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On the off chance that the airfare sum diminishes, we. catch the lower airfare, reissue the ticket, and ... Specialists use different assets including airfare consolidators to get the best ...

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Program Overview: Florida Atlantic University Travel Management Program

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Value Added Services

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Speak to a devoted Travel Agent every minute of every day Business, Meeting and Personal travel courses of action Custom Online Booking Tool Preferred Hotel Program Group Travel (Alumni, Student Abroad, Meetings, and so on.) day in and day out Assistance Services Travel Insurance Program (understudy & staff programs)

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What's in it for me?

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Calendar Synchronization: Capability for adding your agenda to your desktop timetable. Look Flexibility: Various scan alternatives for flights, inns, autos and Amtrak. Quality Control: All reservations are Quality Controlled to ensure their precision. No Hidden Fees: Service charges are plainly characterized. day in and day out Access Research and make your travel arrangements quickly and at whatever time. Trips (travel history): Allows you to get to/survey/change your acquired outings and past excursions. Profile: Stores your own data including travel inclinations, Mastercards, participation program numbers (air, inn & auto). Travel Arrangers: Travel Arrangers can book go for the benefit of others and deal with their own travel profiles.

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Fare Shopping All Travel Guard, Business Travel Services specialists are required to use AgentWare. AgentWare empowers make a trip experts to cleverly seek a developing number of sellers for the most minimal airfares. Travel Guard, Business Travel Services can get to more than 75 merchant sites inside the snap of one catch. This pursuit usefulness incorporates into our reservation framework, permitting us to get to and analyze continuous passages from an assortment of minimal effort bearers, consolidators and aggregators. In addition, AgentWare engages us to feel sure that we are putting forth our voyagers the most ideal cost.

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Low Fare Promise You can rely on upon Travel Guard, Business Travel Services to locate the best airfare costs. We are so certain of our capacity to finish on this assurance that we make the accompanying guarantees: When you save your flight with Travel Guard, Business Travel Services, we guarantee that on the off chance that you discover a lower airfare for a similar explorer, aircraft, date and flight, on another site, on an indistinguishable day from you reserve your spot, we will respect that rate and give you a $50 coupon for every ticket toward your next business buy through Travel Guard, Business Travel Services. You may just utilize this coupon for FAU business travel-related exchanges.

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Our Quality Control office keeps on checking the airfare after you buy an aircraft ticket through Travel Guard, Business Travel Services. In the event that the airfare sum diminishes, we catch the lower airfare, reissue the ticket, and the carrier issues a voucher for the distinction in light of the standards and directions of every aircraft. A few aircrafts charge reissue expenses, others don't. At the point when the investment funds exceed the aircraft reissue expenses, the voyager will be issued a voucher from the carrier for the distinction of the two costs. Travel Guard, Business Travel Services will screen future airfares booked through the aircraft issuing the voucher and apply it to that next FAU business travel-related exchanges in light of the standards and controls of every carrier.

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Service Fee Structure Effective Date: August 13, 2010

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Agent Assisted Reservations

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Dedicated Florida Atlantic University Travel telephone numbers & operators: Domestic: 877-214-8654 International: 715.344.6203 (call gather) Agent will survey alternatives in light of your travel necessities, make situate assignments, exhort carrier strategies and documentation prerequisites, and so on. Help with building travel profiles for incessant voyagers and help with agreeing to air, inn and auto participation programs Agents use different assets including airfare consolidators to acquire the best calendar and cost on local, global and convoluted agendas Specialized gathering and meeting travel arranging office

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Online Reservations

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How to Access GetThere Access the online reservation framework at: Enter your client name and secret key or tap on "Make Account"

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Upon making your account– tap on "Profile" to include your sexual orientation and birth date to the individual data segment and finish your profile before making an online reservation

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When you require help or have questions, contact the Florida Atlantic University Travel Desk all day, every day at: Domestic – 877-214-8654 International - 715.344.6203 (call gather)

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