Profound Connection in Social Work: Boundary Violations and Transcendence Edward R. Canda, Ph.D., Professor The Univer

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Profound Connection in Social Work: Boundary Violations and Transcendence Edward R. Canda, Ph.D., Professor The University of Kansas School of Social Welfare Insights from various religious and nonreligious otherworldly points of view. Breaking obstructions while regarding limits. Ideal human advancement. Transcultural and worldwide equity. Perils of limit infringement. - copyright 2006 by Edward R. Canda

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Introduction Relevance to proficient mission and qualities Mission: propelling the satisfaction surprisingly in setting of social equity. Growing to consider entire individual in connection with all individuals and all creatures. Gratefulness for assorted qualities: otherworldly differences and crossing point with different types of differing qualities (e.g. sexual introduction, culture). Esteem openness: support in bona fide exchange. Duty to NASW Code of Ethics and CSWE/IASSW standards.

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Students' View: Mandala of Spiritual Diversity in SW Mandala line drawing: Mandali, M. (1994). Everybody's Mandala Coloring Book, v.2. Billings, MN: Mandali Publishing. Shading by University of Kansas class on Spirituality and Social Work, Summer 1998.

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Symbolism of the Class Mandala Each spoke speaks to an exceptional individual's otherworldly point of view. Association in the circle indicates common acknowledgment and support. Focal open space is our regular point. 8 Qualities around the inside: learning, love, acknowledgment, congruity, understanding, sympathy, differences, compassion.

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Definitions of Spirituality and Religion For use in expert talk, versatile and unimportant relying upon setting. In light of commitments from social work researchers of different religious and nonreligious otherworldly points of view alongside work in unified fields.

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SPIRITUALITY (as angle) The human scan for a feeling of significance, reason, and ethically satisfying relations; With one's self, other individuals, the universe, and the Ground of Being ( ultimacy ), however understood– in mystical, nontheistic, animistic, and different ways; Involving halfway essential situating convictions, values, and practices; That may express in religious or potentially nonreligious ways; And might be viewed as private as well as imparted to others.

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Religion Institutionalized examples of halfway critical situating convictions, values, and practices identified with otherworldly existence (and different things); Shared by a group; Developed and transmitted after some time; (Not really bureaucratic) Faith is a related idea, esp. in mystical religions, stressing consent to and trust in religious recommendations and experience of association with an individual God or potentially sacrosanct creatures.

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From Canda and Furman, 1999 Spirituality In a Holistic View: Aspect: Integrity & Connection Center: Immanence Wholeness: Transcendence

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Are Spirituality and Religion all Good? Limit Violations War Genocide Moralistic judgmentalism Religious Imperialism Ideological Authoritarianism Of Absolute Truth Buchenwald Concentration Camp, Weimar, Germany: Never again!

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Spiritual narcissism, realism and gaudiness Social specialist as self-delegated profound master: "I realize what is correct and genuine" "What works for me is useful for everybody"

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Spiritual oppression and genocide Social Worker as Agent of Spiritual Assimilation, Proselytization, Or Destruction Social improvement through constrained change

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Good News: Recent Trends to Transcend Boundaries through Spirituality in Social Work

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Historical Trends: 1990s Formation of Society for Spirituality and Social Work in 1990. Quick increment of research and instructing on profound differences; ascent of religious activities. Transpersonal and ecophilosophical sees increment in SW. Religious differing qualities in SW increments. NASW and CSWE recognize religion and most profound sense of being. Global systems administration.

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Historical Trends: 2000s Previous patterns heighten, including interdisciplinary research. Improvement of worldwide (not simply country focused) points of view on otherworldly existence and SW. Human/Nature connectedness in SW increments to some degree. E.g. Canadian/US Collaborations

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Spiritual Diversity & Connections It is currently conceivable to get to assets from most profound points of view the world over in North America and most anyplace else Although generally No. Americans partner with Protestant or Catholic sections of Christianity, several distinct religions and world perspectives are available, including no religious association. Social laborers must have the capacity to react to this differing qualities deferentially and knowledgably.

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Amazing Opportunities Alternative and corresponding treatments (e.g. wellbeing with ailment) Interreligious exchange and joint effort for profound development (e.g. Catholic/Buddhist) Secular/Religious organizations (e.g. exile resettlement) Human nature as Human/Nature (e.g. profound biological mindfulness)

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Examples of USA NASW Practitioners' Opinions about utilizing s/r Appropriate Helping Activities (at least 80% concur) Consider s/r emotionally supportive networks as accommodating Use nonsectarian otherworldly ideas Discuss part of s/r seeing someone S/r perusing Discuss ways s/r emotionally supportive networks are destructive Reflect on convictions about after death Help ponder significance and motivation behind circumstance Reflective journaling Refer to s/r emotionally supportive networks Help create customs - Canda & Furman, 1999

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Continued Appropriate to Raise Topic of Spirituality by Topic (half or more concur) Religion: terminal disease, non-permanent parenting, common catastrophe, loss) Spirituality: terminal sickness, substance manhandle, non-permanent parenting, sexual mishandle, accomplice savagery, normal calamity, mourning, endless mental issue, work misfortune, family relations trouble, criminal equity

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Key Concepts in Transpersonal Theories Transpersonal Experiences, e.g. Encounters of God, Brahman, Buddha Nature, Cosmic Consciousness. Associations with progenitors, soul forces of nature, holy messengers and evil presences. Close passing encounters. Extrasensory recognitions. Unobtrusive energies, e.g. chi, kundalini. Marian vision site at Medjugorje, Bosnia

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Maslow's pinnacle, nadir, and level encounters Peak : transcending normal body/sense of self cutoff. Nadir : falling into a pit of emergency. Level : coordinating development into life; unpretentious yet profound bits of knowledge.

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Wilber's Pre/Trans Egoic Distinctions Pre-egoic stage : earliest stages and early adolescence feeling of combination with huge others and dream. Egoic stage : pre-adulthood and adulthood feeling of limited body/sense of self and individuated self. Trans-egoic stage : incorporates and rises above prior stages in extended awareness and character; open bits of knowledge for courses of action of social equity for all creatures.

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TRANSformation Developmental potential is as of now in the seed—And is attracted up magnificence by the light. Irises in the Canda plant

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Needed: Liminal Social Workers Includes however rises above multiculural point of view Betwixt and between (Victor Turner) Comfortable and skilled when moving and rising above settings Memorial for Confucian Scholar Jo Gwang-Jo, Korea

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Symbolism of Great Ultimate/Great Non-Ultimate in NeoConfucianism & Daoism Yin (open and birthing quality) integral with Yang (self-assured and creating quality) Mutually comprehensive Embraced by extreme nondual reality Ultimate is non-extreme, no-thing: A Key to Liminality: neither absolutism nor relativism

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Vital vitality changes all things, once in a while with volcanic compel. Mount Poas Volcano, Costa Rica

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Death of the self is an opening to otherworldly resurrection. "You should be conceived over again." - Gospel of John 3:7 Sculpture studio, Patzcuaro, Mexico

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"The willows which make the edge of the sweat hotel are set up in a manner that they stamp the four corners of the universe; subsequently, the entire cabin is the universe in a picture, and the two-legged, four-legged, and winged people groups, and all things of the world are contained inside it, for all people groups and things excessively should be purged before they can send a voice to Wakan-Tanka." - Black Elk to Joseph Eppes Brown (The Sacred Pipe, Penguin, 1971, p. 23.) Sweat hold up casing, Kansas

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Trance/Balance Ecstasy/Catharsis: Salpuri Korean shaman in Seoul, moving on blade sharp edges, going to the 5 bearings. Custom Honoring Taegam soul (the home regulator), 1977.

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Caution re: Ken Wilber and all common or religious stage hypotheses Standardization of stages World view content inflexibility

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Key bits of knowledge for obstruction breaking (and limit regarding) social work Open personality not thoughtless Flexible conduct not confounded Nonjudgmental not flippant or unscrupulous

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IMPLICATIONS Lokrum Island, Croatia Clear water OR War decimation

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Examples of Using of Inner and Outer Spiritual Supports Holistic bio-psycho-social-otherworldly appraisal Religious people group shared backings Prayer, contemplation, dream reflection, profound journaling, inconspicuous vitality work, custom for specialist and customer Spiritually based assistants and healers, including pastorate, ministers, shamans, and so forth. Integral and option treatments Spiritually delicate HSO culture Spiritually based serene social change developments (e.g. Gandhi, King) Religiously based ngos and social administrations (supposed religious) Transcultural joint efforts for planetary prosperity

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E.g., Gandhian Principles for Social Activism (Walz, Sharma, & Birnbaum, 1990) True Self acknowledgment as motivation behind presence and social activity. Neighborhood, worldwide, and inestimable solidarity. Innate poise for goodness' sake. Quest for Truth (satyagraha) through tranquil resistance and proaction. Looking for the welfare of all (sarvodaya), beginning with the abused. Beginning with locally re