquely designed delicate products for their own utilization furthermore for different organizations in and outside Ghana. Offering preparing programs for Ghanaians. There is a constrained cooperation between some outside preparing foundations and neighborhood programming experts through the sharing of data & best practices to develop the division. The division is little with high fixation in Accra; the part is however progressively developing. There is an immense request locally which has not been completely abused. Constrained nearness of outside programming organizations.

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CASE STUDY 1:OUTSOURCING (ACS) Has expanded work from 60 representatives in the year 2000 to 1926 representatives as at April 2006 . Around 3,110 rate increment. The organization forms around 30,000 cases for every day. There has been a considerable measure of learning exchange inside the organization. The IT Manager has gotten a considerable measure of preparing in the US about delicate product advancement and he has similarly prepared his group. The organization has possessed the capacity to impart great working morals inside the workforce ie time administration, profitability and so on. Pays premium compensations and advantages. Our installments are exceptionally focused in the market. Gives various business linkages for assistant associations.

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CASE STUDY 2: TELECOM The phone infiltration rate is enhancing relentlessly. The quantity of individuals utilizing both phones and phones expanded from around 250,000 in 2001 to around 3million in 2005 . The segment is putting forth a great deal of occupations for the adolescent e.g Mobile telephone to cell phone administrations Provides a ton of business linkages in the economy particularly notices and sponsorship programs. The foundation of a Technology University by Ghana Telecom

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CONSTRAINTS TO THE SECTOR The Ghanaian market is not sufficiently substantial to bolster programming improvement which is for the most part capital concentrated and endeavors on economies of scale. Lacking number of experts to bolster the quick improvement of the area. Absence of norms in the market to guarantee that items are of the required quality adequate to buyers. Absence of monetary support to guarantee the fast advancement and organization of programming in the economy. Absence of R&D to nourish the division

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THE WAY FORWARD Government needs to support programming houses to advance the improvement of value programming answers for Ghana and the sub area. Offer grants for IT related courses and guarantee that a minimum amount of IT experts are prepared inside a predetermined period. Ought to recreate the Kofi Annan ICT focus in all locales. There is the need to build up a solid R&D outfit to give present day advances and focused data to the part. Energetic arrangement of ICT framework the nation over.

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Con't Government needs to give strategic support to programming organizations that are sending out answers for different nations. There ought to be extraordinary expense impetuses for ICT organizations. Government ought to disparage the results of the neighborhood designers and test them to create arrangements that address current improvement needs. Government ought to revive the improvement of the innovation stop advancement extend.

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SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES BEING USED BY GHANAIAN FIRMS Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access and so forth.), Oracle, ,Microsoft Navision, Coral Draw, IBM DB2, Open Source: MySQL, Linux LOCAL SOFTWARES - Human Capital Management – Investment Management Software - Asset/Portfolio Management Software, Mutual Fund Management Software Accounting Software, Manufacturing Supply Chain-Accountmate Manufacturing, Persol Retail Manager, Persol Mobile Sales drive, Inventory Management Hospitality Management Software-Front Desk Manager, Restaurant Manager, Call Manager